5 Common Inmotion V11 Problems!

The Inmotion V11 is a versatile electric unicycle that brings a whole new experience to the world of transportation. It is one of the first electric wheels with an air suspension.

With this machine, you can ride for extended distances measuring almost 60 miles at an average speed of 30 miles per hour.

The battery is 84volts with 1500 watts hours. These features combined make the Inmotion V11 a great machine, especially for commuters.

However, users have complained about several problems with this machine. These problems range from the wheels, battery capacity, and speed, or sudden noise and vibrations. You can attend to some of these problems by yourself. Others will require you to reach out to the service center.

What Are the Problems With Inmotion V11?

Inmotion V11 Problems

Despite Inmotion V11 being a good unicycle, its challenges are peculiar. After using the V11 for some time, you should not be surprised if you face some malfunctions. 

The occurring problems with the Inmotion V11 are:

#1. Battery

The battery of this unicycle has a capacity of 84 volts and 1500 watts hours. This battery should carry the rider for at least 57 miles when fully charged.

However, sometimes the battery light might start blinking after a few miles. Another battery problem is when one battery becomes defective.

This issue will lead to a consistent beeping sound that signals a problem with the particular battery.

#2. Wheel

Sometimes the wheel can stop balancing or turn off automatically. Usually, when this happens, the battery light might blink to indicate low.

Other times, the machine will go off entirely and not turn on again. Sometimes, the wheel might give off a vibrating noise while it rolls.

It usually means that the screws on the wheel are loose and need tightening.

#3. Bracket Bearings and Saddle Pieces

The plastic bearings and saddle pieces might sometimes crack or break under pressure.

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#4. Disconnection from the app

This problem arises when the app goes through a forced update. The wheel will disconnect from the app when this happens, coupled with poor cell reception.

The mobile application helps to optimize the drive parameters and maintain high stability for riding at high speed.

Also, the app enables fluidity of braking and acceleration. Without control from the app, the wheel will lose balance and not turn off.

#5. Unbalanced Suspension after Replacement

The suspension is one of the critical features of the Inmotion V11, and you can replace it if it wears out.

However, if you do not replace the suspension correctly, it can lead to a loss of balance and deprive you of a smooth journey.

The reason for this is the suspension usually helps you to have a better feel when you ride on bumpy roads. This mechanism happens when the suspension absorbs the shock.

How Do I Fix the Problems With My Inmotion V11?

The problems of the V11 shouldn’t discourage you from using it because every unicycle has its challenges. 

Luckily, if you ever encounter any of the above problems while using the Inmotion V11, here are ways to rectify them.

#1. Battery

The first solution is always to ensure you charge the machine before leaving the house. Refrain from assuming you have a full battery or taking chances with a half battery capacity.

Doing this can be dangerous to you and others on the road. Another way to preserve battery capacity is to stick to the recommended weight load, about 120 kilograms.

Anything higher than this weight can compromise the efficiency of your V11. Additionally, if your batteries do not charge, you can always replace them with new ones.

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Finally, if there is a consistent beeping sound, it may be because of a defective battery.

When you hear this sound, open up the machine and replace the battery. Doing this automatically stops the sound.

#2. Wheels

If the wheels of your Inmotion V11 start vibrating suddenly, it means the screws are loose. Turn off the machine and use a suitable screwdriver to tighten all the screws.

If the wheels suddenly go off and do not come back even when you charge it, reach out to the service center and follow their instructions.

If the wheels refuse to go off, no matter the method you use, there is a quick troubleshooting alternative.

Press the power button for about 30 seconds until the wheels go off. You can turn the machine on when the wheels have stopped rotating.

#3. Bracket Bearings and Saddle Pieces

When you experience problems with your machine’s plastic or metal parts, it is best to call an experienced repairer. Better still, if you have your warranty, call the customer service center.

#4. Disconnection from the App

If your app disconnects from your machine, first update it to the most recent version. Then reconnect it.

Try always to update the app when you get a prompt. Otherwise, ensure you turn off auto-update to keep it from updating in areas with poor reception.

#5. Unbalanced Suspension after Replacement

The suspension can become loose when you replace it or try to repair another component in the area.

When this happens, it can dislodge the suspension and make it lose efficiency. The remedy for this is simple.

Open the wheel and turn it over to expose the suspension. Tighten the screw on the suspension, slide it back into position and tighten it again.

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Doing this will ensure that the suspension is balanced and provides you with a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Below is a summary of some Inmotion problems and how to fix them.

Inmotion V11 ProblemsPossible Solutions
BatteryCharge it properly and regularly or Replace defective batteries
WheelsTighten the screws around the wheels. Reset the machine if the wheels do not go off.
Bracket bearings and saddle piecesReach out to the service center if you still have your warranty. 
Disconnection from the AppAlways keep the up-to-date app and turn off auto-update
Unbalanced Suspension after ReplacementTighten suspension when fixing it to maintain balance

How Fast Is Inmotion VII?

The Inmotion V11 can go as fast as 31 to 34 miles per hour with a climbing power of about 35 degrees.

With a battery capacity of 1500 Wh, this machine is designed to go on for about 60 miles without a stop.

This range is slow compared to Inmotion V12 and V13, respectively. The V12 has a speed of 40 miles per hour, while the V13 has a fantastic rate of 87 miles per hour.

However, the speed is quite an improvement compared to V8S and V5F. These machines have a rate of 22 miles per hour and 15.6 miles per hour, respectively.

Irrespective of the Inmotion model, the speed depends on two significant factors. The battery capacity and the maximum weight the machine can carry are these factors.

The table below compares some significant features of V11 and four other Inmotion unicycles.

Speed31 mph40 mph87 mph22 mph15.6 mph
Range60 miles60 miles124 miles45 miles25 miles
Battery Capacity1500 Wh1750 Wh3024 Wh728 Wh320 Wh
Maximum Weight120 kg120 kg120 kg120 kg120kg

#1. Other Inmotion V11 Features

The suspension, one of the most notable features of the V11, is adjustable and can support about 85mm/3.35 inches of travel. 

This suspension is supported by an 18-inch wheel on an 18 by 3 inches XL tire. Also, the V11 comes with a headlight that makes the vehicle suitable for riding in the dark.


Inmotion continues to upgrade its vehicles to satisfy its customers making their machines excellent means of transport.

However, it would help if you took precautions due to some of the problems that usually occur suddenly.

Always wear protective gear to keep you from sustaining fatal injuries if you fall.  Also, practice well in smaller areas before you take this vehicle to the highway.

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