How Fast Do Xiaomi Scooters Go? (Explained)

Are you planning on owning a Xiaomi scooter soon? Electric scooters are great vehicles for urban commuters, and the Xiaomi scooter is one of the popular choices on the market.

If you need a new Xiaomi scooter, one of the features you’ll look out for is how fast it can go. This scooter has a maximum range of up to 55 km for the 4 pro model.

But how fast can this two-wheeled vehicle go?

The maximum speed of the Xiaomi scooter is 25 Kilometers per hour (Km/h). However, this vehicle can go faster when users remove the speed limit by installing custom firmware and carrying out some speed hacks in the machine. In addition, various factors can affect how fast your scooter moves, including external and internal factors.

In this article, I’ll analyze the maximum speed of Xiaomi scooters and explain which scooter travels faster.

Also, I’ll explain the Xiaomi scooter speed hack. Finally, in the end, you’ll know if you can boost your Xiaomi scooter’s speed.

What Is the Maximum Speed of the Xiaomi Scooters?

How Fast Do Xiaomi Scooters Go

The maximum speed of the Xiaomi scooter is 25km/h. However, there are different models of the Xiaomi scooter, and the maximum speed differs slightly. However, none is above 25km/h.

For instance, the Xiaomi Mi Scooter Essential has a maximum speed of 20km/h.

Various scooters brand sets a maximum speed for riders according to the vehicle’s design.

These manufacturers expect riders to follow the speed limit for safety and to prevent damage to the motorcycle.

Moreover, the original Xiaomi Mi scooter M365, which is no longer in circulation, had a maximum speed of 25km/h.

In addition, with different manipulations, like removing the speed limit and replacing the controllers, riders can reach a top speed of 38km/h and even more.

Furthermore, users can switch to three different speed modes depending on their needs, and each has its maximum speed.

For instance, when riding in a crowded place, users can switch to the P mode(pedestrian mode) to ride slower.

If riders need to go faster, they can switch to S mode (sport mode). The S mode is the maximum speed. Switching to D mode (standard mode) will take you at a moderate pace.

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Below is a table showing the comparison between the maximum speed of Xiaomi scooters.

Xiaomi ModelsMaximum Speed (S mode) (Km/h)D mode (Km/h)P mode (Km/h)
Xiaomi Mi Scooter 1S25 205
Xiaomi Mi Scooter Essential 20 155
Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 225205
Xiaomi Mi Scooter 325205
Xiaomi Scooter 4 Pro25206
Xiaomi Scooter 4 Ultra 25206

Which Xiaomi Scooter Travel Faster?

There’s no definite answer to which Xiaomi scooter travels faster.

Since the maximum speed for these two-wheeled vehicles is 25km/h, except for the Essential model, each scooter is supposed to travel at the same rate.

However, some users have reported that they can ride their scooters as fast as 27km/h.

In addition, with the electric vehicle speed hack, riders can make their scooter travel faster, even up to 38km/h.

Additionally, several factors can affect the speed at which your scooter travels. For instance, the Xiaomi scooter will travel faster on a smooth road and slower with a weak battery.

Below, I’ll explain the factors that can affect the speed at which your Xiaomi scooter travels.

#1. Road Condition

If you’re traveling on steep, stony, or muddy surfaces, your scooter will lose power because it’ll require more effort from the battery.

Also, if there’s an elevation, it’s normal for the scooter to lose power.

#2. The Rider’s Weight

The rider’s weight is another factor that can affect the speed of your scooter. Xiaomi sets a maximum load of 100 kg that each scooter can carry. You’ll find it in the product’s specifications.

However, the 4 Pro and 4 Ultra have a maximum load of 120kg.

A weight above this standard weight would affect the speed of the vehicle.

Furthermore, each scooter has a weight ranging from 12-17kg. So, the total weight of the scooter and the rider shouldn’t exceed 120kg.

#3. Weak Battery 

If your scooter battery is not fully charged, it won’t power the vehicle effectively.

