How Long Do You Charge A Swagtron Hoverboard? (Explained)

Before purchasing a hoverboard, knowing its battery life and how long it takes to charge is vital.

Knowing this is important, especially because the hoverboard’s charging times can influence your routine if you’re busy. 

And the popular Swagtron hoverboard is a top choice for many due to how stylish it is and the amazing features it has. 

But if you’re about to purchase this hoverboard, you’ll likely want to know its charging time.

A Swagtron hoverboard requires 3 hours at most to charge. However, this charging time varies depending on the Swagtron model because some could charge for up to 5 hours. Additionally, deducing an exact charging time for your Swagtron hoverboard varies because the charger type and battery’s present level before charging affect it.

By the end of this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about your Swagtron hoverboard charging time. 

You’ll also discover the best charger, tips for charging it, how long you can expect the charged battery to last, and more.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Swagtron Hoverboard Fully?

How Long Do You Charge a Swagtron Hoverboard

The total charging time of a Swagtron hoverboard is 2-3 hours on average. But it could take less if the battery was low and not entirely dead. 

Although this hoverboard needs a few hours to charge, it doesn’t mean it should take forever or longer than the expected time. 

Unfortunately, this may happen if you don’t know how to verify when the Swagtron charges. 

If such is the case, you may plug it in for some time without knowing it is charging, resulting in overcharging, which has dire effects on it.

Some of them are:

  • Battery heating up which in worse cases can result in hoverboards blowing up
  • Short circuit
  • Swollen batteries
  • Reduced battery life
  • Money wasted on repairing or replacing damaged batteries

To avoid such complications, you should be able to confirm when your battery is charging, especially if they’re in a hurry. 

You can use the red light on your Swagtron hoverboard to discern if it’s charging or not. If this red light doesn’t appear, you should confirm if the charger has a green light. 

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This way, you’ll know if the fault is from your charger or if you have a faulty battery. And this works because chargers have a green light when plugged into electric outlets. 

Additionally, that light confirms that the volts are appropriate for the hoverboard’s charging.

So after plugging in your Swagtron hoverboard, confirm from the LED light if it’s charging or not to avoid disappointment, especially if you have to use it later. 

Another important thing to avoid is overnight charging. If your Swagtron hoverboard has a dead battery after you return from using it throughout the day, don’t plug it in and retire to bed. 

This charging method could harm your electric vehicle and result in many complications.

What Is the Recommended Charger for the Swagtron Hoverboard? 

Using the specified Swagtron charger that came with the hoverboard is recommended. But since it may damage later on, you’ll need a replacement. 

And Swagtron already made plans for that with their replacement Swagtron hoverboard chargers available on their official site

However, note that you should only buy replacement chargers according to your model, as all Swagtron hoverboards aren’t compatible with the same charger. 

This compatibility depends on if they share a similar charging capacity, volt rating, ports, and prongs. 

So for best use, if you need a replacement charger for your Swagtron T5 hoverboard, buy a Swagtron T5 hoverboard replacement charger.

Besides that, using only the recommended charger types for your hoverboard is good. It doesn’t matter if the aftermarket parts work well.

Failure to do so may cause some issues; below, we’ve compared and contrasted how both work.

Aftermarket Hoverboard ChargerRecommended Swagtron Hoverboard Charger
They often are cheaper.They have a standard price that could cost more than budget-friendly aftermarket ones.
They’re available almost everywhere.Limited availability
Wide variety of selectionsThere’s only one selection choice
The quality may/may not be as superior.Swagtron built its parts/accessories to be of standard quality. No compromises.
Most aftermarket hoverboard chargers have little/or no warrant.Using non-Swagtron hoverboard chargers will nullify your warranty. 

Undoubtedly, some regular hoverboard chargers with similar features as the Swagtron hoverboards will suffice. 

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But the problem here is that no one is held accountable if it doesn’t. It ruins your hoverboard and chances of getting an official replacement or repair from the Swagtron company.

Moreover, Swagtron clarified in their warranty statement that they would only work on defective products if the fault were from their end. 

The company will resolve any issues with the hoverboard or charger within a year or 90 days from the invoice. 

But their warranty will not cover problems you cause by using non-recommended products. You can read their warranty here to understand more about how this works.

How Can You Make Your Swagtron Hoverboard Charge Faster? 

You can’t apply any methods to boost your Swagtron hoverboard’s charging speed. 

However, the best you can do is follow the appropriate charging guideline to ensure your hoverboard charges as well as it should. Doing this will also help you avoid any charging issues in the future.

Below are some tips to help your hoverboard charge well. 

  • You don’t have to worry about making it faster because it’ll work fine when charged correctly.
  • Use only recommended Swagtron chargers and replacement hoverboard chargers. It helps in retaining the battery’s original life expectancy.
  • Avoid overcharging the hoverboard beyond its limit. Continuously doing this will weaken the battery, make it overheat, and die quicker. 

And poor battery health can cause slow charging.

  • Swagtron and most hoverboards have a specific temperature range best for charging, varying from 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Going above this recommended temperature can prove fatal.

  • Use only the recommended device when doing the required 3 months gap discharge.
  • It’s best to plug in your hoverboard after switching it off.
  • Only use the appropriate volt-rated charger for your Swagtron hoverboard. 

How Long Does a Fully Charged Swagtron Hoverboard Battery Last? 

A fully charged Swagtron hoverboard battery can last 45 minutes up to an hour or more. Its battery life after a full charge varies depending on a few factors, which we’ll mention below.

  • Its usage is The first factor influencing its longevity after a full charge. If you’ve used it a lot and roughly, the battery is beginning to deteriorate so it won’t last long.
  • Another factor is the amount of weight put on it. Lighter weight equals extended battery longevity, while heavyweight results in faster battery drain.
  • Next is the type of roads we ride the hoverboards on. Bumpy roads cause faster battery drain.
  • Also, it depends on the Swagtron model type.
  • Lastly, the battery size also matters. Bigger batteries consume more power and hence last longer than smaller ones.
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What Is the Life Expectancy of a Swagtron Hoverboard Battery? 

When taken care of properly, your Swagtron hoverboard lasts two to four years. Note that this is an approximate deduction as it may or may not last up to this and varies depending on the model. 

But above all, you have a significant role in your Swagtron hoverboard battery’s life expectancy. Maintenance is key, and below are a few ways to boost its battery life.

  • Allow the Swagtron hoverboard to charge fully. You can confirm this from its LED light; it must turn green.
  • Ensure not to use your hoverboard in bad climates, as direct sunlight, fire, and rough terrains can harm your hoverboard.
  • Stick religiously to the weight limit recommended for hoverboards. Going above it drains the battery faster, so confirm your precise limit before purchase and use.
  • Use only the Swagtron-recommended chargers. Remember that changing the volt rating or adapter can significantly affect the battery.
  • Avoid using your Swagtron hoverboard in extreme temperatures.
  • Always check your hoverboard’s battery before every ride. Avoid using it when the battery is low.
  • Avoid waiting for your battery to drain fully before charging it. When you notice the orange light that indicates it’s getting low, plug it in.


Do I Leave My Swagtron Hoverboard On While It’s Charging?

It isn’t advisable to leave your hoverboard on during charging. Turn it off until it’s full, then store it safely.

Why Is My Hoverboard Flashing Red When Charging?

This issue primarily occurs when your hoverboard battery is dangerously low. Allow it to charge uninterruptedly, and it’ll stop by itself.

Why Is My Swagtron Hoverboard Battery Dying Fast?

Your hoverboard is unable to retain charge because you have a faulty battery. A replacement should be the next line of action.

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