A Complete Guide To Upgrade Aovo Pro Firmware Update!

I can never forget that feeling after unboxing my Aovo Pro scooter. However, it will need regular firmware updates to truly enjoy it to the full and get the maximum benefit from it.

Thus, if you upgrade your Aovo Pro firmware, you can use the latest features of the Aovo Pro scooter. 

Also, note that your Aovo Pro will have an increase in performance. However, how do I go about upgrading my Aovo Pro firmware update?

To upgrade Aovo Pro firmware, you must first download the app on your device. However, note that the apps have two versions; AOVOPro carrying a black icon and 365GO, with a blue icon. The AOVOPro can not upgrade firmware, but the 365GO can. Open the 365GO app, go to advanced settings, and set the speed to maximum.

I will appeal to you to give your undivided attention to this article to see how to install the Aovo Pro firmware upgrade. 

We will also see the firmware’s availability in the app and what happens when you do not upgrade the firmware is not.

How Do I Install Aovo Pro Firmware Upgrade?

How to Upgrade Aovo Pro Firmware Update

For you to install the Aovo pro firmware upgrade, there are two steps to take, the first will be to get hold of the app, and the second will be to max out the speed at the advanced settings.

Without further ado, below are the steps for installing your Aovo Pro firmware upgrade. 

#1. Download Aovo Pro App

Installing an Aovo Pro firmware upgrade is not impossible; you must get the app on your device. 

The 365GO app of Aovo Pro is the one capable of installing the firmware.

The app will fetch the available firmware online, which may be the 11, 11k, 12, or 13th. When this becomes available, you can choose which firmware you want.

When trying to upgrade to 11k firmware, the app keeps asking you for a password, and since it is a six-digit password, I tried 000000 and 654321. But with no success at all.

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Later I learned the password was 888888, so I tried it and succeeded.

#2. Put the Speed on Maximum

To the 11k firmware, I got into the advanced settings and increased the speed to a maximum (28 mph).

If you are afraid of putting it at full maximum speed because you are afraid that your scooter’s motor may burn out, do not be. 

The truth is that the scooter rarely exceeds 25 mph, no matter the top speed available.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to revert it to the original software. You must follow the instructions before beginning a software update to stop at 10%.

After stopping at 10%, you will leave it in firmware update mode but with no firmware loaded. Then you can pick from the available firmware list that you have with you.

The improvement of my Aovo Pro from 19 to 25 mph was remarkable because I could notice the difference. But sadly, this will no longer be possible.

If you close the update at 10% and load the app again, you will not find the 11k firmware, only 12. It is because Aovo has taken away b-01.0.11k from the app.

Why Is the Aovo Pro Firmware Upgrade Not Available in the App?

If you try to hear others out, you will discover that many people say that the Aovo firmware upgrade is unavailable in the app. But this statement is not valid.

From the above, it is already clear that it is unavailable in the app. Rather, it is because it is only available in the 365GO app, not the AOVOPro app.

The only firmware not available at all in the app is the 11k firmware, and this is because Aovo has discontinued it.

Those who upgrade from the 11k to over versions while trying to revert cannot. It will give the current version you use as the only option list.

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Other times, when you see more options on the list which can sometimes be up to 5, you will likely see other options except for the 11k firmware.

There is also something I have come to notice after replacing my old Aovo Pro with the new Aovo Pro carrying the Bxmo firmware (12 and 13). 

The 10% deal no longer functions, as only one file option is available.

What Happens If My Aovo Pro Firmware Is Not Upgraded?

Nothing terrible happens even when you do not want to upgrade your Aovo Pro firmware. The essence of the upgrade is getting the Aovo Pro to go faster and perform better.

The challenge associated with not upgrading your Aovo pro firmware is that you will not be able to get the latest features and improvements that come with upgrading.

Another challenge is the inability of your Aovo Pro scooter to go any faster. However, a few hacks can help improve speed above 15 mph or 28 mph.

Note that these upgrades may result in some complications, like voiding your warranty. Below are the things you can do to upgrade your Aovo Pro.

#1. Unlocking Via Display Method

To do this;

  • Get your scooter’s display enabled.
  • Hold down and firm your scooter’s brake at the handgrip.
  • Keep holding on to the brake button during this process.
  • Then press the power switch and observe as P1 comes on the display.
  • Shift from P1 to P3 using the light button.
  • Finally, click on the button with S to configure the setting you want. 

By doing this, you have removed the speed limiter allowing you to move with improved speed.

#2. Disconnecting Electric Speed Limiter Manually

Before attempting this, ensure you have a pincer and screwdriver available to succeed.

  • Go to the scooter’s rear, where two crosshead nuts are, then take them out using the pincer.
  • Then remove the cross screws at the scooter’s top
  • There is a casing facing the front wheel; pull it down and open it.
  • You will then discover four white-looking wires and disconnect them using your screwdriver.
  • Lastly, wrap tape around the wire and close the opened case, and then ensure to screw back in all the screws.
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#3. Modification Method

The modification method allows you to improve your speed limit even above the manufacturer’s recommended limit.

Achieving this implies either taking out the speed limiters and getting something more powerful than the scooter’s battery, or it could be doing both.

The firmware installation is better, especially for Aovo Pro, since there will be minimal complications. But you can still upgrade it manually.

The downside of removing this speed limiter is that it can become a violation in places with speed limits for scooters. 

You may eventually be penalized. Another problem is that it can cause the battery to drain too quickly. 

As much as upgrading the electronic speed control of your scooter is good, please leave it to those with the proper knowledge of it.

Then you can install a new battery to your scooter, but the complications are very high. The battery should fit perfectly with the circuitry, voltage, and speed controller.

#4. Advanced Methods

I suggest you do this if it is the last resort. It is a method that involves complex alterations to the scooter’s internal system and can void your warranty.

To do this:

  • You should ensure that you replace the sprocket in the chain drive scooter
  • Allow an expert to do the cleaning if the scooter’s motor to avoid damaging its mechanics
  • If you notice that the engine is causing the slow speed or want the highest acceleration, you should only reverse the scooter’s motor.

The table below contains the differences between the modification and advanced methods.

Modification Method Advanced Method
Allows further improvement to the speed limit.The method is complex but effective.
The complications are minimal.The complications are high.

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