This is How To Downgrade Xiaomi Scooter Firmware!

Xiaomi’s electric scooters are one of the most enjoyable and inexpensive E-scooters on the market, which makes them a favorite of many scooter lovers.

However, as Xiaomi released more versions of their E-scooters’ firmware, some updates had restrictions that made its owners eager to downgrade to the former versions.

If you’ve ever wondered how to downgrade your Xiaomi scooter’s firmware, you’ll get the right answers here.

You can downgrade a Xiaomi scooter’s firmware by downloading the M65 DownG app on an Android phone and following some instructions. You can remove the restrictions on your Bluetooth and enjoy better speed after successfully pairing the scooter with the app. After completing the process, you can also choose whichever firmware you prefer.

In this article, I’ll explain how to downgrade Xiaomi scooter’s firmware and the reasons for the downgrade.

By the end, you’ll know how many versions of firmware Xiaomi scooters have, how to reset the firmware, and which is the original one.

How Do You Downgrade the Scooter Firmware?

How To Downgrade Xiaomi Scooter Firmware

You can downgrade the Xiaomi scooter’s firmware using the M65 DownG application or the manual downgrade.

Programmers primarily developed the M65 DownG application to reprogram or customize your firmware to suit your preferences.

If you’re unfamiliar with customizing firmware, you should begin with an app like M65 DownG for your scooter rather than the manual method.

However, if you’d prefer the manual version because you’re familiar with electronics, you can get a professional to oversee the process the first time.

Below are the steps for downgrading your Xiaomi scooter using an app or the manual method to provide you with optimum assistance; 

#1. How To Downgrade Your Xiaomi Scooter Using the App

You’ll need your scooter and the M65 DownG app to downgrade your Xiaomi scooter without outside help.

However, you can only download the app on an Android phone because an IOS version isn’t available.

When your scooter and Android phone have been made readily available, you’ll need to begin the downgrade process by downloading a lower Bluetooth version.

The Bluetooth version in Xiaomi scooters with upgraded firmware is highly restrictive, so you’ll need a new one before you can proceed with downloading a custom firmware.

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You can opt for the BLE0.72 working driver to replace the upgraded version, which can only be downloaded on an Android.

Next, download the M65 DownG application on the Google Play store and adhere to the steps outlined below; 

  • Open the M65 DownG application, and the first options you should see are “Connect” and “Open bin.”
  • You’ll need to click “Connect” to pair your scooter with the app by choosing its name from the available Bluetooth devices.
  • When you successfully connect the scooter to the app, the “Check Ver” button is enabled.
  • Double-click on the “Check Ver” button and check to see that a new line written as “got key” is added to the program.
  • Next, click “Open bin” and choose the Bluetooth working driver (downgraded version) you downloaded earlier.
  • After that, click “Flash bin,” When you see different percentages on your screen, you can be sure it’s working.
  • Lastly, the downgrade is complete when the “done” line pops up, followed by three beeps indicating success.
  • Your scooter’s firmware should now be customized to suit your preferences without restrictions.

#2. How to Downgrade Your Xiaomi Scooter Manually (ST-Link Programmer) 

The first step to manually downgrading your Xiaomi scooter is checking that you have all the tools and software required for the process.

It’s also important to note that this process will rely on an “ST-Link Programmer” that’ll allow you to bypass the restrictions in an upgrade.

Below is a list of everything you’ll need for a manual downgrade on your scooter using an ST-Link programmer:

  • An ST-Link programmer and debugger.
  • Male-to-female jumper wires.
  • A solder iron.
  • A good-quality solder.
  • Screwdrivers (various sizes)
  • A pair of tweezers.
  • A reliable site to download software and drivers such as here.
  • Flux to aid the soldering process.

If you’ve successfully gathered the tools above, you can proceed to downgrade your Xiaomi scooter using the steps explained below:

Step 1: Check the Number of Fuses on Your Scooter 

A firmware downgrade enables you to enjoy several benefits that an upgrade restricts you from enjoying, but you must take the necessary precautions.

For example, a downgrade allows you to maximize your speed, but not all Xiaomi scooters support that function because of their number of fuses.

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It’s important to check how many fuses your scooter has to ensure you don’t endanger your life and others while riding it.

