Inmotion V8 Tire Pressure: All You Need To Know

The air pressure of the tires on your InMotion V8 electric scooter is vital in determining your ride’s handling, stability, and speed. 

Knowing the tire pressure helps determine the pressure to ride based on weather conditions and how you will use your InMotion V8 (recreational use or daily commuter).

Therefore, it is necessary to check your tire pressure regularly. In this article, I’ll explain what tire pressure is recommended for an InMotion V8 electric scooter.

The InMotion V8 electric scooter tires are best-ridden at 40 psi, and you will get the most out of your ride. If the tires are overinflated, they’ll be hard to maneuver around corners, possibly causing them to wear out or puncture too soon. Under-inflated, they won’t have as much traction, and your ride will be bumpier and slower.

What Is the Required Tire Pressure for My InMotion V8?

Inmotion V8 Tire Pressure

The required tire pressure for your inmotion V8 electric scooter is 2.8 bar or 40 PSI. However, when you buy a new InMotion tire, it is inflated to be 2.8 bar.

If you do find that you need to add some air to your tire, make sure that you only add enough to reach a PSI of 40. If you over-inflate it, it will cause more problems than it’s worth.

For instance, if it is over-inflated by too much, it may cause an imbalance when riding or even make steering difficult.

It’s also important to note that you should never let your tire drop below a PSI of 35. If you want more traction, you can remove 3-5 PSI from the recommended PSI.

If it does, it can cause permanent damage to your tire and will make it prone to punctures and blowouts.

So if you notice a significant pressure drop, take some time to inflate them up again.

Likewise, if you want to increase your speed, you can increase the tire pressure with about 3-5 PSI.

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For a heavy rider, you can also increase your tire pressure by 3-5 PSI from the factory tire pressure, which is 40 PSI.

If you are a light rider, you can choose to decrease your tire pressure but ensure it falls within 35-37 PSI. However, it mustn’t go below 35 PSI.

Depending on the weather condition when riding your InMotion V8 electric scooter, you can also increase or decrease your tire pressure.

When the weather is about 32°C (90°F) or hotter, drop the tire pressure by 2–3 PSI.

All these factors are essential in getting the required amount of pressure for your tire that will work for your comfort, weather, and weight without damaging your tire.

When you consider all these factors with the tire pressure required for your InMotion V8, you tweak the tire pressure a bit and get the correct tire pressure for you without damaging the tire.

Keep a close eye on your tire pressure; if you do that, you should have no problem getting where you need to go without any issues.

Which Tire Pressure Is Excessive for My InMotion V8?

The tire pressure for your InMotion V8 is excessive if it’s above the recommended air pressure. However, sometimes you increase the air pressure by about 3-5 PSI to suit you.

If more than 45 PSI, it is excessive. However, it’s best to stay within the tire pressure set by InMotion. 

The instructions to check your InMotion v8 electric scooter tire pressure are in your manual, which should be easy to find.

The manual will show you the recommended inmotion v8 electric scooter tire pressure.

If you can’t find your manual, you can also check beside the tire for the recommended tire pressure. Tire pressure varies depending on your weight, terrain, and speed.

Over-pressurizing the tires will cause a decrease in the lifespan of your tires and will also wear out the shocks. If you have excess tire pressure, you can get a flat tire. 

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In addition, due to the excess tire pressure, the scooter reacts more violently to shocks, and the tire can burst with a heavy person riding the scooter.

How Do I Test the Tire Pressure of My Inmotion V8?

You can test the tire pressure of your InMotion V8 electric scooter, and you can do that with a tire pressure gauge or your foot, which I’ll explain further in the article.

#1. With a Tire Pressure Gauge

Using this instrument, you can test the tire pressure of your InMotion V8 electric scooter. This method gives you an accurate reading of your tire pressure.

Follow the steps in the table to carry out this action.

Get your tire pressure gauge.Get the tire pressure gauge you need to test your InMotion V8 tire pressure.
Take a reading.Ensure the air valve on your gauge is opened before reading the air from your tires.

Note that a tire pressure gauge should be at room temperature before taking a reading. Check your tires every week, and don’t forget to check them when they are cold. 

#2. Use Your Foot

You can also test your InMotion v8 tire pressure using this method. However, this won’t give you an accurate reading of the air pressure in your tire.

But, by kicking the tire with your feet, you can know whether you have a flat tire. You do not need to spend money or use a tool when testing with your feet.

After testing your tire pressure, you can now ride your InMotion V8 electric scooter, and you’ll find that you can enjoy your ride without feeling bumpy or the tire is less.

You’ll enjoy your ride if the tire pressure is correct for you. However, if you notice that your tire is getting softer than usual, or if there are any cracks, take it to a service center. 

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If there is a puncture on your tire, you must fix it as soon as possible before it gets any worse. Punctures can lead to more severe issues in your tires later if they aren’t fixed promptly.

How Do I Maintain My InMotion V8 Tires?

There are several ways you can maintain your InMotion V8 tires, as shown below. 

#1. Adequately Inflate Your Tires

The most crucial thing you can do to maintain your InMotion V8 tires is to keep them properly inflated.

Naturally, the air in the tires will decrease as it is heated and cooled by moving over various surfaces.

Check the air pressure before taking your InMotion V8 out for a ride. So it would be best if you kept your tires inflated to maintain it.

#2. Do Not Allow Multiple People to Ride on It

To maintain your tire, and protect it from a flat tire, do not allow multiple people to ride on your InMotion V8 simultaneously.

In addition, multiple people riding on it can exceed the weight you can place on it, damaging your scooter.

#3. Clean Your Scooter

To maintain your tires, you should clean your scooter often. That’s because while cleaning, you can come across a sharp object like glass on the tire and puncture it while riding.

#4. Using Sealant on Your Tire

It would help if you used sealant or green slime to fill your tire to avoid having a flat tire. 

#5. Proper Storage of Your Tires

Keep your tire in a cool place. The place shouldn’t be too cold or too hot, or it will damage your tires.

Through proper maintenance and care, your InMotion V8 electric scooter tire will be ready when you are!


In summary, you should set your InMotion tire pressure to 40 PSI, but you can increase or decrease it by 3-5 PSI depending on your weight, comfort, and terrain.

Ensure your tire pressure is proper; it shouldn’t be over-inflated or under-inflated. That can damage your tire. So check it regularly to prevent damage.

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