How To Connect Aovo Pro to App? (Must Know This)

The electric Aovo Pro scooter is one standard model with special features for your everyday journey in all conditions. 

With in-built technological features, you can explore full control over the scooter from your smartphone.

Aovo Pro electric scooter has a special mobile app that grants you unlimited access and allows full control over the scooter.

However, one constant worry remains among first-time riders: how to connect the Aovo Pro to the app.

The connection of the Aovo Pro electric scooter is possible through Bluetooth connection. First, turn on the Aovo Pro electric scooter while leaving it in close range. On the app, go to the settings section and select Bluetooth, then look for the option to connect to a nearby device through Bluetooth.

The Aovo Pro application is very smooth and easy to use. However, there’s always the trouble of how to connect both devices. 

Are you having trouble connecting your Aovo Pro electric scooter to the app? Do not worry; I’ll show you how to connect and use the Aovo Pro app smoothly. Let’s dive in.

Does the Aovo Pro Scooter Have an App?

How to Connect Aovo Pro to App

Certainly, the Aovo Pro scooter has a mobile app designed for the electric scooter. Like other electric scooter brands and models, the Aovo Pro also has a mobile app. 

You can download the Aovo Pro mobile app to unlock great convenience as you ride. The app helps to enhance your experience while riding the Aovo Pro electric scooter.

The Aovo Pro mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android devices, giving you access regardless of your preferred mobile platform. 

The Aovo Pro scooter app allows the rider to see the scooter’s power, speed, ODO, and others.

And through Bluetooth connection on the Aovo Pro app, you can control the scooter’s power, riding mode, switch machine, and more.

As mentioned above, with the Aovo Pro app, you can conveniently operate your Aovo Pro electric scooter and take advantage of every available feature. 

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You easily keep track of your scooter speed in real-time through the current speed indicator available on the mobile app. This way, you are well assured of a safe and enjoyable ride.

In a similar manner, you can adjust the speed of your scooter directly from the mobile app. In other words, you get your desired level of control and comfort as you ride.

Also, it is possible to monitor the remaining battery power gauge of the scooter. Therefore, your trips fall perfectly into plans as you don’t get to run out of power.

In addition to monitoring the battery level, you can set a timer for some automated functions

Examples include schedule power off and battery power saver when not in use. 

The table below summarizes some features and functions of the Aovo Pro app. 

Features Function
BatteryIt shows the scooter’s current battery status. 
SpeedIt displays the scooter’s current speed.
Advanced settingsIt gives the rider access to other settings on the app, such as cruise control. 

How to Connect the Aovo Pro Scooter to the App?

While Aovo Pro electric scooter is a fantastic micro-mobility tool, enjoying great convenience is more with the mobile scooter app.

Connecting your Aovo Pro scooter with the Aovo Pro mobile app isn’t as technical as it sounds. 

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to connect the Aovo Pro Scooter to the mobile app.

  • First, install the Aovo Pro scooter app on your smartphone. Depending on your device, you can search for the Aovo Pro scooter app on the App Store or google play store.
  • Download and install the Aovo Pro Scooter app on your smartphone.
  • The next step is registering an account with the app or logging in if you already have one.
  • After successful registration or login, turn on the scooter by pressing the switch on/off button. 
  • Ensure the Aovo Pro scooter is within Bluetooth connection range; best within 10 meters.
  • Turn on or enable your smartphone Bluetooth and ensure it is discoverable. The Bluetooth will automatically search for any nearby Bluetooth.
  • Open the installed Aovo Pro scooter app and go to the settings or device management section.
  • Click on the connect to device option, and the Aovo Pro app will automatically start scanning for any nearby Bluetooth-enabled device. 
  • Once the app detects the scooter’s Bluetooth, select the Aovo Pro scooter from the available devices within range.
  • Follow any on-screen prompts or instructions and complete the pairing process between both devices.
  • Viola, that’s all. You can proceed to use the Aovo Pro scooter app. 
  • However, if the application does not successfully connect with the Aovo e-scooter, try setting the parameters correctly or updating the app.
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How Do I Use the Aovo Pro Scooter App? 

You can easily use the Aovo Pro scooter mobile app by clicking and unclicking your desired function on the app’s display. 

However, first, you must get the Aovo Pro scooter app before using it. Therefore, the first step to using the Aovo Pro mobile app is to install and register an account on the app. 

If you already have one, you can log in and follow all the prompts and instructions on the app.

The step is complete once a successful connection between the Aovo Pro scooter and the Aovo Pro app exists. 

You can control and monitor your scooter through the app by clicking your desired function. The design of the Aovo Pro app is such that it allows full access and control over the scooter. 

You can use the Aovo Pro app to know your riding time, speed, mileage, etc. Nevertheless, before using the Aovo Pro scooter mobile app, there are two terms to be familiar with. 

The start mode and the zero start display as you are about to take a ride. The start mode on the Aovo Pro app indicates that you need to push a little to get the scooter running. 

Contrarily, zero start indicates that the scooter can move forward as soon as you hold down the accelerator of the handlebar.

There are other special functions of the Aovo Pro Scooter mobile app. However, how to use them on the Aovo Pro app is the same procedure as I’ll show you.

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Special Functions On the Aovo Pro Mobile Application

The Aovo Pro Scooter app has a menu option containing various special mobile application uses.

Once connected through Bluetooth, you can easily adjust various settings on the Aovo Pro scooter, unlike the scooter itself. 

Click on the menu option at the bottom right-hand side of the homepage of the Aovo Pro app. A list of several functions will appear as an option.

Among the several uses of the Aovo Pro mobile app is the navigation feature available on the app. 

The Aovo Pro mobile app provides the rider with real-time navigation assistance. You get to know the best possible routes suitable for scooter rides. 

In like manner, you can get the most efficient path to your destination, taking into account traffic conditions and road closures.

You can check the scooter’s battery level, speed, voltage, and total mileage, amongst others, from the app menu bar.

Also, as a safety measure, it is possible to lock and even unlock your scooter remotely through the Aovo Pro app. 

Furthermore, you can use the Aovo Pro app to check the functionality of the main parts of the scooter if they are normal or not.

In addition, it is easier to update the firmware of your Aovo Pro scooter through the Aovo Pro scooter app. Click the menu on the Aovo Pro app and select Software Update.

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