How Much Can You Sell A Used Hoverboard For? (Explained)

Isn’t it amazing that you can use a particular appliance and resell it a few months later at a reasonable price? Amazingly, a Hoverboard is one such device. 

However, they are a few that could influence your decision; A location change or you may want to upgrade the brand of your Hoverboard. 

Nevertheless, whatever the case may be, it’s only necessary to purchase a high-quality appliance from the beginning so that reselling at a fee is easy. 

Ideally, a brand-new Hoverboard costs around $500. However, some range from $300 to even $1000. Therefore, you should always consider the amount you bought your Hoverboard initially. The initial price helps you determine the price, and it helps you check how much your fairly used Hoverboard goes for, which is about half the initial price or even less. 

In this article, I will give a detailed guide to buying a used Hoverboard, what to expect, and the average longevity of your Hoverboard. 

In the end, I hope this article answers all your pressing questions concerning the price of an old Hoverboard. 

For How Much Can I Sell a Used Hoverboard?

How Much Can You Sell a Used Hoverboard For

Before you attempt selling your used Hoverboard, the first thing you must think of over and again is the price range it would go for. 

If the reason you’re selling your Hoverboard isn’t a fault on it, then rest assured that you will sell it at a good price. 

Before we go into the pricing of a used Hoverboard, let’s first outline the prices for a brand-new one. 

Most high-end Hoverboards sell for at least $300 to $700. However, they are brands that, if you can afford them, are sold for $1000.

 On the other hand, there are some Hoverboards that you can get for as low as $100. 

All these varying prices cover the battery efficiency, battery life, speed limit, and short and long time range. 

One of the significant factors why your Hoverboard will cost a fortune could be the size or the capacity of the battery. If it has a long-range capacity, it could also be expensive. 

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Aside from these, the type of technology your Hoverboard uses can significantly influence the price. 

Special technological features such as LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, and water resistance features, amongst many others, also increase the prices of the Hoverboard. 

Now let’s get back to the pricing of a used Hoverboard. Well, if you are looking at selling your used Hoverboard to save some money, then it is always a wise choice and a good decision. 

Fairly used Hoverboards always cost way less than a new one. They could cost less or half of what you initially got them for. 

However, the key factor you should consider before venturing into selling your used Hoverboard is the battery strength.

 Ensure that, as the last owner, you have not excessively put so much stress on the battery. 

Additionally, Ensure there are no defective parts on the used overboard before putting it out for sale. Run a test drive over and over again to confirm this. 

If you ignore any defective parts, you may spend more to repair the defective parts and incur extra charges without guaranteeing that the issue will get fixed in the long run. 

Where Can You Sell a Used Hoverboard? 

Like buying a new Hoverboard, you can sell a used Hoverboard in a physical store or online. The best online platform to list your Hoverboard for sale is Amazon

However, other online stores include eBay, Walmart, Swagtron, and Best buy. 

Nevertheless, most times, your overboard may need to go through some tests to ensure it meets the required standard for used Hoverboards that could get listed for sale on any of the platforms. 

What Else Can You Do With an Old Hoverboard? 

Aside from selling your old Hoverboard, you can conveniently change or modify it into a scooter using DIY steps. 

On the other hand, a professional always comes highly recommended when you want to do this. 

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So without further ado, here is a detailed guide on conveniently turning your old Hoverboard into a scooter. 

How to Turn an Old Hoverboard Into a Scooter (Step-By-Step Guide)?

Several tools are required for this process. 

While they range from simple tools such as screwdrivers, drills, and bits, the process also requires complex tools such as welders, soldering iron, iron cutters, and angle drivers. 

Step 1 

Assemble the necessary materials and parts to build the scooter in one place. 

Step 2 

Attach the rear wheel with all the suspension on it. 

Step 3 

Use wood or steel to make a template or mounting bracket. 

Step 4

Attach a second wheel to the Hoverboard template or mounting plate and fasten the bolts. 

Step 5 

Ensure you Attach the main electronics, such as the LED meter display motor speed controller and thumb throttle. After that, replace the power controllers with a Hall sensor connector. 

Step 6 

Drill at least four holes to fix the LCD on the scooter handles, then install the thumb throttle and LCD meter. 

Step 7 

Make two holes, one for the charging connector and another to fix all wiring harnesses. Make sure you solder the wires after installing them. 

Step 8 

Put the throttle wiring and LCD on zip ties and hide them in the scooter body or steel tube bracket. 

Step 9 

The next step is to install the speed connectors, such as the hall sensor throttle and LCD, then hide them in the steel bracket. 

Step 10 

Adjust and reshape the battery. You can do this by disconnecting the BMS, desoldering all power on the wires, and readjusting the cells. 

You can use a soldering iron to do this. Lastly, after every necessary adjustment, install the battery on the scooter and test it. 

Step 11 

Make a battery cover to fit your needed battery shape neatly. After that, check your scooter to see if everything fits, then make further adjustments. 

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Step 12 

Do a test ride on your scooter to see how well it fits before you take it out for outdoor rides. 

How Long Do Hoverboards Last on Average? 

When listing an appliance under a high-end brand, one of the things to note is the longevity of the appliance. Its longevity is characterized by durability and efficiency. 

While the same appliance from a different brand could have the same life span on average, it most times varies. 

Common factors such as the battery life, speed, and range all influence how long your device will last on average. 

Another critical factor is how well you handle or maintain your device as you use it daily. 

Generally, a Hoverboard, under normal circumstances, will last around three to four years before it stops working.

 Nevertheless, your Hoverboard may last longer or even less depend on how well you handle it, its battery power, and its durability. 

Interestingly, most Hoverboards come with an outstanding warranty of 12 months. 

Hoverboards designed for kids get powered by a lithium battery that is instead charged for at least three hours to get full.

 The lithium-powered Hoverboard can go eight to fifteen miles per ride when charged fully. 

As you continue to use your Hoverboard, the battery life is likely to reduce, and you may be required to change it before the expiration of the entire life expectancy. 

Maybe you have a Hoverboard you want to purchase in mind but still have doubts about its efficiency and durability, and you fear it could hinder you from purchasing one. 

Below is a detailed list of the best Hoverboard and their pros and cons. 

#1. Swagtron T5 Hoverboard 

It has a preinstalled battery indicator and learning mode It has a low-speed range
It has an outstanding range of 10 milesIt takes a long time of about 5 hours to charge completely 
It is lightweight yet solid It weighs 18.9 lbs and has a maximum load of 187 lbs 

#2. Swagtron T580 

It has a Bluetooth speaker optionIt has a Low range of 8 miles
It has a smart App feature for easy operationLow max speed of 7.5 lbs
Easy to ride and navigateIt has a mid-range power

#3. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard 

It is quiet and does not sound rustyLow battery life
It comes with a detachable battery life Not compatible with water
It has a high range of 15 milesLow-speed range

#4. Skque Self-Balancing Electric Scooter 

It uses a smart battery and charges fastLow max speed of 8 miles
It has a preinstalled Bluetooth speakerManually operated without a smart App
It has an outstanding design, quality construction, and device partsIt has a light weight of 22 Ibs

#5. Epikgo Self-Balancing Scooter 

Fast chargeIt is not ideal for new riders due to their large tires
Maximum speed range of 10 MHPIs quite expensive 
It has large tires to ride on all terrainIt could take riders longer to learn each navigation option on it

You should always refer to this article if you need help deciding the best Hoverboard to purchase. Of course, it would help if you did.

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