Here is How You Can Ride Bird Scooter For Free!

Bird scooters are eco-friendly and easy-to-use transport systems that allow riders to get around in a breeze.

Just like other transport systems, it comes at a price. If you had to get to a destination an hour away, the fees you’d pay would be 60 multiplied by the rate stamped in your location.

A total of that would be somewhat a lot. Guess what? I can tell you ways to ride a Bird Scooter for free.

There are multiple ways to get free rides on a Bird scooter. Some ways include using a promo code, through referrals, and following up on Bird’s social media. These programs are made available by Bird itself. Another way to get unlimited free rides is by using a hack which I’ll further explain in this article.

How To Ride Bird Scooter For Free In 2023?

How To Ride Bird Scooter For Free

As of 2023, there are three main ways to get a ride on a Bird scooter for free.

These include:

  • Using a promo code
  • Give $5 and get a $5 referral program
  • Bird Access program

#1. Using a Promo Code

The use of this method to get a free ride only applies to new users or users who have never taken a ride before.

After getting the Bird app, you’ll have to input your payment information. Select the option that says ‘ENTER CODE’ and type in your promo code.

Ensure the promo code you’re about to input is from a legitimate source, preferably from friends and family. Save yourself the stress and beware of fake codes.

#2. Give $5 and Get a $5 Referral Program

This program created by Bird is an easy way to get free rides. When you refer a person to the Bird app, and they get on it, you get $5 worth of free rides; the same goes for the person you referred. 

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To refer to a person, open up the app and click on the section that says “Free Rides.”

Choose the options to send a message of your referral code through text, email, or social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The advantage is that you can keep referring to as many new users as you want and earn more!

#3. Bird Access Program

The Bird access program only applies to people eligible for government assistance.

This Bird access program allows riders to get unlimited rides of about 30 minutes just for $5 a month.

In Paris, the Bird access program provides a welfare discount for low-income and elderly citizens.

There are also some other ways to get free Bird rides. As a new user, you will get access to a one-time promo code to enable you to get one free Bird scooter ride.

Also, subscribing to Bird’s social media pages lets you get updates on new deals for free Bird rides. Bird occasionally sends free-ride emails to its subscribers.

How Do I Use the Free Ride Pass On Bird Scooters?

The ride pass is a product that allows you to use Bird scooters at a discounted rate for a specific period.

You must first look through the Ride Pass subscription options available to use the free ride pass. Get on the app, open up the menu and click on “Ride Pass” in the side menu.

Under that section, you can view subscriptions currently available to you. Choose a subscription that fits right with you and pay.

Payment made for a ride pass is not refundable and runs only for a specific period. Once that time lapses, your ride pass expires, and you cannot roll over.

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Bird Scooter Free Ride Hacks

Is there a way to hack Bird scooters and get free rides? Yes, there is. The unlocking fee for Bird scooters is fixed at $1, while the rate paid for using the Bird scooters varies from place to place.

It could be $0.15 per minute in some other areas and be twice that in your area. 

That might seem like a lot if you had to ride the scooter for a long distance. Even if it doesn’t seem like much to you, you’d prefer it if you didn’t have to pay.

Here are three simple steps to follow for a hack to get rides on a Bird scooter without paying a dime.

#1. Step 1: Unlock the Scooter

Paying to unlock the scooter cannot be evaded. Get the Bird app on your phone through the app store for IOS or the Play Store for Android.

Setting up the app should take less than 3 minutes, so get that done. Fill in your payment details on the app (Credit card or Debit card). 

There’s a QR code on top of every scooter; scan the code or fill in the characters manually to sync your scooter with the app, then pay the unlocking fee.

Paying the unlocking fee shouldn’t be a hassle since it is at a fixed amount of $1.

#2. Step 2: Get Your Scooter In Motion

You need to get your scooter into motion for this hack to go into effect. To get your scooter into motion, tap on the indicator on the app to start the ride.

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Push your scooter forward to gear up the accelerator, and then take the scooter off the ground with the back wheel lying on the ground. 

Pick up your phone and tap the indicator to end the ride. A notification will show that no fees were charged.

Looking at the wheels off the ground, you’ll notice that it is still in motion even after the ride ends.

#3. Step 3: Keep Your Scooter In Motion

One important thing to note about this hack is that the ride ends once the wheels stop moving.

You have to keep the wheels moving as long as you can until you reach your destination.

But if your wheels stop moving, maybe because you hit an obstacle, you can always repeat the above steps to get another free ride.

You might wonder if this is illegal since you’re breaching the normal setting, but no current record states you’d be in trouble doing this, so why not try it while it lasts?

The following table(s) shows pricing rates for Bird scooters in different cities in the United States.

Abilene, TX$0.20
Arlington, VA$0.15
Athens, GA$0.15
Atlanta, GA$0.15
Austin, TX$0.15
Baltimore, MD$0.15
Chapel Hill, NC$0.20
Charlotte, NC$0.15
Cincinnati, OH$0.15
Columbia, MO$0.20
Columbus, OH$0.15
Dallas, TX$0.15
Denver, CO$0.15
Detroit, MI$0.15
Fresno, CA$0.15
Greensboro, NC$0.15
Kansas City, MO$0.15
Louisville, KY$0.15
Long Beach, CA$0.15
Los Angeles, CA$0.20
Memphis, TN$0.15
Minneapolis, MN$0.15
Norman, OK$0.15
Oakland, CA$0.15
Oklahoma City, OK$0.15
Portland, OR$0.15
Raleigh, NC$0.15
Richmond, VA$0.15
Salt Lake City, UT$0.15
San Antonio, TX$0.15
San Diego, CA$0.15
San Jose, CA$0.15
Scottsdale, AZ$0.15
Stillwater, OK$0.20
St Louis, MO$0.15
St Paul, MN$0.15
Tempe, AZ$0.20
Tuscaloosa, AL$0.15
Washington DC$0.15


They are all simple ways to get free rides on a Bird scooter, from referrals to promo codes to a simple hack.

You could be paying to get around using a Bird scooter, or you could get rides without spending a penny.

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