How To Hotwire A Bird Scooter? (Steps To Do It Right)

What happens in the event of an emergency and you need to rent a bird scooter but can not access one? You probably can’t afford the service it provides or make the payment immediately.

Do you do nothing and hope for the best?

You can hotwire your bird scooter in an easy procedure. You’ll begin by disabling the built-in safety system and removing the battery from the black box. Next, you’ll reattach it to the scooter’s motor.

How Do You Hotwire a Bird Scooter (Step by Step)?

How to Hotwire a Bird Scooter

Here is a step-by-step instruction to assist you in successfully skipping your bird scooter’s standard startup procedure with the ignition by hotwiring.

#1. Step one

Before you start hotwiring your bird scooter, you must have a screwdriver on hand. Using a flathead screwdriver throughout the process would be preferable. 

#2. Step Two

It would be best if you also unlocked the scooter. You cannot hotwire a locked scooter.

#3. Step Three

On the scooter, find the black box. The most likely spot would be either in the scooter’s rear center or close to the scooter’s rear tire. Open the box after removing the screws holding the cover in its place.

#4. Step Four

After you’ve opened the black box, take out the battery and look for the cables that connect the battery to the scooter.

The colors of the cables inside the black box should be Red, yellow and green.

#5. Step Five

Slot the screwdriver beside the box’s green cable and twist until you hear a clicking sound. This clicking sound will signify the disengagement of the scooter’s safety mechanism.

#6. Step Six

Twist the red and yellow wires together after removing the screws and securing them inside the box.

These wires connect to the scooter’s motor. Hold them together and attach them to the scooter’s battery using a paper clip. 

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After attaching them to the battery, fix the battery back into the black box.

If you correctly connect the battery and reinstall it in the black box, the scooter should now operate without the need for an ignition.

How Do You Remove the GPS on a Bird Scooter?

If you have used any bird scooter, you should know they have GPS trackers installed in them.

They install these GPS trackers to be able to find their scooters when the users drop them off after use.

These trackers also make a beeping noise to prevent the user from using these scooters on the sidewalk. You can remove this GPS from the scooter and avoid this.

The first step in removing the GPS from your scooter would be to use a screwdriver to open the casing at the top of the scooter.

Under the case’s lid, you should see the GPS head unit with a yellow antenna. 

You aim to take off the GPS head unit and antenna. You’ll see a red cable and a black wire below the GPS head unit.

Remove the six screws keeping the GPS head unit in place, and then remove. 

A 5-volt battery powers the GPS head unit connected to these lines. Disconnect the red wire from the harness by pushing the tab beneath the GPS head unit.

Under the GPS, you can also find the harness. The GPS head unit comes off the scooter after you unhook the harness. As you pull the harness out, the tabs come up with it.

The harness can then be removed by unfastening the four screws holding it. Remove every wire from the harness until the two sleeves are left.

Now that you have detached all the wires from the harness cut them off because you no longer need them, and replace the case’s cover. You have successfully taken out the GPS from the bird scooter.

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Can You Hotwire a Bird 2 Scooter?

Yes, you can indeed hotwire a Bird 2 scooter. With the proper equipment, the procedure is easy to do in a short time.

You must first take off the battery cover. Lift the cover upward to remove it after removing the four screws positioned at the scooter’s back.

Then, using a wrench or pliers, you must separate the battery’s positive and negative connections.

The position of the battery on most scooters that Bird provides its customers is in the table below;

Type of Bird ScooterBattery position
Ninebot ES2The scooters Base
Xiaomi Mi M365The Scooters Deck
Bespoke scootersFootrest area

After disconnecting the terminals, be sure to replace the covers. Replace the covers to prevent unintentional shorts from occurring on the exposed terminals.

Next, Locate the positive and negative wires that connect to the batteries after you’ve taken the batteries out. 

They will have a red connector with a white wire and a black connector with a gray wire close to the motor.

You can connect your jumper cables to the positive and negative terminals on the batteries. You can do this once you have detached the negative and positive wires. 

The positive terminals of the two batteries should be connected. You can connect them by placing your jumper wires inside the engine compartment.

When removing the wires from the connectors, don’t cut any of them. It would be best if you connected the second battery’s negative terminal to the negative terminal of the first battery.

If the connections are improper, ensure the jumper wires are insulated to avoid electric shock.

Now that the circuit is operational, you should be able to turn on the scooter without the onboard ignition system.

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How to Ride Bird Scooter Without Paying?

You have to pay to unlock Bird scooters because they are an app-based mode of transportation that takes you anywhere. However, you can also ride them at no cost.

You have two choices if you want to use these scooters at no charge. The first choice is to hack the scooter or use the scooter app bug and utilize it privately.

You should be fine if you are not caught in the process. Scan the scooter’s QR code to connect it to your app.

Initiate traction and hold down the accelerator once it is in sync. Lock the scooter and stop the ride while holding down the accelerator. 

Even though the ride has stopped on the app, the scooter continues progressing.

Although there won’t be a fee for the ride, the scooter will continue to move for a time before coming to a stop.

Because it is illegal to hack Birds scooters, it is not advisable to carry out this method. If you hack the scooter, you can face legal consequences.

Signing up on Bird as a scooter charger is the second way to use a bird scooter for free.

If you register to be a scooter charger, you can go around collecting bird scooters. You can charge them before making them available to users who want to rent them.

You must make these scooters accessible to users who want to rent them for use after charging.

You will benefit from using bird scooters for no cost while earning money if you work as a scooter charger.


If at all possible, when hotwiring, wear safety equipment. Hotwiring a bird scooter is technically forbidden.

Do not attempt to hotwire a bird scooter unless you are in an emergency or a scenario where you absolutely must utilize the scooter.

If you can afford it, you should pay to utilize these scooters so that you can enjoy the ride.

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