InMotion V11 Tire Pressure: All You Need To Know

The new InMotion V11 wheel is a great wheel with a unique suspension system.

The setup procedure, one of the first of its sort, can be intimidating for some users and has altered a little since the early pre-production releases.

From the recommended tire pressure to tire care before your first time on the pavement, we’ll teach you all you need to know about the V11.

InMotion advises the comparatively high tire pressure of 40 psi. You can also set it to a lesser pressure. Though lowering the pressure will smooth the ride and make it less jerky, you risk denting the rim if you hit a bump too hard or take too big of a drop.

What Is the Recommended Tire Pressure for InMotion V11?

InMotion V11 Tire Pressure

Although InMotion suggests setting the pressure between 30 and 40 psi, you are free to do so.

Although the tire on your wheel might already have some air, it’s a good idea to check the pressure and pump it yourself to ensure it’s ready to go.

Also, less pressure will make the trip more comfortable, quiet, and pleasant.

However, if you strike a bump too hard or take too big of a drop while driving, lowering the tire’s pressure increases the likelihood that the rim may get dented.

Higher pressure lessens this risk and increases the accessibility of carving, but it can compromise stability at very high speeds.

Around 35 psi strikes a decent compromise between these elements, although your optimum pressure will vary according to your weight and riding style.

Use the provided valve extension tool to lengthen the valve stem after removing the tire valve cover if you are having trouble getting your pump to the tire valve.

You can swiftly extend the length by simply putting it onto the tire valve and connecting your pump to the other end of the extension; you can swiftly extend the length.

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Once the tire has been inflated to the correct pressure, you can remove the pump (and any necessary valve extensions) and replace the tire valve cover.

Finding the ideal pressure requires balancing ride comfort with improved efficiency.

A pneumatic tire’s motive is to absorb road irregularities and bumps, which is defeated if the air pressure is too high.

Generally speaking, the pressure to utilize your electric unicycle depends on a few factors:

#1. Pressure

You need to apply more pressure to keep the tire from becoming excessively misshapen when additional weight is applied; you need to apply more pressure.

To understand the considerable weight and pressure exertion, the table below illustrates the weight review of the InMotion V11.

Under 50kg 40-60 psi
60-70kg60-80 psi
70-80kg80-120 psi
80-90kg120-130 psi
90-100kg130-150 psi
100-120kg150-170 psi

#2. Significance 

There are various opposing views within the electric unicycle community regarding the tire pressure of the V11 InMotion. 

While others favor the comfort of riding, citing the suggested level for the wheel’s capacity to absorb far more harm, some enjoy the exact feeling that an over 70 psi-filled tire delivers.

#3. Diameter

More significant pressure is required to maintain the proper “profile,” or the geometry of the contact point with the ground, on tires with smaller diameters.

How to Test the Pressure in InMotion V11

Testing the pressure of the InMotion tires is an effective way to understand how well your tires work in certain conditions.

You can test the InMotion tire pressure by;

  • Weighing yourself, you can gauge the InMotion V11’s pressure.
  • Paved and uneven roads were among the several types of roadways.

You can better comprehend the electric unicycle’s shocks by checking the pressure in the V11 tires.

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Additionally, it aids in your understanding of the structural friction system, suspension sliders, shock pressure functions, and supporting Brackets.

Testing the shock pressures on curbs or roots produces results that are considerably different from what you would get from riding in actual situations.

Is the Motion In V11 Tire Tubeless? 

The V11 tire is not tubeless like other wheels. Due to the V11 design, a specific “extension adapter,” which you get with the wheel, is required to inflate the tire.

The maximum range and top speed of the V11 tires are 57 miles and 34 miles per hour, respectively.

The Inmotion V11 has an eighteen-inch wheel with a three-inch wide tire as standard equipment with a powerful high performance. 

The gold standard is for a well-balanced mix of the qualities, such as good grip, good steering accuracy, and good rim protection from damage when hitting a curb or a hole.

It is effective because various thrilling tires are available in this size, such as cross-country or winter tires. Those who prefer biking on rugged terrain must have 183 tires.

How Do I Maintain My InMotion V11 Tires? 

When you maintain the InMotion tires, riders can anticipate a comfortable ride, smooth acceleration, and ease.

The InMotion V11 tires are a cutting-edge mode of transportation and commuting. But it doesn’t take the place of the current transit options.

To prolong the life of InMotion, use it as a short-distance mode of transportation. You must read and understand the maintenance instructions for the InMotion tires.

The methods below can be used to maintain your InMotion V11 tires.

#1. Proper Storage

Built-in lithium batteries are less durable after improper storage and might have additional hidden risks.

Please store the self-balancing electric unicycle in a dry space with ideal humidity and temperature.

Please fully charge the device’s battery at room temperature if it has been a while since it’s been used. Do this at least once a month after that.

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#2. Sufficient Air Inflation, Inner and Outer Tire Replacement

Please quickly perform air inflation if the tire pressure is insufficient. All unicycles, including the InMotion V11, come with factory-installed tires that are 2.8 Bar in pressure.

Contact the InMotion dealers or the company’s after-sales service for maintenance if the V11 InMotions tire needs to be replaced because it bursts or for any other reason.

#3. Right Pedal Tightness Adjustment

The self-balancing electric unicycle’s riders will experience discomfort if the pedals become unsecured and fall off in rough terrain.

Please tighten the screws on the axis and the side edge of the axis with an M10 Allen driver and an M6 Allen driver, respectively, if the pedals are loose.

Please make it a habit to examine the InMotion V11”s components one by one before using them.

#4. Precautionary Cleanings

Close the charging port, pull up the charging cable, and turn off the body of the self-balancing electric unicycle before cleaning. Make sure water doesn’t enter the battery-charging port while cleaning.

You can clean the self-balancing electric unicycle’s outer shell by wiping it down with a soft cloth dipped in clean water or soapy water. Refrain from flushing the InMotion V11 with a high-pressure water jet.

The InMotion V11 has an IP44 rating for water and dust protection, allowing you to use it on and off roads and in various weather conditions.

As a result, submerging the electric self-balancing unicycle in water is prohibited because doing so could harm the V11 permanently.


The InMotion V11 is a respectable wheel with excellent design. It also has a revolutionary character. It only has some of the problems.

However, it will only function properly if certain things like a test drive, maintenance, and tire pressure are not considered.

You can get high-quality services from InMotion for any additional inquiries or issues relating to your V11 InMotion tires.

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