You can check the number of fuses by watching this instructional video and following the steps carefully.

If you have only one fuse, it’s best to avoid toying with the speed of your Xiaomi scooter because it could blow up.

Step 2: Open the Board and Begin the Soldering

You can open the scooter’s board using a flat screwdriver to carefully pop the cover and get access to the PCB (Printed Circuit Board).

Next, locate the capacitor on the board, labeled C16, and apply the flux to the soldering iron to heat it for removal.

The flux should make it easier to pull out the capacitor, but it’s important to wait till the soldering iron has melted it before pulling it.

When you’ve removed the capacitor, find the three pads on the board and solder three jumper wires to connect your BLE board to the ST-Link.

If you’re confused, the capacitor mainly blocks you from customizing new firmware on your Xiaomi scooter, so you must remove it.

Step 3: Install the ST-Link and Downgrade the Scooter

Lastly, you must connect the ST-Link to your PC and allow Windows to install or update it automatically.

When the installation is complete, you can run the lower Bluetooth file that you downloaded earlier and disconnect the jumper wires when it’s done.

Finally, you can reassemble your scooter and modify the custom firmware.

However, it’s important to note that the restrictions on newer updates have made it harder to downgrade, and these procedures now work better on older versions.

Why Downgrade the Xiaomi Scooter Firmware? 

Xiaomi scooter owners enjoy them particularly because the first releases came with firmware that was easy to customize.

The ability to customize the firmware to suit their preferences also allowed owners of Xiaomi scooters to maximize features such as speed to their liking.

However, when the company realized that its customers bypassed the firmware and customized it as they pleased, they began to release firmware updates with restrictions.

Consequently, they released the 1.5.1 firmware with an updated Bluetooth that blocks owners from adjusting sensitive settings like speed or customizing flexible firmware.

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Despite this, Xiaomi scooter owners decided to find means to downgrade the firmware rather than adjust to an upgrade’s restrictions.

However, the differences between a downgraded Xiaomi scooter and an upgraded one are mentioned in the table below to justify the need for a downgrade; 

Downgraded Xiaomi ScooterUpgraded Xiaomi Scooter
You can zoom off without pushing the scooter first.You need to push your scooter before it kicks off.
You can increase your maximum speed (as long as you have two fuses).You have to ride within the strict and low-speed dictations.
You can no longer enjoy the ECO mode that comes with upgrades.You can enjoy all the benefits of the ECO mode.
You can turn off passive charging if you dislike it.You’re stuck with passive charging.

How Many Versions of the Xiaomi Firmware are there? 

There are several Xiaomi firmware versions, which increase as new scooter versions are released.

However, the most popular Xiaomi firmware among the updates over the years are mentioned below; 

  • Version 1.5.4
  • Version 1.5.1
  • Version 1.5.2 
  • Version 1.6.8
  • Version 1.6.6
  • Version 1.5.4
  • Version 1.5.6

How to Reset Xiaomi Scooter Firmware? 

If your Xiaomi Scooter has ever experienced problems with its power button, battery management, or connecting to the Mi Home app, you’re in luck.

You can rid your Xiaomi scooter of those problems by learning to factory reset its firmware in a few minutes while following simple steps.

For further understanding, below are the steps required to reset a Xiaomi Scooter’s firmware; 

  • The scooter must be turned off before the procedure starts, so you’ll have to press the power button until the display screen blacks out.
  • Next, use both hands to press and hold the power button, throttle, and brake lever simultaneously for about three to four seconds.
  • After this, you’ll hear short beeping sounds from your scooter to signify that the factory reset is in progress.
  • Also, you’ll see a red wrench and a red 14 icon flashing on the display board simultaneously.
  • Finally, you can let go of the power button, throttle, and brake lever when you see these signs because the factory reset was successful.

Which Is the Original Xiaomi Scooter Firmware? 

An original Xiaomi Scooter with firmware that accepts third-party apps, allows customization, and permits speed modification is the Xiaomi M365.

The Xiaomi M365 is the original version the company used to kick off its production of electric scooters in 2016, so it is the easiest to downgrade. 

This is because the Xiaomi M365 is compatible with all the past and present firmware versions the company has introduced.

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