This is How To Stop Electric Unicycles!

What’s the fun of riding a unicycle if you can’t stop when you want to? Everything with a beginning must end, so there comes a time when you want to call your ride a day. 

But, to stop your electric unicycle, you must learn the action that triggers its engine off. 

If you’re a beginner and lack the know-how, you’ve come to the right place.

If you want to stop your electric unicycle, you’ve got to lean forward and tilt your body to the left or right. Then wait for the motion to cease and put a foot to the ground. Alternatively, you can drop a foot and turn your body in your alighted direction.

This article contains a detailed guide on how to power your electric unicycle off.

It also contains essential information on controlling and maneuvering your unicycle so you can ride like a pro.

How do You Stop an Electric Unicycle?

How to Stop Electric Unicycles

An electric unicycle is an easy-to-use mono transporter that moves according to the rider’s body movement. 

But still yet, the above doesn’t answer the question of how to stop an electric unicycle. 

Unlike cars, electric unicycles have no brakes with which to halt, nor do they have keys and ignition holes for turning them off. 

Since you can use your body to give your EUC cues on direction, herein lies the answer to the question above. 

There are two ways to make your electric unicycle stop via body movement.

To stop your electric unicycle from moving with the first method, lean backward until it halts completely.

Then when the tire stops rolling and stands still, tilt in the direction towards which you want to descend. 

So, you can either tilt to the right and step down with your right foot first or vice versa.

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There are possible dangers if you do not heed the instruction of waiting till the EUC halts completely before alighting.

You will face the risk of having the tires roll forward, causing you to trip backward when you try to put a foot down.

This method above is easier for a beginner to practice and learn.

But if you notice, this first method needs time since you can’t come to an immediate halt as you have to wait for the wheel to stop rotating. 

Therefore, it isn’t suitable for an emergency. So, if you want to brake in an emergency, use this second method.

You’ll have to swiftly put your right or left foot down for the second method of stopping your electric unicycle. 

Then, you’ll twist or turn your body in the corresponding direction as soon as your foot touches the ground.

But don’t try this method on the road without practicing and mastering it. It’s certainly trickier to pull off. 

So, if you don’t do it properly, you may slip off your unicycle, leaving it to zoom off. If this happens, it will cause a scene or lead to havoc. 

So it would help if you did all within your power to prevent it. 

However, practice and consistency are the keys to getting it right. So, don’t worry much if you can’t pull this off on the third, fifth, or tenth attempt.

Just keep trying; soon enough, you’ll master how to stop your electric unicycle like a pro.

How do You Control Speed on an Electric Unicycle?

The issue of controlling speed is always tricky with all means of mobility. Hence, it’s the same when riding an electric unicycle.

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Handling speed on a unicycle with no brakes and only a single wheel is scary.

Though the electric unicycle can go as fast as 32 kilometers per hour, controlling its speed is easier than you may imagine. 

All you need to do to accelerate or decelerate is lean forward or backward. 

You may wonder how this works. It’s easy. 

Electric unicycles have accelerometers, which monitor your body’s velocity and act accordingly. 

Thus, the presence of an accelerometer in the internal components of electric unicycles makes it possible for them to self-balance.

So, the accelerometer senses velocity and propels the electric unicycle to speed or slow down based on your movement and the degree of intensity. 

It’s simple science. So, you do not need to break a sweat wondering how to control speed when riding your unicycle.

The unicycle’s motherboard reads the level of inclination when you angle your body. So the engine rotor spins accordingly when you lean forward or backward.

A free fall can also cause the EUC to slow to a halt.

Below is a table depicting various body positions & movements and their effects when riding an electric unicycle.

Body Movement Effect
Standing upright This position enhances balance and enables the unicycle to move at an average speed.
Leaning forwardLeaning forward causes the electric unicycle to gain momentum and accelerate.
Leaning backwardThis movement is the easiest for stopping an electric unicycle as it causes the machine to decelerate.
TiltingTilting sideways will make the electric unicycle move to the right or left, just like turning a steering wheel.

How do You Hard Brake an Electric Unicycle at High Speeds?

You already know that an electric unicycle can cover 32 kilometers per hour at its fastest speed.

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You may wonder how to hard-brake your electric unicycle at such high speed.

Well, there’s little difference between hard braking your electric unicycle and the second method of halting it that’s above. 

An abrupt change in direction plus a backward body weight movement is the way to hard brake your electric unicycle.

Shifting your body weight is extremely important as it determines the level of hard braking.

Hence the more weight you shift, the more pull to the center of gravity resulting in an abrupt stop. You’ll also need to lean back steeply.

You have to understand that your unicycle has an in-built braking system that follows the rules of regenerative braking.

So, in this stance, the backward movement of the engine’s rotors represses the forward spin. When this occurs, the resultant electricity flows back in and powers the battery.

This act thus gives a dual advantage as it hard brakes your electric unicycle while simultaneously recharging the battery.

How Do You Prevent Wobbles on an Electric Unicycle?

Wobbling on an electric unicycle may occur with any slight mishap. Once there is a slight imbalance, your electric unicycle will wobble.

You want to avoid this, especially if you’re still in the learning stage, because if you can’t absorb the shock, this may throw you off course. 

And getting thrown off course is dangerous as you may lose control and fall to the ground. 

Therefore, knowing how to prevent wobbles when riding an electric unicycle is essential.

So, to prevent wobbles, you have to get the perfect stance. 

  • Keep your feet perfectly flat and push forward. 
  • Then, angle your knees slightly. Ensure that your knees stay this way at all times.

Employing a carve when riding will also help you prevent wobbles.

Here’s what carving entails:

  • First, slide the unicycle’s wheel to the left or right.
  • Angle your knees and lean inwards as you slide.
  • Stand back upright using the wheel for support.

It’ll be easier to do this with a unicycle that has a seat. But either way, you can practice and master the art of carving.

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