How Long Does It Take To Charge A Hoverboard For The First Time?

Like the regular scooter that does not require any charge, you would also want your hoverboard to last as long as possible. 

However, unlike these scooters, your hoverboard would require constant charging and care to keep running at optimum conditions. 

Fortunately, its battery can last a while once you charge your hoverboard. 

Though the battery lasts long, it is equally necessary to determine the length of the first charge before its use.

For most hoverboard models, the first charge usually takes as long as two to four to fully charge. Consequently, your hoverboard requires a first full charge for optimum performance and long battery life. Ensure to charge the device safely, away from possible fire hazards and direct sunlight. However, a normal charge varies depending on your model.

In this article, I will explain all you need to know about charging your hoverboard, including how to charge it, charge durations safely, and maintain its battery life.

After reading the article, you’ll also understand how to maintain your hoverboard battery life.

How Long Does Charging a Hoverboard for the First Time Take?

How Long Does It Take To Charge a Hoverboard for the First Time

If you just purchased a hoverboard, depending on its model and previous charge, it could take about two to four hours to get get to a full charge. 

Before riding your hoverboard, you must charge it first, even if the device has enough battery for a ride. 

In charging your hoverboard for the first time, you are taking the first step to maintain its lifespan.

Therefore, after unpacking your new hoverboard, you must charge it to keep it in prime condition. 

The manufacturers fully charge the hoverboards after manufacture for its testing phase. However, the hoverboard loses charge at the store or during shipping.

Therefore, by the time the device gets to your home, it will require a first full charge before use. Once you have charged the board for the first time, you can perform quick charges subsequently.

The hoverboard charging duration could vary depending on the model and quality of your hoverboard. 

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Most high-end hoverboards use a lithium-ion battery, which charges at a faster rate than its alternative, the lead-acid cells.

Here is a table showing the rough estimate of charging durations for different hoverboard qualities:

Hoverboard QualityCharging Duration
Cheaper hoverboardsFour to six hours
Mid-range hoverboardsTwo to three hours
High-end hoverboardsOne to two hours

Though other factors can affect your board’s lifespan, its battery can keep you going ride after ride. However, once you put your hoverboard on a charge, keep an eye on its light indicator.

Once the light goes green, it indicates a full charge, and you can take your hoverboard for a ride. 

Though some high-end hoverboards take a shorter time to charge fully, it is advisable to charge it a little longer at the first charge.

You can also refer to the owner’s manual for more information on its first and regular charging duration. 

Do Hoverboards Come Charged?

Hoverboards often come charged. However, this depends on the storage and shipping duration of the manufacturer. 

The board manufacturers charge the boards after their manufacture is complete to test their functions for faults and quality. 

However, when these hoverboards leave the manufacturer to storage rooms and shipping facilities, the devices can run low on battery before reaching the customer.

So, in most cases, hoverboards do not come charged. Though you might want to use your hoverboard immediately after you receive it, it is advisable to put it on charge first.

How Do You Know When a Hoverboard Is Fully Charged?

When there is a solid green light on your hoverboard, it signifies that your hoverboard has received a full charge. 

The hoverboard has a light display to signify different charge levels. However, these light indicators can vary with the brand and model of the hoverboard.

Moreover, there are different light indicators on a hover device, and observing its pattern can help you determine when your device is low or at full charge.

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A red light indicates a low battery for most hoverboards, from one to ten percent. When you plug in its charger, it gradually changes as electrical energy goes into its battery.

Once the red light in its light indicator changes from red to a blinking green light, the battery rate is at 11 to 21%.

Some models use yellow light to indicate a half charge and turn green when the battery charge is 80%.

However, when the green light stops blinking, the indicator becomes solid, which means the hoverboard is on a full charge.

How Do I Maintain My Hoverboard’s Batteries?

You can maintain your hoverboard’s battery by inspecting the battery status before taking it for a ride and riding in an open area.

Maintaining your hoverboard’s battery increases the lifespan of your device. Therefore, it is a good practice to charge your hoverboard as regularly as possible.

Most hoverboards come with age specifications, weight limits, and other recommendations in their user manual. 

Moreover, you must follow these tips and recommendations to preserve your hoverboard battery life.

Below are some tips that will help you maintain your hoverboard battery:

#1. Inspect the Battery Before Going on Any Ride

Checking the battery before going on a ride not only preserves the battery but also saves you from disappointments during use.

When the device battery is low, it will display a red light or a green blinking light

When you notice this light, plug in the charger and allow your hoverboard to charge till it displays solid green.

If you do not recharge the battery periodically, it could cause some damage to your device’s battery.

Consequently, forgetting to switch off your hoverboard constantly can cause it to reject charges in the future.

#2. Respect the Weight Limit

The rider’s weight plays a role in the hoverboard’s lifespan and battery. Some battery models have a weight limit of about 176 lbs to 220 lbs

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However, others might have a lesser weight limit recommendation. These limits warn you of how much your hoverboard can carry.

Therefore, if it exceeds the manufacturer’s recommendation, it could reduce the battery power and cause bodily harm.

#3. Ride in an Open Area

Riding in an open area is another tip for preserving your battery life. 

Once you turn your hoverboard on and off regularly, especially due to obstructions, it could take a toll on your battery.

Consequently, you should avoid riding in areas with restrictions–people, cars, or animals. Your riding trail should be open and free of bumps and uneven terrain.

Also, ensure you ride comfortably, so you don’t have to stop repeatedly.

#4. Use the Right Charger

Ensure to use the original battery charger designed and recommended by the manufacturer. A wrong charger could cause damage to your hoverboard battery.

Also, inspect the charger after use and repair it if necessary. Moreover, avoid placing your device and its charger in extreme conditions and environments. 

Keeping both devices in bad condition can damage their devices. Also, if the charger gets extremely warm, unplug the charger from the device to allow it to cool down.

Other tips that can help you preserve your hoverboard battery life include:

  • Avoid riding out during extreme weather conditions.
  • Do not leave your hoverboard charging overnight.
  • Always charge the hoverboard when necessary.

Before buying or riding a hoverboard, ensure you understand how to care for a hoverboard correctly. 

The battery in the board is the heart of the device. Therefore, knowing how to care for it is important to keep it going.

Can I Overcharge My Hoverboard?

It is unnecessary to overcharge your hoverboard, as the device stops accepting charges after it displays a solid green light indicator.

However, when you overcharge your device, it could cause problems that might prevent you from riding it.

If you overcharge it regularly, the boarding platform might start shocking, and you might not be able to repair or touch the battery.

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