How To Hotwire A Lime Scooter? (Beginners Guide)

Lime scooters serve a lot of riders across different states and locations. As a result, these electric scooters have wide use.

However, one might need to hotwire the scooter depending on the condition and use. What does that process involve?

Hotwiring a Lime scooter is a specific process that requires an external controller to take control of the scooter mechanics. The good news is that it is a doable process. One can successfully hotwire the Lime scooters with the proper tools.

What is a Lime Scooter?

Hotwire A Lime Scooter

A Lime scooter is a type of scooter that serves the emergency of many riders in various locations.

A typical electric scooter has impressive and unique features that make it the best option for many commuters.

These features include the small size that makes it ideal for any road or terrain and its use of a battery that saves cost. 

Initially, you have to buy and own an electric scooter if you want to enjoy these features. However, Lime provides a solution to the need to buy an electric scooter; you can just rent one. 

That is an excellent concept for a Lime scooter. You can rent an electric scooter and use it for your emergency commuting for as long as you want.

Unlike other transport-hire services, Lime scooters do not have drivers to take riders to their destination. It is a self-service offer

The return requirement is also unique. You don’t have to ride the scooter back to a specific location because that would be time-wasting.

Instead, you return a lime scooter by parking it safely near the intended destination. 

Here are some other unique facts about the lime scooters

#1. Limited Speed

Admittedly, Lime scooters are not the fastest version available. Other high grades of electric scooters are very fast; however, they are not for hire.

You still get a reasonable speed of 15 mph when you use this service. That is fast enough for some.

#2. Cost of Hire

To use a Lime scooter, you have two different types of payment. First, there is an unlocking fee of $1 to activate the scooter.

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Then for every minute of the ride, you pay $0.15. Lime scooters operate at a fixed rate irrespective of time and demand. 

In some areas, you can purchase a 7-day unlimited free unlock for $4.99. This deal helps to save costs. 

It is noteworthy that Lime company requires riders to meet specific requirements, and sign-up is needed before one can start using the services. 

How to Hotwire a Lime Scooter?

If you got your lime scooter from a police auction, you might need to hotwire it. Hotwiring allows a rider to convert the commercial electric scooter to a personal version.

The hotwiring process is just one of the various methods to find your way around the lock.

It is a technical process that requires some tools for proper hotwiring.

Specific Lime scooters may have varying mechanisms needed for the process; however, the general tools are often the same.

Here are some essential tools that you’d need. 

  • Torx bits, including T10, T20, and t25
  • Wire Cutters and Wire Strippers
  • Power Drill
  • Interchangeable screwdrivers
  • Electrical Tape
  • Soldering tools.

Here is the step-by-step guide to the hotwiring process. 

  • Start by removing the impact plates. To do this, you remove the screw on the underside of the platform. There are eight screws to remove. 
  • Remove the two screws that old the oval controller cover at the top of the platform’s underside. 
  • The next step is to remove the battery by unscrewing the six Torx T25 screws that hold the battery to the platform. Unplug the battery cables. One connects to the charging port, and the other to the controller. 
  • Remove the controller and cut the controller cables.
  • Attach the controller cables to a 3rd party controller. The connector should follow a specific color order specified by the 3rd party controller manual. Remove the wires that are not in use by the connection. 
  • The electric scooter’s battery should connect with the first three wires of the connector using a soldering tool.
  • The motor connects the three middle wires; the yellow, blue, and green wires. 
  • The throttle connects with the last three red, black, and green (7B, 8B, 9B) wires. 
  • Next is to mount the third-party controller by drilling a hole in the “e” of the Lime logo on the right side of the scooter.
  • Drill more holes around the first and cut away the metals without damaging the cables inside. The metals are usually small; it is best to do this on a solid floor when it is safe to pack the metal shavings. 
  • Disconnect all the cable joints and place them through the holes. 
  • Attach the controller near the opening so the cables can bend easily down into it.
  • Use Electric tapes to hold it all down perfectly and attach the cables that connect the motor to the controller.
  • Next is to reattach the batteries using the connector. Then screw the battery back into the platform. Also, connect the small battery cable to the charging port.
  • Test the connection to ensure everything is in order and working perfectly.
  • Screw the impact plates and the oval controller cover back in place. 
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There you have it; you have successfully hotwired the Lime Scooter, and you can now use it as personal property without the need for unlocking or charges. 

Is Lime Scooter Hackable or not?

One simple truth about all-electric scooters is that they are hackable. However, the ease at which these scooters are hackable varies from brand to brand.

Lime scooters are hackable, but it is a difficult process. This difficulty is thanks to the fact that Lime electric scooters are unique in production.

While scooter services use popular brands to build their products, Lime customizes their product, and they have unique signatures. 

Why Would You Want To Hotwire Your Lime Scooter?

Hotwiring a Lime scooter is not a simple process. It takes a level of expertise and practice to get it right.

However, there are various reasons why anyone would want to go through this process. The reason may differ based on individuality, but some options are more common than others. 

One popular reason many hotwire the Lime scooter is to make it personal after purchase. Originally, Lime scooters were not for sale.

However, seized products due to misuse or vandalism are often up for auction in different states by the police. 

Many buy at these auctions because the prices are lower than those of new electric scooters. With a few steps, one can hotwire it and start using it as personal property.

Some Lime scooters are also found damaged and littering the streets. These scooters usually serve no professional use again as they already have upgrades.

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Repairing such scooters and using them might be another reason a rider needs to hotwire the electric scooters. 

These are some reasons you would want to hotwire the Lime scooter.

How To Hotwire A Lime Scooter in Order For It To Operate?

For the Lime scooter to operate perfectly, the hotwire process requires more than just cutting the different cables.

There is a need for an external controller to help disable the security input of the system. Without the external controller, the hotwiring will not function properly. 

Alternatively, you can remove the entire board, including the GPS unit and the computing unit of the scooter. However, this can affect some parts of the electric scooter.


Lime scooters are hackable; that is a fact. It is also possible to hotwire these electric scooters and convert them for personal use.

It is best to initiate the process when the battery is low. A depleted battery won’t set off the alarm. You can safely hotwire the scooter in this condition. 

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