How To Fold Aovo Pro Scooter? (Step By Step Process)

If you own an Aovo Pro scooter, you know it comes with a foldable mechanism that allows you to fold them down to a smaller size making it more convenient. 

Although folding your Aovo Pro scooter is not a big deal, it’s a straightforward step you can try out. 

However, you must follow the steps right to avoid any unwanted situations that will damage your scooter or cause an accident. Here are the steps to follow; 

You need to first ensure your scooter is not in motion. Then you must locate the scooter latch and pull it down towards the deck. Then, you tuck the handlebars towards the deck until it locks properly. You can now carry the scooter comfortably. Locking all parts is also essential before storing the vehicle.

This article will explain the step-by-step guide on how to fold your Aovo Pro electric scooter. 

Furthermore, you will also learn how to unfold your electric vehicle, some folding problems you might encounter, and how to fix them. 

Can you Fold the Aovo Pro Scooter?

How To Fold Aovo Pro Scooter

You can fold and unfold an Aovo Pro scooter whenever you want. Folding your electric scooter makes it easier to carry. 

There are also other benefits to folding a scooter. Let’s dive deep into some of these benefits.

#1. Portability

Most scooters are usually light in weight compared to bicycles and motorbikes (14-20kg). 

Therefore foldable electric scooters make it more comfortable for the riders to carry around to your place of work or around the school compound. 

You won’t even find it difficult to carry it up the elevator. And it doesn’t even take long to fold your electric vehicle into a small size. 

#2. No Parking Required

Finding a parking space is the constant challenge most motorists and car owners face. However, you don’t have to worry about parking space with a foldable scooter. 

Still, before bringing your scooter into the office space, it’s best to confirm if it’s appropriate to bring your folded vehicle. 

Sometimes you have to park your electric bike outside. In this case, you can buy a lock for your auto. 

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#3. Easier to Store

Once you are done riding the scooter, you must fold it and keep it safe. That’s all! Foldable scooters make it convenient to keep at the corner of your seat or hallway of your flat. 

You can even carry it along on your vacation since it can fit the back of your car trunk when you fold it. 

#4. Convenience 

The folding mechanism of the Aovo Pro scooter enables quick and easy setup,  making it convenient for everyday use. 

You can easily unfold the scooter within seconds and ride wherever you go. 

This scooter also comes with LED lights, phone connectivity, and digital displays, which add more convenience and functionality to your ride. 

How do I Fold the Aovo Pro Scooter? 

Folding the Aovo Pro Scooter is a very simple process allowing you to store and transport it easily. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to fold your Aovo Pro Scooter efficiently. However, the following guidelines are exceptional to the Aovo Pro Scooter only.

Step 1: Prepare Your Scooter

Before folding your electric scooter, it’s best to ensure you are in a good workplace. Clear all hurdles that may disturb the folding process. 

It also helps to wear protective gear like helmets and knee pads to keep you safe.

Step 2: Lower the Handlebar

You can start by releasing the quick-release lever on the handlebar stem’s front. This lever is mostly near the bottom of the handlebar stem. 

You can draw up the lever to release it and then gently lower the handlebar until it’s in the same position as the scooter deck.

Step 3: Lock the Handlebar

Once the handlebar is downward, you can find the clamp or locking tool near the rear of the handlebar stem. 

Push the clamp into the locked state to keep the handlebar in place. You have to ensure the clamp clicks into place to avoid sudden unfolding.

Step 4: Fold the Scooter Deck

The next step is to find the folding tool on the scooter deck. This tool is always near the back wheel. After locating the folding tool, you can unlock the lever or latch by pushing or pulling it. 

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It all depends on the model of your Aovo Pro scooter. Once unlocked, lift the scooter deck upwards, facing the handlebar, until it is straight.

Step 5: Ensure the Scooter Deck Stays in Place 

Most scooter designs have a latch or hook tool on the handlebar stem that allows the deck to remain folded. 

The scooter deck should correspond with the latch or hook and ensure it locks properly. It’s very important to double-check that the deck is firm and doesn’t jiggle.

Step 6: Check the Folded Scooter 

Inspect the folded scooter upon completing the process. Ensure all parts are locked firmly, including the handlebar, scooter deck, and other folding tools. 

Gently shake the scooter to check its stability. It’s best to repeat the process from the first step if anything is loose or unsecured. 

Step 7: Store or Transport the Scooter 

Once you finish folding your Aovo Pro Scooter firmly, you can easily store or transport it to any location. You can carry it in a bag, place it in a wardrobe, or even keep it in the trunk of a car. 

Do not forget to take necessary measures to keep the scooter from potential damage during transportation or storage.

While folding the Aovo Pro Scooter makes it compressed and easier to carry, it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions on how to fold and unfold the scooter. 

Doing so will expand the shelf life of the scooter and maintain its best performance.

How Do You Unfold a Folded Aovo Pro Scooter? 

Unfolding a folded Aovo pro scooter is not something very difficult. Just follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Clear All Obstruction

Before unfolding your electric scooter, it’s best to ensure enough space to accommodate the unfolding process without any obstruction. 

Step 2: Hold the Handlebar

The next step is to hold down firmly the folded scooter by the handlebar. Doing so will stop it from slipping or unfolding suddenly.

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Step 3: Locate the Latch System

Find the scooter latch system. The latch mechanism holds the electric vehicle in its folded position, mostly near the front wheel or handlebars. 

This latch system can either be in the form of a push button or a lever. 

Step 4: Release the Latch

The next step is to release the latch. You may need to lift or press the latch depending on the model of the Aovo Pro Scooter you are using. 

However, it’s best to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific model. After releasing the latch, it will disengage from the lock position. 

Step 5: Unfold the Scooter

After releasing the latch, you can now start unfolding the scooter. Carefully extend the handlebars and the stem and connect them to the deck. 

Pull the stem carefully and extend it till it locks into place. It’s best to ensure all the scooter components perfectly align as you unfold to prevent damage. 

Step 6: Check for Stability

When you finish unfolding the scooter, check the locking system that holds the stem. Ensure you engage it perfectly to prevent the scooter from collapsing while riding. 

Step 7: Check for Damage

Check the scooter for any damage or wear. Check the wheels, handlebars, brakes, and other scooter parts to ensure everything is perfect. 

Step 8: Adjust Handlebar Height

Most Aovo Pro scooters have an adjustable handlebar height. If you want to, you can adjust the height by loosening the clamp system, 

Does the Aovo Pro Scooter Have Folding Problems? 

Like every complex machine, the Aovo Pro scooter can experience various folding problems that affect its functionality and safety. 

The table below highlights some possible folding problems of electric scooters, potential risks, and solutions.

Folding Problems Potential Risks Solutions
Loose or worn-out folding system Difficult to fold and unfold the scooterRegularly tighten the screws and bolts
Jammed folding mechanismDifficult to fold and unfold the scooter Clean and lubricate the folding systems. 
Handlebar alignment problem Difficult to fold and unfold the scooter Proper inspection and handlebar adjustment
Weak or damaged latchUnexpected folding while riding.  Replace the worn-out latch
Loose or malfunctioning hingeLocking in the folded position. Regular maintenance and lubricating the hinge
Structural damage to the folding frameCacks, fractures, or weakened areas. Fold gently and inspect folding areas
Folding lock failureA scooter can abruptly unfoldLubricate folding locks regularly. 

It’s best to regularly maintain, carefully handle and follow the manufacturer’s direction for folding and unfolding the electric scooter. 

Doing so will help prevent the problems associated with your Aovo Pro scooter and allow you to enjoy a smooth ride.

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