Inmotion v10f Vs. Kingsong 16s (In-Depth Comparison)

Increasingly present in urban centers, unicycles are about to revolutionize the way we move.

They tend to be practical, ecological, and fun. Electric unicycles cannot exceed 25 km/h on public roads, but some models can reach 50 km/h on private land. 

So when buying this type of device, you should consider many specifications. Therefore read below to find out those different specifications.

Inmotion electric unicycles are the most comfortable among the high-power gyroscopes. It’s safe and the most advanced model in the VP series and corresponds to the most awarded electronic gyroscope. Similarly, Kingsong 16s is a great unicycle, best for beginners and perfect for everyday travel.

What Is Inmotion v10f? 

Inmotion v10f vs Kingsong 16s

Inmotion v10f is the first off-road high-horsepower electric unicycle that retains an urban model’s agility, balance, and responsiveness.

It has an anti-theft system, descent, and braking energy regeneration, high-quality speakers, voice response, horn, and customizable side panels for enhanced nighttime safety. 

Furthermore, the inmotion v10f is the most advanced model in the V10 series and corresponds to the most awarded electronic gyroscope.

Its patented design makes it the only gyroscope that achieves the perfect balance between power, weight, and center of gravity position for the average user. 

The result is the only unicycle with true off-road capability that retains the agility of a small model.

It is also an elegant and very comfortable model for long journeys. No other high-power EUC has the agility and quality of the V10F.

Following the same line as the V10F, electric unicycle inmotion maintains a fine and compact line.

It also offers a larger diameter, a thicker wheel, 16 x 2.5″, and higher pedals, which offer greater stability and safety when driving.

Moreover, the Inmotion V10F electric unicycle is undoubtedly a benchmark in terms of power and autonomy.

What Is Kingsong 16s? 

Kingsong electric unicycle, abbreviated as KS-16S, is the latest revision of Kingsong’s popular 16x 2.125KS-16 platform, which began with the KS-16A.

KS-16S is a popular choice for both beginners and experienced riders because of its balanced spec sheet and history of reliability.

Furthermore, KS-16S is becoming popular because its 1200w motor is powerful enough to go where smaller wheels will struggle to go.

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Its 840Wh battery back will keep you going for upwards of 40 miles at a top speed of nearly 22mph. 

Because of its built-in lift sensor and trolley handle, you shouldn’t be worried about encountering difficult terrain when riding KS-16S.

If you’re looking for a wheel that can do it all at an unbeatable price point, look no further than the KS-16S.

Is Inmotion V10F or Kingsong 16s Best For New Users? 

Kingsong 16s is the excellent and finest option for novices looking for an electric unicycle. Kingsong unicycle electric is ideal as a daily wheel due to its size and weight.

It’s also perfect if you want to start a hobby in EUC but still want to use it occasionally on group rides with friends.

Therefore, if you are looking for a first wheel or a rider who needs a terrific city commuter wheel where weight reductions are crucial, KS-16S is your perfect choice. 

Inmotion V10F vs. Kingsong 16s Performance, Quality, Value comparison

Inmotion v10f has 16-inch tires for good grip on the road and off-road use. Safer night rides: Other features of v10f include a highly visible front and rear LED lighting with rear brake light.

You can ride with your favorite music, and the sound quality is amazing. The pedals are wider and designed in rubber for a very comfortable ride and optimal safety.

Side pads ensure comfort, support, and durability. The tall, tapered design allows for extreme control and stability.

Practical and solid, the supplied transport trolley makes it easy to transport the V10f. Press the button located under the handle, and lift the unicycle.

The motor will be cut off automatically without turning off the wheel. This function is very useful for climbing stairs quickly.

Some specifications of inmotion v10f are:

  • Motor power: 2000w
  • Battery: 12.8Ah/ 84v/ 960Wh
  • Autonomy: up to 75 km
  • Maximum speed: up to 40 km/h
  • 16″ x 2.5 inflatable tire.

On the other hand, the Kingsong electric unicycle has a 420Wh battery and a powerful 1200-watt motor.

It can reach a maximum speed Of 35 km/hour, and its autonomy is 55 km after a full charge. 

