Here Is How To Make Ninebot GoKart Faster (Easy Steps)

It’s a common theme amongst kart racers to want to go faster. “The faster, the funner,” they say.

However, many of these racers don’t know how to do this, especially the newbies. If this sounds like you, then don’t worry. 

At the end of this article, you’ll have a few hacks and tricks up the sleeve that’ll make you go faster.

You should read on to know more about making your Ninebot Electric GoKart faster.

There are a few ways you can make your Ninebot GoKart Pro faster. The easiest way you can increase the speed limit. To do this, use the mobile application to change the speed mode from Safety Mode to any of the higher modes you prefer.

Can You Make Ninebot GoKart Faster?

How to Make Ninebot GoKart Faster

Many Ninebot GoKart users wonder whether or not their GoKart can go faster. Well, yes, it can.

If your Ninebot GoKart was slow from day one, it could mean it’s still in locked mode.

The manufacturers usually do this to comply with local regulations and laws regarding transportation devices.

To remove the Ninebot Electric GoKart from the restricted or locked mode, you’ll need to connect it to the mobile app.

Next, create your profile, and after that, unlock the different speed modes. You can link the mobile app to GoKart through Bluetooth.

That’ll display the driving speed and functions such as real-time reminders and cruising range.

You should not forget to check out the user manual and the tutorial video for new riders in the mobile application before you test drive your Ninebot’s GoKart driving machine.

How to Make Ninebot GoKart Faster: Step by Step

If you’re wondering how you can make your Ninebot GoKart Pro go faster, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

#1. Step One – Download the Segway-Ninebot App?

  • The first thing to do when you want to make your Ninebot’s GoKart faster is to install the mobile app.
  • Install the Segway-Ninebot app through any one of these methods below:
  • Scan the Segway-Ninebot App QR code in the user manual.
  • Install the app from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store for Android or iPhone users.
  • For this connection to work, your mobile device needs Bluetooth 4.0 or later, Android 4.3 or later, or iOS system 8.0 or later.
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#2. Step Two – Pair your Ninebot GoKart with Your Mobile Device

  • Turn the Bluetooth of your mobile phone on.
  • Turn on the GoKart using the power button.
  • Launch the mobile app and search for your Ninebot GoKart.
  • When you find it, connect to it. 

#3. Step Three – Adjust the Speed

  • When you have successfully connected the mobile application to your Ninebot GoKart Pro, go to the gear icon and tap on “Speed Settings.”
  • Push the slider bar for the speed limit to the maximum setting.
  • You can also change the speed mode setting.
  • Double tapping or quickly tapping the power button switches the device between the different speed modes.

Note that the faster the speed mode you use, the faster your battery drains.

Furthermore, some models may require an additional external battery so that the driving device can reach maximum speed.

How Fast Can a Ninebot GoKart Go?

How fast your Ninebot GoKart goes depends on the speed mode setting. However, the speed limit for the Ninebot GoKart Pro is approximately 37 km/hr.

The reversing speed limit is about 3 km/hr. This drifting kart has four-speed modes, including:

Speed ModeMaximum Speed
&ECO Mode 8 km/hr
STRADA Mode18 km/hr
SPORT mode28 km/hr 
CORSA Mode37 km/hr 

The ECO Mode is the default New Rider Mode or Safety Mode and is the slowest.

The STRADA mode is the Normal or Regular Mode. The CORSA Mode is also called the Race Mode.

You should only select an appropriate speed mode compatible with your driving proficiency, your age, and that of your family members and friends.

To alternate between the different speed modes, you can use the mobile app and set the speed mode you want or quickly tap the power button.

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That will toggle the different speed modes until you get to the one you most desire.

You should complete all the driving exercises and tutorials before you attempt to make your GoKart faster.

When you are proficient in driving safely, you should only attempt to increase the speed limit.

You can do all the tutorials and exercises with the mobile app. Don’t forget to put on your Ninebot GoKart Kit before each use.

Ninebot GoKart Pro Speed Hack? 

As with other drifting karts, there are certain tricks and hacks you can employ to make your Ninebot GoKart go faster.

Here are a few speed hacks for your Ninebot GoKart Pro:

#1. Ensure Your Ninebot GoKart Isn’t in Safety Mode

When you buy your Ninebot GoKart Pro, it usually comes in Safety Mode, the slowest speed mode.

This mode runs at 8 km/hr. Changing this mode to a higher-speed mode should be the first-speed hack you try.

The manufacturers put it in this mode to provide safety for the new riders.

You can adjust the speed mode as you complete the driving tutorial and exercises and become more proficient in driving. Change it from the Safety or New Rider Mode to a higher level.

To do this, use the mobile app or double-tap the power button on the screen. That’ll toggle between the speed modes to select the one you’re proficient in handling.

#2. Fully Charge Your Battery to 100 Percent

The maximum speed you can operate depends on the battery level of your GoKart.

While the battery and motor power are key in determining speed factors, the charge level is also important.

As you use your kart, the battery voltage decreases as the charge decreases. This action leads to a fall in the level of performance of your GoKart.

During use, when the battery charge of your GoKart is close to empty, it activates the power-saving mode so that power is conserved.

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This mode limits the maximum speed you can operate on and the level of performance of your GoKart.

For this reason, always ensure your Ninebot GoKart charges fully (100 percent) before use. That way, it gives you maximum speed and performance.

If you don’t know the precise charging duration for your kart, consult the user manual under the charging section.

#3. Turn Off the Other Functions that Drain the Battery

To maximize the speed of your Ninebot GoKart Pro surfing, you should conserve the battery.

Functions like leaving the lights on drain the battery charge tremendously. That means you won’t enjoy the maximum speed for long periods.

For this reason, when you don’t need the lights of your kart, like during the day or in a well-lit neighborhood, you should turn them off.

That applies to other power-draining functions as well.

#4. Decrease the Carrying Load

When your Ninebot GoKart Pro carries too much weight, it won’t go fast. The lighter the weight it carries, the faster it runs.

Therefore, optimize your kart’s weight during each driving session to maximize speed.

#5. Change Your Battery

If you’ve had your Ninebot GoKart Pro for a few years, a good pro tip is to change it for a new one.

Try to change your battery every two to three years. That’s because the battery’s capacity decreases with time, affecting its overall performance. 

Maximum Speed of Ninebot GoKart?

The Ninebot GoKart Pro has four-speed modes and varying maximum speed limits. 

The speed limit for the Ninebot GoKart Pro is approximately 37 km/hr. The reversing speed limit is approximately 3 km/hr.

Consult the table above for the various speed modes and the corresponding maximum speed limits.


The Ninebot GoKart Pro is truly remarkable for its drifting features. However, one other thing it’s reputed for is speed.

With a maximum speed mode of 37 km/hr, this drifting kart is a speed king. But you cannot access this speed mode straight up.

That is because it usually comes in the Safety speed mode. Also, you’ll need to complete the driving tutorial and exercises to unlock this kart’s maximum speedfully.

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