This is How To Remove The Speed Limiter On Aovo Pro!

Owning an Aovo Pro Scooter is amazing, but the speed may not be exactly what you expect. If the speed is not your preference, you can remove its speed limiter.

However, it would be best to get it done correctly so it doesn’t make your e-scooter malfunction. It could fail or make the scooter switch between speeds incorrectly.

Removing the speed limiter allows you to enjoy your ride. That said, below are the steps to get it done.

First, you can change the speed settings from the scooter display. Press down the handle breaks and change the display from P1 to P3. Then, go to the settings to configure the speed. Alternatively, you can unscrew the front deck. Then, pull out the speed limiter wires and cut them to disconnect them.

In this article, I’ll give a detailed step-by-step process of two methods to remove an Aovo Pro Scooter speed limiter. I’ll then go further to teach you how the speed limiter works.

How Do I Remove the Speed Limiter on My Aovo Pro Scooter?

How To Remove the Speed Limiter on Aovo Pro

The speed limiter on your Aovo Pro Scooter restricts it from going faster than the recommended speed. However, it is possible to remove it to get the best out of the vehicle.

Removing the speed limiter lets you enjoy the ride at your preferred speed. You can remove it from the App display or manually disconnect certain wires.

Here is how to remove the speed limiter from the display:

#1. Turn On the App Display

Most e-scooters have mobile Apps to connect to your phone where you can control them. You can view information about the vehicle on your phone. 

E-scooters like the Aovo Pro have both a dashboard and mobile App display. You must have connected the scooter to the mobile App before now.

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The App uses Bluetooth to connect to the scooter. You only have to turn on the scooter, launch the App, and search for the scooter via Bluetooth.

For this step, you only need to enable the App display. You don’t have to power on the scooter.

#2. Hold the Brake

The Aovo Pro Scooter’s left handgrip contains the brake and bell alarm. Press and hold down the brake.

You will need to hold down the brake throughout this operation. So, make sure you are in a comfortable position before beginning.

#3. Change the Speed Settings 

While you are still holding the brake, press the power switch. The screen display will change to P1.

Next, locate and press the light button. The screen display will shift from P1 to P3. When you are at P3, press the “S” button to configure the scooter settings.

Here you can adjust the speed limiter and change the speed.

#4. Test Ride the Scooter

Now, press the scooter’s power button to turn it on. Then, remove your hands from the brake. Try riding the scooter to check the speed.

An enhanced speed means you have successfully removed the speed limiter.

Here is how to manually remove the speed limiter:

Unlike the first method, this one requires getting your hands dirty. First, you must get a pincer and screwdriver to complete the process.

Once you have your tools, you can remove the scooter’s speed limiter.

#5. Detach the Front Deck Cover

The first step is to go to the front deck to access the speed limiter wires. This cover is on the front deck of the scooter.

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You can do this in the following steps:

  • Locate the two crosshead nuts at the rear and take them out with the pincer.
  • Move to the other crosshead screws at the top and use the pincer to remove them.
  • Slide down the casing open in the direction of the front wheel.

You have successfully removed the casing. Now, you can access the wires connecting the speed limiter.

#6. Disconnect the Wires

The speed limiter wires will be white colored. These wires are essential to the speed of the scooter. You must disconnect them to remove the speed limiter.

To do this:

  • Pull out each of the wires.
  • Use the screwdriver to slit them at the bottom.
  • Wrap the wires in clean tape to keep dirt off them.
  • Reattach the front deck cover.

After disconnecting the wires, return the cover casing to its original position. Then, re-screw the four crosshead screws to keep it firm.

You have completed the process. Test-ride the scooter to check its new speed.

One advantage of this method is that it is reversible. You can reconnect the speed limiter wire to return it to default.

Both of these methods are effective. However, it is essential to understand the importance of the speed limiter before beginning the operation.

You should also know the local speed limit rules in your area. You could face legal action if you exceed the recommended speed limit.

How Does the Speed Limiter on an Aovo Pro Scooter Work?

The speed limiter on an Aovo Pro Scooter regulates its top speed. The limiter is software that restricts the scooter from exceeding the ideal speed limit.

This software Programming is in the e-scooter controller. The controller is responsible for powering the motor and controlling speed.

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The speed limiter keeps the rider safe by preventing the scooter’s speed from exceeding the ideal speed.

The default speed limit of the Aovo Pro Scooter is 25 km/h (15.5mph). But, the App settings allow you to increase it to 35 km/h (22mph) for most light riders. 

For heavier riders, you can take it up to 32 km/h (20mph). The speed limiter is responsible for all these changes and regulations

The limiter is also responsible for the scooter’s overall function. The scooter may break down if it exceeds the ideal speed limit. 

The limiter keeps it in check by protecting the components from burning out. Removing the scooter’s speed limiter is a new fun way to get your preferred speed.

However, there are many disadvantages to this process. It is best to weigh the benefits and drawbacks before removing the limiter.

The table below contains the pros and cons of removing the Aovo Pro Scooter speed limiter.

It increases the riding speed.It could make the scooter uncontrollable.
It helps you arrive at your destination faster.It turns out the motor and controller.
It helps to train your control on the e-scooter.It increases the vehicle’s power requirement.
It increases the electricity flow and torque.The mechanical and electric components could fail.
The scooter can easily get in an accident.
You could be going against the legal speed limit in your location.

Does the Aovo Pro Have an Automatic Speed Limit?

The Aovo Pro Scooter has an automatic speed limit. The scooter’s controller has the speed limiter programmed to restrict the speed.

The software configuration automatically keeps the e-scooter within the speed limit. Some e-scooter owners can’t unlock the vehicle’s top speed because of its speed limit.

So, they prefer removing it for an enhanced top speed. However, this can be risky if the rider doesn’t know how to handle the new speed.

It also voids the scooter’s warranty because the process tampers with its mechanical and electrical components.

So, it is best to manage the allowed speed for your’s and everyone’s safety.

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