Inmotion V11 Bearing Problems: All You Need To Know

The Inmotion V11 is famous for its high power efficiency. However, the standard issue with the electric unicycle is the bearing problem.

The bearings should generally last long, even when you ride under challenging situations. But, they usually stop functioning, especially when you need the device.

Therefore, you should read through this article to help you understand your fundamental bearing problems and the solutions to fixing the problem.

Inmotion V11 bearing problems are primarily due to water and dirt in the bearing. The moisture and dirt accumulate into the motor bearing case to cause bearing issues. However, there are other possible causes of bearing problems in the unicycle, such as loose bearings, worn-out components, and mechanical and electrical issues.        

Does Inmotion V11 Have Bearing Problems?

Inmotion V11 Bearing Problems

The Inmotion V11 has bearing problems. Although, the newer batches now have several modifications to prolong the unicycle’s bearing durability.

However, bearing problems are still common. For example, the Inmotion V11 mostly has bearing failure or seizure because of the hollow hub motor design.

The design makes it easy for moisture and dirt to collect on the bearing shield. Then, the elements find their way into the motor-bearing case.

The bearing would wear and tear abnormally, and the hub motor would experience corrosion and oxidation faster, resulting in a faulty or damaged bearing.

Moisture and dirt are the primary causes of problems in the unicycle model. It is common to experience this issue if you recently rode through a puddle or a rainfall.

It is best to clean and grease the bearing shield regularly. You can use some marine grease; it would help the shield to prevent water and dirt from entering the bearing.

Additionally, there are several other causes of the bearing problems apart from the dirt and moisture problems in your unicycle bearings. 

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It is best to investigate these causes before knowing the extent of the damage. Most of these causes are still manageable before the damage becomes severe.

The other significant causes of bearing problems in the Inmotion V11 are below.

#1. Loosened Bearings

The joint hub bearing may be loose sometimes and cause the bearing to give you issues. You will experience some strange noises in this situation.

While riding the unicycle, you will hear a clicking, clunking, or knocking. The sounds are from the loose bearing rattling inside the device.

It is typical to hear the sounds when making sharp turns or quickly cornering a bend. However, you may not experience them when riding in a straight direction.

#2. Damaged Components

Mechanical damages in the wheel system and axle bearings could also result in bearing problems in your V11. You would experience grinding while riding in this scenario.

The damage mainly results from material loss due to external impact. However, it could also be a result of overheating in the bearing.

#3. Electrical Issues

A constant low frequency humming from the hub motor is a sign of bearing problems relating to electrical problems. Although, it could also be due to problems with the drivetrain.

The sound is most likely more audible when you are riding straight. Or, one side of the wheel could sound worse than the other.

The side with a louder humming sound is most likely experiencing the issue. Therefore, you should check that side for your bearing problems.

#4. Mechanical Faults

Misaligning any part of the wheels, motors, and tires could give you signs of bearing problems. However, it could also be due to a worn or damaged component.

It would be best if you took the unicycle to a professional for proper diagnosis and maintenance. Most of the issues would require dissembling the device to repair it.

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How Do I Fix the Bearing Problems on My Inmotion V11?

The best solution to the bearing problems on your Inmotion V11 is to replace the bearing. You can also repair the bearing if the damage isn’t severe.

The problems usually start with weird sounds, and the bearings eventually stop working.

However, you can take some preventive measures to minimize the damage. It will help if you inflate your tires properly to the proper pressure.

Low tire pressure could strain the bearings and wear them out. You can install some bearing guides to protect the bearing.

Several bearing guides are available in the stores; you can choose anyone that would work effectively.

Also, it is best to prevent the hub motor from getting wet since moisture and dirt are the major causes of bearing problems in the V11.

It would help to maintain the unicycle properly to avoid fundamental bearing issues. Proper maintenance prevents bearing problems generally.

Additionally, you can solve minor bearing issues with some essential solutions. The issues may not require professional maintenance if you can locate them independently.

The solutions for fixing the bearing issues are below.

Bearing IssuesSolutions
Loosened BearingsTighten the joint hub bearings with the clamps.
Damaged ComponentsRepair or replace the components.
Bearing overheatingIt is best to lubricate moving parts to avoid this.
Electrical issuesIt would be best if you replaced the bearings.
Mechanical FaultsAssemble and align all the parts in the correct position.

What is the Correct Bearing Size for My Inmotion?

The correct bearing sizes and model codes for your Inmotion V11 are 6916 and 6816. The model numbers would help you get accurate bearing sizes.

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The 6816 code is the bearing size for Inmotion V11 batches one to three. The 6916 code is the bearing size for the remaining batches.

Although, batch 3a is the last batch with 6816 bearings. The bearing size 6816 are 80mm x 100mm x 10mm.

The inside diameter of the bearing is 80mm, the outside diameter is 100 mm, and the width of the bearing is 10mm. At the same time, the dimensions for 6916 bearings are 80mm x 110mm x 16mm.

The inside diameter measures 80mm, the outside diameter is 110mm, and the bearing is 16mm wide. You must ensure the codes for any bearing replacement match the old one.

The replacement must match the code because the codes carry information about the specific size (inner and outer dimensions) and the bearing.

You can contact a professional to help you check the bearing sizes before purchasing them. It would help you match the correct sizes for your unicycle bearings.

What Materials Are the Bearings of an Inmotion 11 Made of?

There are different materials for an Inmotion V11 electric unicycle bearing. Common materials include stainless steel, silicone, and metal.

Every bearing material does not have much effect on the bearing efficiency. However, the stainless steel bearing is more common.

Although the materials greatly influence the durability of the bearing. But they all work efficiently in your V11.

You can get different types of bearing material from stores according to your preference. But you must protect the bearings irrespective of the type of material.

You might need to keep replacing and repairing bearings if you don’t maintain them properly. So, you should clean and grease the moving parts regularly.


Ultimately, it is vital to always check your electric unicycle for proper diagnosis and fixing. The bearing problems may not be due to moisture and dirt sometimes.

It is best to contact a professional for help if you are having difficulties with dissembling the device. It would even help to fix other problems that are not yet visible.

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