Able to climb slopes of 30°, it has an inflatable 16″ wheel in diameter. Its aluminum pedals are non-slip and perfectly balanced so you can glide in style. 

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Weighing 17 kg, KS-16s conceals a folding trolley so that you can transport it easily by sliding it when you are not using it. Furthermore, it has multicolored LED strips on each side of the unicycle.

In addition, the speakers can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth; you can move to the sound of your favorite playlists.

In summary, you can study the table below to understand the differences in performance and quality between inmotion v10f and Kingsong 16s.  

SpecificationsInmotion v10fKingsong 16s
Motor power 2000W1200W
Autonomy 75km/h55km/h
Battery capacity960W420W
Maximum speed 40km/h35km/h
Tire diameter 16″ × 2.516″
Climbable slope30⁰30⁰
Battery charging time8 hours6 hours
System voltage84V67.2V
Weight limit270Ib250Ib
Bluetooth speakersAvailableAvailable
LED lightingFront and rear Multicolored strips 

Which is Better, Inmotion V10F or Kingsong 16s?

Choosing the best unicycle is difficult because it usually depends on your body size, the type of environment you intend to ride in, and the distance you want to cover.

So, you can read and find the one that suits you best. The inmotion v10f has the following designs: 

#1. Super slim design and large pedals

The v10f has a slim body and large pedals and is remarkably comfortable. It has more rubber on the pedals so you can go smoothly over bumps and uneven roads.

#2. Soft side pad and foldable handle

The side pad is made of a softer material and will help you improve control of the unicycle.

The v10f comes with new driving modes: Classic, comfort, and pedal sensitivity adjustment.

#3. Wonderful mobile App

The App is a gem. It is one of the best mobile apps, giving you full control over your unicycle.

You can check the statistical data, your ride history, and details about the condition of your unicycle.

You can enjoy longer rides with a v10f unicycle because it has softer side pads that reduce stress on your ankles. In addition, the v10f model has a slimmer design and larger pedals.

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Inmotion has also implemented a ‘sleep’ button which becomes useful when you need to charge the unicycle – no more unnecessary switching on and off. 

It is a practical model with a handle to carry – typical of many Inmotion unicycles. The v10f has a larger battery of 960Wh, and you can explore more.

You can also listen to music while driving with your built-in Bluetooth speakers. 

Your ride will be smooth and comfortable. It would help if you didn’t bother about traveling on uneven roads with bounces, sudden movements, or vibrations because the extra rubber on the pedals will eliminate them.

Furthermore, if the distance is your problem, then v10f would be the best choice. While the kingsong electric unicycle has the following designs:

#4. Retractable Trolley Handle

Kingsong 16s comes equipped with the improved magnesium alloy telescopic handle, making it easier to wheel around indoors or through impossible riding areas.

#5. Multicolour LED lights for Ambience

This model has LEDs of multiple colors, improving visual impact and safety, especially at night. 

#6. Comfortable Ride

KS-16S has higher traction pedals and bigger side pads to improve your riding comfort.

#7. Twilight Sensor 

This model automatically turns on your lights immediately it goes dark. It has a reliable front lamp and brake lights, ensuring safety when riding at night.

#8. Bluetooth Speaker System

Your king song 16s has 2x stereo speakers giving off the high-fidelity sound. You can connect your phone via Bluetooth to the speakers and enjoy music from your favorite playlist while riding.

#9. Mobile App

You can control your KS-16S from your Android or iOS device. Each app update adds novel functions to your Kingsong 16S.

With the App, you can view current speed, temperature, range, and volume. Likewise, the mobile app can make several changes to the KS-16S.

Such changes include a firmware upgrade, changes to sped limit, switching on headlights, and even calibration changes. 

#10. Level Calibration

It allows the rider to set the angle of the KS-16S pedals, set the sensitivity of pedal response, and adjust how hard you have to learn to activate the KS-16S unicycle. 

#11. Electronic Speed limit

The KS-16S has three audible alarm levels and its tilt-back speed limit.


Inmotion electric unicycle and Kingsong electric unicycle are wheels at the top of their performance.

They can compete with the gateway and the ninebot one e+, which already offer record performance in the market.

But here, you have designer wheels with exceptional manufacturing quality and gliding comfort.

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