How Long Can You Ride A Hoverboard? (Read This First)

An electric hoverboard is one of the popular alternative commuters you will enjoy riding. You will feel like the fun should continue.

However, the hoverboard is not like the regular scooter; you need to charge this electric scooter to continue running in good condition.

So if you are new to the world of electric rides and are thinking of getting a hoverboard, one question that will cross your mind is, How long can you ride your hoverboard?

A hoverboard can last between 7 to 15 miles depending on the brand you own. High-quality overboard tends to have more range than the average ones. Various factors can influence the battery life of your electric scooter aside from the brand.

This article will answer any questions you have concerning how long a hoverboard must last, and also, you will learn some tips that can make your battery life last longer and enjoy your ride.

How Long Can You Ride a Hoverboard on a Single Charge?

How Long Can You Ride a Hoverboard

You can ride an average e-scooter for about 45 minutes to one hour per single charge, while high-quality overboard should last between two to three hours on a single charge. 

Therefore, you will see the range on your hoverboard in terms of mileage rather than run time. 

Your hoverboard power and battery quality are one of the factors that determine its range on a single charge. This electric scooter comes with lithium-ion batteries. 

These batteries are responsible for powering the hoverboard motor found in the wheels, which in turn allows the movement of this scooter. 

You can travel more distance when you have mighty battery power, while low-quality batteries will be on the ride for a short range. 

However, having a powerful battery capacity does not ascertain that your hoverboard will always cover the whole time and distances on every single charge. 

How Far Can You Travel on a Hoverboard With a Full Charge?

You can ride a standard e-scooter up to about 7 miles, while top quality overboard should last between 10 to 15 miles when fully charged. 

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Several factors influence the range of your self-balancing board. 

Here are some of the factors.

#1. Weight of the Hoverboard

The weight is one of the factors that can affect the range of your e-scooter. You might wonder how?

When your mobility device is heavy, you will need more power to move it, especially when riding fast.

Although high-quality scooters may seem heavy, they have potent batteries to complement them so that the board’s weight does not affect the battery. 

But the heavy ones may need a better battery to complement their weight, resulting in a shorter distance.

#2. The Rider’s Weight 

This factor determines how far a hoverboard can go when fully charged. Moving the board with average power will be difficult when the rider is heavy.

Therefore you have to increase the power to move the scooter, which will drain the battery quickly and give you a shorter distance than usual.

#3. Speed

The speed at which you ride your hoverboard is another crucial factor determining how long you will enjoy riding your two-wheeled devices before recharging. 

When you travel at a top speed, you will quickly exhaust your battery power. So you may only go far after you recharge.

Therefore, if you are a fan of riding at top speed, you must be ready to sacrifice the distance covered.

But if speed is the reason you want to purchase an electric scooter, then it’s best to opt for a fast hoverboard rather than one that rides a long distance.

#4. Terrain

The type of landscape you ride on will also affect how long your hoverboard will last. 

Riding a scooter on rugged terrains such as gravel, lots of inclined planes and hills, field, and dirt path will require more power to move the boards smoothly. 

Thus, you won’t get a good range out of it, and you will have to recharge as soon as possible. However, if you ride your scooter on rough terrain, it’s best to go for an off-road hoverboard. 

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How Can You Make a Hoverboard Battery Last Longer?

Carrying out appropriate methods for any chargeable device is always wise. This phenomenon also applies to the hoverboard. 

It does not cost you anything to maintain proper care for your scooter; all you need is to follow the procedures below:

#1. Always Check the Battery Before Every Ride

It is a safe practice to always check your hoverboard battery percentage before you go for a ride. 

Anytime your battery is low, it will flash a red indicator light. Therefore, charge it fully before riding to avoid your device stopping halfway. 

Once your scooter finishes charging, it will flash a green light, then remove the charger, and you are good to go. It’s best not to ride your scooter when the signal light is red or orange.

If you fail to recharge the battery when it is low or to turn off the power switch, your battery may refuse to charge.

#2. Stay Within the Recommended Weight

Every hoverboard has a weight limit, so it’s best to stay within the weight limit if you want your battery life to last long. 

The table below shows the hoverboard type and the maximum weight.

Hoverboard TypeWeight Limit
Kids hoverboard120lbs
Teenager hoverboard 220lbs
Adult hoverboard260lbs 
Heavy adult hoverboard 270- 420lbs

#3. Drive on Smooth Road

Driving the hoverboard on a smooth terrain is healthy for battery life. 

When you drive on an uneven surface with lots of obstacles, such as humans or animals, you will need to constantly slow down or stop and restart your vehicle, which is very bad for your battery.

So it’s best to ride your hoverboard on a uniform terrain or places with limited stops.

#4. Maintain a Good Charging Routine

It’s best to use the original hoverboard charger to prevent battery damage. Always charge the hoverboard even when not in use.

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Furthermore, it’s best not to drain the battery always before you charge it so that it will not stay used to running low. 

Finally, remember to charge the battery appropriately and always turn off the hoverboard when charging.

#5. Proper Storage of  Hoverboard

Store the hoverboard in a place with a favorable temperature. Doing all these will preserve your battery life, electrical components, and board performance. 

What if you turn on your hoverboard with a full battery, and the next thing you see is a red flashing light in the center? Do not panic. That light indicates a battery replacement.

Here are the steps to take to replace your hoverboard battery.

  1. Check for the location of your battery. It is either on the right side or opposite your charging port.
  2. Open the screws of the lid covering the battery and keep the screws. You can open it using a screwdriver or power drill. Then you will see a battery cage protecting the battery cell. Unscrew the cage, and you will see a Lithium-ion battery.
  3. Detach the clamps carefully from the battery and leave the green wires since they connect the motherboard and the motors.
  4. Install the new battery and put the battery cage on it. Ensure you install it in the exact place by holding the battery cage tightly. Then connect all the clamps to the battery and screw the battery cage tightly.
  5. Close the hoverboard’s outer covering and use a screwdriver to tighten all seven screws. Plug the hoverboard charger. If your scooter flashes a red light, it’s charging.

Before  fixing your battery, put in mind the following:

  • Avoid screwing too tight so you don’t break the battery cage.
  • Use the appropriate cable to detach the clamps.
  • Fix a battery compatible with your hoverboard.
  • Always check if your battery is the problem before replacing it. However, if you need help with how to replace your battery, it’s best to contact professionals.

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