How To Software Lock Xiaomi Scooter? (Explained)

Software lock is an easy step towards ensuring the safety of your Xiaomi electric scooter. It is important to keep your electric scooter secured when you are in public spaces. 

Your goal is to deter theft attempts so you continue to enjoy the e-scooter. Software locks are a way to provide this security. 

They add no weight to your ride, and the app is always with you. But how do you use the software lock for your Xiaomi scooter?

The first step is to download the app and pair it with your scooter. After pairing, lock the electric scooter on the app. A beep from the scooter confirms that the lock is successful—movement after locking sets off an alarm both on the app. You can also unlock the electric scooter from the app.

In this article, I will discuss how to lock your Xiaomi scooter using the software. I will also discuss other locks that add to your electric scooter security. 

You also get tips on how best to lock your electric scooter. 

Can You Lock a Xiaomi Scooter From the App?

How To Software Lock Xiaomi Scooter

You can lock a Xiaomi scooter from the mobile app. Xiaomi provides software that allows you easily lock your scooter. This lock feature makes the front wheel stiff and unable to roll. 

The app also alerts you if there is a movement after locking. A software lock might not offer full protection against loss. However, it is a good place to start. 

Hence before we discuss additional security measures, it is good to highlight the steps involved in a software lock. 

How To Software-Lock a Xiaomi Scooter?

You can software-lock your Xiaomi Scooter in three easy steps. It involves downloading the Xiaomi app. This software allows you to lock and unlock the scooter easily. 

These steps are involved:  

#1. Turn on Scooter and Download the app

The app is available in various App stores, depending on the smartphone operating system. 

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Xiaomi uses a general app for all its gadgets, including AC units, kitchen equipment, and electric scooters. 

Hence, it doesn’t matter if the app descriptions contain gadgets other than an electric scooter. It is the right app. 

#2. Install and Set the App

Install and launch the app. The next step is to look for the scooter on the app. Ensure the Xiaomi scooter is nearby. 

The app lists available devices, and you can click on the electric scooter. There is a “search” feature as an alternative. Click on the scooter on the app and follow the pairing instructions. 

#3. Name and Lock your Scooter

After pairing, the app allows you to give the electric scooter a unique name. After naming, the app plays a one-minute safety measures video. 

After the video displays the app’s features, you can lock the e-scooter. The bottom left area on the screen has the lock button. After pressing the lock button, the scooter beeps. 

After lock initiation, moving the electric scooter set off alarm beeps both on the scooter and the app. The front wheel becomes stiff and makes rolling difficult. 

The app alerts you to check on the scooter. A simple tap on the lock feature also unlocks the electric scooter. 

How Else Can I Lock a Xiaomi Scooter?

Using physical locks adds an extra layer of protection to your security options. These physical locks are visible, and they are an immediate deterrent to theft. 

Physical locks are in different types and designs. It is important to pick a design that fits your preference and budget. 

The way you lock your scooter is also important in deterring theft attempts. Hence before discussing the different physical locks, here are some points to note: 

  • Park and lock your electric scooter in public areas where many eyes are watching. People also serve as a form of security. 
  • Do not attach your locks to parts of the scooter that are easily removable. The gaps in the frame or the folding area are good areas to choose from. Handlebars and wheels are not good areas to lock.
  • Lock the scooter to a permanently fixed object. A pole is a good example of a place to lock your scooter. 
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There are various options of physical locks available to you, depending on your choice. Here are some top-rated options: 

#1. Electric Scooter Cable Lock

The all-new code lock with steel cable is a manual option for locking your Xiaomi scooter. It is a theft deterrent addition to your scooter security. 

The cable lock is from Xiaomi, and it is stylish in design. However, the brand source is not the most impressive feature of this locker. It is a cable of steel with high durability. 

Another impressive quality is the tensile force of about 1500N which allows it to withstand damage. Any attempt to destroy the cable doesn’t lead to malfunction.

 With this cable, you have two options in code combination. They are: 

  • 5-Digit Code Cable: This is the more advanced version. It gives you 100,000 possible combinations. 
  • 4-Digit Code Cable: This is the simpler version of the cable lock. You have 10,000 possible combinations. 

Note that the All-New code lock is one type of cable lock. If you prefer not to get one from Xiaomi, many other cable locks exist. 

#2. U-Locks or D-Locks

A U-Lock uses hardened steel as a base material for protection. It is one of the highly-rated forms of locks for scooters and provides top security. 

Expert recommendations put the U-lock at the top of the effective locks for electric scooters. The U or D comes from the shape of the lock. It is a simple yet effective way to secure your locker. 

The simple design reduces weak points on the lock and deters theft. However, note that the material is as important as the design. 

Getting a version cut out of the hardest steel is important. It makes it harder to cut or break. Another important tip when choosing U-locks is the size. 

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It is necessary to get a size that is big enough to allow attachment to secure objects. However, the lock should not be too big to the point of free movement. 

A U or D lock that tightly secures your scooter to the standing object is the best. 

#3. Disc Brake Lock

Disc brake locks provide an additional level of security for your Xiaomi scooter. You can use this type of lock while still using the software-lock feature. 

The function of the disc lock is to hold down the scooter wheel and prevent motion. The disc brake lock ensures no one can roll the scooter away. 

However, the disc brake lock does not secure the scooter to any standing or permanent object. Someone might still try to pick the scooter up and carry it off. 

Nonetheless, the disc brake lock is handy for short stops in public areas. It is also often enough security for heavy. 

#4. Folding Lock

A folding lock is another great option for you when looking to secure your scooter. The folding locks use a series of rings to hold the strong rod at intervals. 

This design gives the lock a folded shape that can expand to secure the scooter. Its adjustable radius allows you to secure the scooter to objects of different sizes. 

It is a practical tool to ensure security. The weak point in fold locks is not the metal rods but the rings or rivets that hold them together. 

Hence, getting versions with strong connecting rivets that can withstand pressure is advisable. Folding locks are light and add no weight to your trip. 

You can easily keep them in your bag and commute easily. 

Here is a table summarizing the security details of different physical locks and the mode of use: 

Physical LockOffers maximum protection. Best when it’s the right size. 
U-Lock/ D-LockOffers maximum protection. Best when it’s the right size. 
Folding LockLighter option. Might be weak at the rivets.
Cable LockOffers high protection. Might be weak in the code connection. 
Disc Brake LockBest only as a combination with other locks.

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