If the battery gets low, the scooter naturally conserves energy by decreasing the motor’s power, reducing the speed.

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It would help if you charged a low battery to maximize your scooter speed capacity.

#4. Worn Tires

The speed of the Xiaomi scooter will also be affected by the state of the tires. If the scooter tires lose air or wear out badly, the scooter won’t be able to move as fast as it should.

#5. Tight Brake

An over-tight brake will also affect the scooter’s performance. If the brake is too tight, it’s likely to rub on the wheel while you ride. In this case, loosen it a bit.

However, it’ll require a mechanical skill. If the brake becomes too loose, it can cause an accident.

#6. System Failure 

If there’s a hardware failure, either from the motor, motherboard, battery, or throttle, it can affect the motorcycle’s speed.

Also, a firmware bug will affect the rate at which the scooter travels.

For instance, an overvoltage can cause the firmware to crash or trigger an automatic safety device, which affects the vehicle’s performance.

What Is the Xiaomi Scooter Speed Hack?

The Xiaomi scooter speed hack is the process of manipulating the vehicle’s speed capacity.

Users and hackers perform this trick to increase the speed of their scooters. That’s to say that riders can exceed the maximum speed limit when riding their motorcycle.

This speed hack involves different actions that can make riders travel at top speed. 

Below are some of these speed hacks:

  • Installing custom firmware: hard-resetting the scooter’s software involves installing custom firmware that you can use to set the maximum speed of your choice.
  • Installing speed hack app: some apps are available on PlaysStore and AppleStore, which you can use to perform the speed hack.
  • Changing the battery and running voltage: replacing the scooter’s battery and the controller with one that supports the voltage. 

This can help manipulate the speed of your scooter.

Can You Boost Your Xiaomi Scooter Speed?

Yes, you can boost your Xiaomi scooter speed.

Scooter owners boost the speed of their vehicles by hacking the system or changing the components to increase the maximum speed of their choice.

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Boosting the Xiaomi scooter’s speed can allow riders to travel with a top speed of 45km/h.

Below is the method to boost your Xiaomi scooter’s speed:

#1. Bypass Maximum Speed Limiter

As I’ve stated earlier, the maximum speed for the Xiaomi scooter is 25km/h. However, you can bypass this speed limit on the Xiaomi scooter. 

Most electric scooters require you to remove the speed limiter cable. However, you can bypass the Xiaomi scooter speed limit by installing custom firmware.

Below is the method to remove the speed limiter in your Xiaomi scooter:

  1. Go to your app store and download the m365 DownG app and install it.
  2. Next, download the customized Xiaomi M365 Max Speed Firmware.
  3. Click the first application you installed.
  4. Next, tap on Connect to find your scooter.
  5. Tap on Check version, 
  6. Click Bin and find the modified firmware you downloaded.
  7. Press Flash.

Note: this procedure will work for the old Xiaomi model: the m365 and 1S.

For the newer models, check here to know how to bypass the speed limiter.

#2. Installing Speed Hack

There are various e-scooter apps available for Android and iOS devices. You can visit the PlayStore or AppleStore to download the application. 

An example of this app is the Electric Scooter Universal App for Android.

#3. Changing Your Battery and Running Voltage 

You can also change your Xiaomi scooter battery for a higher voltage battery to boost the speed of your scooter.

The higher the voltage of your scooter, the faster the current travels and spins the motor faster. However, you’d have to change the controller to a higher one that supports the elevated voltage.

The controller is responsible for power distribution to the scooter’s motor.

In addition, you should check your scooter’s overvoltage limit before changing the battery.

While boosting your Xiaomi scooter speed can make your ride at a higher speed, there are cons to manipulating your scooter’s speed.

Below is the disadvantage of boosting your Xiaomi scooter speed:

  • You can attract the attention of the police for overspeeding.
  • Increasing the power of your scooter beyond its capacity makes the engine suffer.
  • Your battery is also at risk.
  • Loss of warranty¬†

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