How To Change Speed On Aovo Pro? (A Complete Guide)

Many riders relish the thrill of riding their scooters at high speed as the breeze fans through their hair as they ride their Aovo Pro.

Although thrilling, Aovo Pro scooters offer little speed on average. However, it is possible to break the barrier and change the speed of your Aovo Pro. 

How to change speed on the Aovo Pro scooter is the focus of interest in this article. 

The scooter app is the easiest way to change speed on Aovo Pro. You can also increase and decrease your Aovo Pro speed by removing the scooter speed limiters or firmware. By removing the Aovo Pro speed limiters or the scooter firmware, you can gear up to 28mph, enough speed for one ride.

You look around, and the road is well-paved and clear, so you decide to go at full speed, but your scooter is going slow. How do I change the speed on my Aovo Pro, you may ask? 

Worry not. This article got you covered as it will help you maximize your scooter’s speed. Let’s go over a few hacks. 

How Do I Change the Speed of My Aovo Pro Scooter?

How to Change Speed on Aovo Pro

The best and easiest way of changing the speed of your Aovo Pro scooter is through the scooter app on your smartphone. 

You can easily enter into the scooter app on your smartphone, go to settings on your app and change the preset speed. 

Also, you can use the display on the handlebar of your Aovo Pro to change the scooter’s speed.

There are several other ways of changing the speed of an Aovo Pro scooter. Whichever way works best for you is fine. 

Notwithstanding, I’ll guide you on how to use the display screen to change the speed on your Aovo Pro scooter. 

Below are the steps that will guide you.

  • The first step is to turn on the Aovo Pro scooter by pressing the power button.
  • The display screen on the handlebar of Aovo Pro has a control panel as part of its display option.
  • The control panel has a speed menu option for adjusting the scooter’s speed.
  • Navigate to the speed option and select it.
  • You can now increase or decrease the scooter’s speed by using the up or down arrows on the display. 
  • After selecting a desired speed, press the confirm or enter button to save the new speed changes.
  • Exit the menu, and the Aovo Pro will automatically adjust to the new set speed.
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However, as the Aovo Pro scooter model and version vary, so will the steps to change the speed. 

But you can get a well-detailed directive on the fast speed mode setting on your scooter user instruction manual.

How to Change the Speed Limit on an Aovo Pro Scooter?

You can change the speed limit on an Aovo Pro scooter by removing the speed limiters that are pre-installed on the scooter. 

In other words, you can change the speed limit on the Aovo Pro scooter by modifying the electric scooter’s speed. 

Several methods exist to modify the speed limit on an Aovo Pro scooter. However, most options are advanced methods that involve complex alterations of the build-up of the Aovo Pro. 

As such, they are usually the last resort if you don’t get your desired speed. Notwithstanding, I’ll highlight two ways of removing the speed limit on your Aovo Pro scooter. 

You can either remove the speed limiters from the display of the scooter or through manual wire removal.

Removing the speed limit on an Aovo Pro scooter is more like unlocking the hidden speeds of the electric scooter. 

Let’s go over how to unlock the speed limit of your Aovo Pro scooter through the display and by manually removing wire connections. 

#1. By Display Method

You can remove the speed limit on your Aovo Pro scooter from the electronic screen display on the handlebar of your scooter. 

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to go about the process. 

  • First, power on the Aovo Pro scooter and ensure it is ready-to-ride mode.
  • Enable the screen display on the handlebar of the scooter. It shows the scooter’s battery level, speed, and other information.
  • Look for the button on the scooter’s handlebar that allows you access to the setting menu. You’ll either see “Settings” or “Mode.” 
  • From the setting menu, navigate and select the speed limit option. You’ll either see “Speed Limit” or “Max Speed.” 
  • You can now adjust the speed limit setting to your preferred setting. While some Aovo Pro models have preset options, others allow you to enter your desired speed directly. 
  • Save the new settings option and exit the menu. 
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You have removed the pre-installed speed limiter on your Aovo Pro scooter by doing the above. 

The scooter will move at an enhanced speed as you continue your ride.

However, Aovo Pro scooter models vary; I recommend you refer to your scooter use manual if the above guide isn’t helpful.

#2. By Manually Disconnecting the Wire Speed Limiter In the Pro Electric Scooter

Another way to change the speed limit on an Aovo Pro scooter is by manually disconnecting the wire speed limiter of the scooter. You’ll need a pincer and a screwdriver for the operation.

Below is a DIY on how to go about the process. 

  • Look for two crosshead nuts at the rear of the Aovo Pro scooter and use the pincer to take them out.
  • Proceed to the top of the scooter and remove the cross screws.
  • Unmount the scooter while facing the front wheel. 
  • There are usually four similar-sized wires colored white. Disconnect all four of them and slit them using the screwdriver.
  • Properly wrap the tape around the wires inside the scooter and close the open case.
  • Replace the cross screws into positions and tighten them, and that’s all 

However, if you desire much-enhanced speed, you can change the scooter’s pre-installed battery to a more powerful one. 

It is worth knowing that this method increases the scooter’s speed above the manufacturer’s recommended limit. 

As such, you will likely experience some complications after adjusting the speed limits. And aside from physical complications, there’s the possibility of annulled warranties.  

What Limits My Aovo Pro Scooter from Going Full Speed?

The biggest limit to your Aovo Pro scooter going full speed is because of the firmware or speed limiters that are pre-installed in the scooter. 

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Aovo Pro scooter comes standard with speed limiters and adjustable sleep settings set by the manufacturer to restrict the scooter’s top speed. 

The simple reason is for the scooter’s well-being and the rider’s overall safety

The speed limiters of the Aovo Pro scooter bring down the average speed of the scooter to about 15.5mph, which is relatively slow. 

If you can electronically change the firmware speed limit of the scooter, the scooter will run at a more advanced speed. 

Also, you can manually disconnect the wire cable speed limiter installed inside the scooter. Notwithstanding, other factors can also limit your Aovo Pro scooter from going full speed. 

For instance, the rider’s weight can greatly affect a scooter’s speed.

You’ll agree that the heavier the rider, the more the strain on the scooter’s motor. Invariably, the scooter will not be able to go full speed. 

Secondly, another factor that hinders the Aovo scooter from going at full speed is the condition of the scooter’s battery

If the scooter’s battery is not fully charged, it’ll not provide enough power to drive the scooter transmission. 

In like manner, the same experience can stem from an old/worn-out battery that needs replacement. 

Below is a summary of what limits the Aovo Pro scooter from going full speed.

Factors Possible Recommendations 
Preset speed limiters.Modify the speed limit presetting or disconnect the speed limiter wires.
Weak or worn-out battery.Replace the battery with a new one.
Weight of the rider.Upgrade to a bigger model or increase the pressure gauge of the tires.
Nature of Terrain.Avoid rough terrains. 
Defective speed controllers.Contact Aovo’s customer service for help.

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