How Hard is It To Ride An Electric Unicycle? (Read Before Riding)

If you live in a city where unicycles serve as means of transportation, you’ll like to know how it feels to ride one.

It looks so cool watching people zoom around on electric unicycles but is riding it as easy as it seems?

Don’t worry; I’ll tell you if riding an electric unicycle is an easy or difficult feat.

Learning to ride an electric unicycle is easy if you put your mind to it. All you need is focus, balance, and coordination to enable you to use your body movements to control the unicycle. Furthermore, the more you practice, the better you’ll be at riding.

In this article, you’ll learn more about riding a unicycle as a beginner. By the end, you’ll know the duration it takes to master riding a unicycle alongside riding tricks.

How Difficult is it to Ride an Electric Unicycle?

How Hard is it to Ride an Electric Unicycle

If you can ride a bicycle or a Segway,  you shouldn’t be bothered about the prospect of trying a unicycle. 

They all use similar mechanisms, so maneuvering one becomes easier when you can handle another. 

But, the level of difficulty in mastering how to ride an electric unicycle differs from one person to another. 

While some find it pretty easy, others encounter some challenges. But, with adequate practice, you can surmount any challenge. 

You have to go with the flow when riding an electric unicycle. Free your body from rigidity because your body’s movement controls the unicycle’s rotor and direction. 

Imbued in electric unicycles are accelerometers, magnetometers, and gyro-meters. This equipment interprets body movement and signals the rotor to spin in a particular direction. 

Rather than take instructions from a steering wheel, remote control, or key fob, your electric unicycle responds to body language.

So, you have to get the basic body movements and learn how they affect the unicycle to ride like a pro.

You must understand that leaning forward translates to the acceleration of speed. Contrarily, learning backward will cause deceleration or loss of speed. 

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Likewise, a downward movement similar to free fall will cause a reduction in pace. Also, tilting your body causes the unicycle to curve toward the direction of your tilt (left or right). 

So, a combination of these movements is responsible for propelling or halting movement on an electric unicycle. 

Hence, you need to learn the four basic movements above and train yourself to gain stamina. 

Stamina is important as some roads/ paths may be bumpy, thereby causing you to experience wobbles and vibrations. 

And if you don’t have the stamina to withstand these challenges, you might find yourself face down on the floor. 

Hence, it’s important that you train, build and practice consistently. If you do these, riding an electric unicycle will be as sweet and satisfying as munching on a piece of cake!

How Long Does it Take to Learn How to Ride an Electric Unicycle?

The time it takes to learn how to ride an electric unicycle differs from one person to another. The difference depends on several factors.

While Mr. A may focus and devote 12 hours at a stretch to learning the riding mechanism of an electric unicycle, Mr. B May lack such focus. 

So, determination plays a big role in establishing how fast you will learn to ride. But, aside from determination, not everyone has the stamina or skill it takes to master riding a unicycle at once.

Some people require long hours of practice to boost their practice and confidence before riding on the road. 

Additionally, learning how to ride an electric unicycle will certainly be easier and take less time for someone who has experience with similar machines.

Take, for instance, an individual with expertise in riding a Segway. This individual will learn to ride a unicycle faster than another with no prior experience. 

But with all things being equal, it takes an average of 15 hours of rigorous practice to learn to ride a unicycle. 

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You could devote 15 hours a day or spread it out. For example, try riding for an hour each day for two weeks. 

With such an amount of practice, you’ll learn the skill and enjoy it. Then you will be confident to have a luxury ride on the road and probably wheel to work on your unicycle.

It will help if you try learning with an appropriate unicycle. I recommend a 24-inch unicycle for adults with a 28-inch inseam thereabout.

But, as I said earlier, there’s no general yardstick for measuring the time it takes to learn. 

So, if you still can’t master riding an electric unicycle in under 15 hours, don’t feel pressured. Just keep practicing. 

With time, you’ll be able to ride properly. It doesn’t matter if you use 15, 20, or 40 hours to learn. Just take it slow and learn at your pace. Rushing takes all the fun away.

Are Electric Unicycles Self-Balancing?

Yes, electric unicycles are self-balancing, meaning they can balance themselves with minimal effort on your part. 

This quality is what makes unicycles easy and fun to ride. Assuming unicycles didn’t have this ability to self-balance, riding them would have been a tedious task. 

Imagine manually balancing your weight on this personal transporter with one wheel. The attempt would be challenging. 

But thanks to technology, electric unicycles are self-balancing. 

You may wonder what technology makes it possible for unicycles to maintain balance. Well, this ability results from the gyroscopes present in electric unicycles.

The gyroscopes enhance momentum, thus enabling the unicycle to be self-balancing. It used a front-to-back balancing mechanism.

Thus, when learning to ride an electric unicycle, you have one less thing to worry about.

What Size of Unicycle is Best for Beginners?

Finding the appropriate size of a unicycle makes riding a whole lot easier. Conversely, if you use the wrong size, you’ll find it much more difficult to learn to ride.

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Thus, many beginners want to know the best size for them. Generally, a 24-inch unicycle will fit most adult beginners, but there are.

To know which unicycle size is appropriate, you must measure your inseam. Your inseam is the length from your crotch to the floor when you stand feet astride. 

So, below is a table showing various sizes of electric unicycles for beginners with various inseam measurements.

Seat Post Size16 Inch Unicycle20 Inch Unicycle24 Inch Unicycle
200mm21- 24 inch inseam25- 28 inch inseam28- 31 inch inseam
300mm24- 26 inch inseam28- 30 inch inseam31-34 inch inseam

Is There a Trick to Riding an Electric Unicycle?

You can pull off several tricks and stunts when riding an electric unicycle. You can play around with several tricks to infuse fun into your riding routine. 

But first, I must warn you not to attempt any of these until you’re a pro in riding. It would be a sorry tale if you got involved in an accident while trying out tricks. 

But, if you’re sure you can pull these tricks out from under your sleeves, here they are.

#1. Clearing Curbs

  • Ensure your speed is below 5km/h
  • Bend your knees while approaching the curb
  • When close enough, straighten your legs and jump on the footpad.

Remember to go slow and jump before you reach the curb. A slight jump would do so you don’t damage your rims when landing.

#2. Spin roll 

  • Increase your riding speed a bit.
  • Then come to a complete stop and swerve or turn your body around.
  • Or, drop a foot to the ground and use it to aid your spin. This act will cause the wheel to rotate in circles.
  • To make it easier, lean back while you turn your body.

#3. Backward ride 

  • Put your weight on your heel to accelerate 
  • Then, go on your toes and lean forward to halt 

These unicycle-riding tricks should spice up your leisure cruise. But ensure you’re safe before attempting any of these.

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