How To Lock Aovo Pro Scooter? (Step By Step Process)

Securing your electric scooter is the topmost priority for every rider as it determines its safety. E-scooters are easy to steal due to their compact sizes.

As an Aovo pro scooter owner, you must ensure its safety when you are out of the house and in a public place.

For instance, you risk losing your bike to thieves and hoodlums if you don’t lock it well. So, knowing how to lock your Aovo Pro scooter is essential.

You can lock your Aovo Pro scooter with a U-lock for topmost security. This lock has a shackle and is in your shape. Locking the Aovo Pro scooter is simple: locate the parking spot, pass the shackle through the brake disc, and press the lock button. Immediately, the lock will click, and the Aovo Pro scooter will be secure.

In this article, you will learn how to lock an Aovo Pro scooter and if you can put an extra lock on it. By the end, you will also know the perfect period to lock the scooter. 

How Do I Lock the Aovo Pro Scooter?

How To Lock Aovo Pro Scooter

Locking the Aovo pro scooter is relatively easy and requires no difficult technique. However, how you lock the electric scooter depends on the type of lock available.

Of course, there are basic ways to lock your scooter: turn on security mode after you switch it off. This way, no one can log into the database without your passcode.

However, you can add more locks if you wish to secure them so that someone does not lift and take them away.

Several types of locks are suitable for your specific requirements. For instance, the Aovo Pro scooter is available in different types and sizes to suit special needs.

This way, you will need different locks for different sizes. Also, the locks differ according to preference and parking spaces.

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In addition, it is important to consider scooter locks according to their portability. The reason is that some types of locks, like the U-lock, can be heavy and weigh more than your backpack.

Nonetheless, you can choose the lightweight and portable type. Also, there are foldable locks that you can wrap around the body of the Aovo Pro scooter when you fold it.

This way, it becomes easier for the lock to reach the entire box and wrap itself around the scooter. It is best to keep your Aovo Pro scooter in a secure position. For example, you can keep it in the parking lot or security office.

Always ensure it is not in a position where thieves can easily pick the lock and ride away.

Can You Put an Extra Lock on an Aovo Pro Scooter?

Yes, you can put an extra lock on an Aovo Pro scooter. For instance, if you need extra security and assurance, there’s nothing wrong with doing extra.

Of course, it is not news that thieves are good at picking locks and taking away your property. Unfortunately, if you have a bad lock on your Aovo Pro scooter, it may be at risk.

However, if you trust the lock, you can leave just one. But there is a safe way to use extra locks. This action involves two different types of electric scooter locks.

One is the U-lock which goes into the brake disc, and the other is the chain lock. At the same time, you can use the chain lock for your motorcycle or bicycle.

Nonetheless, you can use it to secure your scooter. This lock is extremely secure, and one cannot break it easily. It is the best choice when it comes to choosing a good Aovo pro scooter lock.

You can fix this lock by bypassing the chain around the handlebars and the base of the Aovo Pro scooter. Once it is secure, ensure that you click the lock in place before you leave.

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Luckily, there’s an alarm system in place in most locks that gets triggered when someone tries to pick the lock. This way, the security is top-notch and extra.

In this case, it will help if you keep your ears out for the familiar sound of your alarm system in a public place.

However, there are times when you can leave your electric scooter without the extra lock. You can leave it without a lock if you are in a secure area.

But, it is best to protect your gadget from thieves because someone might be watching you for a weak moment. 

As soon as they notice that you are nowhere in sight, they can easily lift the Aovo Pro scooter.

It is not news that the Aovo Pro, alongside other electric scooters, has a common feature which is lightweight. Unfortunately, this feature might be to your disadvantage in the case of theft.

Moreso, it provides more reasons why you should lock your Aovo pro scooter no matter how short you are going away from it.

Even if you are at work and in a secure environment, no security is still better than your personal lock.

If you have seen movies with scenes where a person is on the run, they always dash into the parking lot and towards the free and unsecured bikes or cars. 

The same thing can apply to scooters. If you do not want to experience a movie scene, it is best to lock your Aovo Pro scooter correctly. 

And if you are up for reinforcement, you can add an extra lock. There are a few differences between the u-lock and chain lock.

Here is a table that highlights their differences.

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U-lockChain Lock
It is rigid and one-wayIt is flexible and allows personalization
It goes only into the brake discIt allows for a range of positions
Perfect for securing the brake and handlePerfect for securing your scooter to an object

When Should You Lock Your Aovo Pro Scooter?

It is best to lock your Aovo Pro scooter when you are away. This is essential to keeping your property secure. 

The reason is that sometimes, several cases of breaking into homes exist. Burglars will go the extra mile to take your property from your house.

Consequently, your electric scooter is at risk if you leave it unlocked. Of course, these electric scooters are quite pricey. I’m sure you will not be glad to purchase another right after a theft.

Subsequently, it is best to keep your Aovo Pro scooter in your garage and lock it well. Also, ensure to close the garage door and double-check everything before going to bed.

Although it seems like you’re paranoid, that is not The case. Every day, there is an increase in home robberies and burglaries. 

Therefore, you must do your best to protect yourself and your belongings.

Additionally, if you carry your Aovo Pro scooter to work daily, you can fold it and keep it in your trunk. This provides extra safety and helps you not forget it in a rush.

For instance, you might forget that you have an electric scooter to pack in your trunk if you are late to work and rushing out.

On the other hand, it is more safe for you to know that the Aovo Pro scooter has a permanent position. If it is not in your trunk, it is in the packing space where you took it for a ride.

Always remember that it is better to be safe than sorry if things turn sour. 

Finally, remember to unlock and disarm your Aovo Pro scooter before you begin your journey. If you forget that, you risk falling flat on your face and wasting unnecessary time.

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