How Much Weight Can A Jetson Hoverboard Hold? (Explained)

Have you been using the hoverboard of a little child and would like to know how that can affect the hoverboard?

Can you get a hoverboard that’ll support a heavy-weight body like yours? Fortunately, you’ll get your answers if you read this guide.

The amount of weight a Jetson hoverboard can hold depends on the class of the Jetson hoverboard you’re buying. While the regular Jetson hoverboards can hold a maximum weight limit of 220 pounds, others in higher classes can hold more. For example, the Jetson Bolt Electric Ride-On can hold 260 pounds weight while its Bolt Up can hold 265 pounds.

This article explains all you need to know about Jetson hoverboards and how much weight they can carry.

Ultimately, I’ll show the best hoverboard in the market today with the highest maximum weight.

What Is the Maximum Weight a Jetson Hoverboard Can Carry?

How Much Weight Can a Jetson Hoverboard Hold

The maximum weight that a regular Jetson hoverboard can carry is 220 pounds.

So if you weigh between 200 and 220 lb, you won’t have a problem getting a regular Jetson hoverboard to ride comfortably. 

However, if you weigh more than that limit, you can head to the Jetson website to explore other options.

Hence, this list enumerates the best hoverboards with the higher maximum weight capacity.

  • Jetson V6 Hoverboard
  • Halo Rover X
  • Swagtron Outlaw T6 Hoverboard 
  • Hover-1 Titan Hoverboard 
  • TOMOLOO Heavy Duty Hoverboard

Moving on, you must adhere to the maximum weight limit of your Jetson hoverboard. 

Let’s talk about a Jetson hoverboard’s qualities determining its maximum weight limit. 

#1. Wheel Size

Jetson hoverboards come with different wheel sizes, and wheel sizes are directly proportional to the weight of the hoverboard and how much it can carry.

The bigger the wheel size is, the more the maximum weight limit of the hoverboard. 

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For example, while a 4.5-inch hoverboard would carry a maximum weight of 120 pounds, an 8.5-inch wheel will carry 300 pounds.

#2. Intended Use

The intended use of a hoverboard greatly determines its maximum weight limit. 

For example, hoverboards intended for children have maximum weight limits lower than 180 pounds, while those for adults go overboard.

#3. Price

Before purchasing your Jetson hoverboard, confirm the maximum weight it can carry. 

Budget-friendly hoverboards generally have lower maximum weight limits because of their lower-than-average makeup.

What Happens If You Exceed the Maximum Weight for Jetson Hoverboard?

Quite some things can happen if you exceed the maximum weight of a Jetson hoverboard. We’ll explore all those things in this section, so stay on!

#1. Early Malformations

Exceeding the weight limit of your Jetson hoverboard can negatively affect its overall longevity. That’ll result in the hoverboard breaking down within a few weeks or months.

#2. Wear and Tear

If you outweigh a Jetson hoverboard, you won’t be affecting its external components alone but the internal ones. 

There’ll be overall wearing and tear of the internal components (polycarbonate casing, screws, brackets, wheels, and wheel axles) of the hoverboard.

If you purchase a Jetson hoverboard with a weight limit that you don’t fit into, I’ll advise you to take it back for an exchange. 

That’s because it’ll only be a waste of money as it’ll eventually wear out within a few weeks of use.

A regular Jetson hoverboard can only carry a maximum weight of 220 lb; exceeding that will only cause it to wear and tear faster than expected.

Hence, to avoid that, get hoverboards with a maximum weight capacity that’ll accommodate your weight.  

#3. Safety Hazard

Adhering to the maximum weight limit for a Jetson hoverboard equates to ensuring your safety on the hoverboard.

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However, breaking that rule would be risking yourself to various hazards like body injury because the hoverboard can break down while you’re on it.

How Fast Can a Jetson Hoverboard Go on Maximum Weight?

How Fast a Jetson Hoverboard can go on maximum weight varies between designs. 

That is, while a Jetson Zone hoverboard can run at full speed of seven mph, a Jetson J-beat hoverboard would run at ten mph.

Jetson hoverboards come with enough speed to help you easily cruise around your neighborhood. 

Also, aside from the speed capacity, this unique hoverboard has a good battery life of over five hours on a full charge.

You’ll also be wondering if it’s possible to increase the level of speed of the hoverboard. I’m letting you know that that’s possible.

Nonetheless, when attempting to navigate through the speed of the Jetson hoverboard, ensure to be cautious so that you don’t end up with injuries. 

Additionally, it would help if you used a Jetson hoverboard within its maximum weight limit to maximize its full speed.

This table illustrates a few Jetson models’ wheel sizes, maximum speed, and weight limit. 

Jetson ModelsWheel SizeMax SpeedMax Weight Limit
Jetson Zone Hoverboard6.3 inchesSeven miles per hour220 pounds
Jetson Flash Hoverboard 6.5 inchesTen miles per hour 220 pounds
Jetson J-beat Hoverboard 6.3 inches Ten miles per hour220 pounds
Jetson Spin Hoverboard6.5 inchesSeven miles per hour220 pounds
Jetson Prism Hoverboard6.5 inchesSeven miles per hour220 pounds

What Brand of Hoverboard Has the Highest Weight Limit?

While the usual maximum weight limit for most hoverboards is 220 pounds and below, there are a few hoverboards with higher weight limits.

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It’s one thing to want to own a hoverboard and another thing to buy one that supports your weight. 

If you’re a big guy, the last thing I’ll advise you to do is buy a hoverboard that doesn’t support your weight. 

Hence, how do you know the factors that dictate maximum weight capacity and what brands of hoverboards have the highest maximum weight limit?

Before I discuss hoverboard brands with the highest weight limits, here’s a list of factors that affect a hoverboard’s weight limit.

  • Motor Watts
  • Tire Size
  • Frame Strength

Now, we’ll discuss the top three big guys in the hoverboard family that pride themselves in having a maximum weight limit of up to 400 pounds.

#1. Swagtron T6 Outlaw Hoverboard 

This hoverboard is the best in the market today; it has a weight limit of 420 pounds and can run as fast as 12 miles per hour at maximum weight.

With this hoverboard, you don’t need to worry about your weight. Also, aside from its maximum weight limit, it has other unique features.

These features include;

  • 300 Watts motor (Dual)
  • In-built speakers and lights
  • Tubeless tires (ten inches)
  • Fast charge time

#2. Hover-1 Titan Hoverboard 

This one will be a good fit if you want to learn to ride a hoverboard at a reasonable maximum weight limit.

It has a maximum weight limit of up to 265 lbs and runs at full speed of about 7.4 mph on a full charge.

#3. TOMOLOO UL2272 Hoverboard 

This hoverboard has a maximum weight limit of 265 lbs and is less expensive. 

So, if you’re looking for a hoverboard that’ll carry you without breaking and with lesser money, this hoverboard would be your best option.


Is There a Weight Limit On a Hoverboard?

All hoverboards have their associating weight limits; the more extensive the wheel size of a hoverboard is, the more weight it would be able to carry.

Are Jetsons Good Hoverboards?

A Jetson hoverboard would be the perfect brand for you; besides its lightweight architecture that enables easy carriage, it’s beginner-friendly and affordable.

Can Adults Ride Hoverboards?

Most hoverboards have a maximum weight capacity of more than 200 lb, meaning adults of all sizes can ride them.

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