Here is How Does Bird Scooter Work! (Including Tips!)

Electric Lime Bird scooter has, over the years, rapidly filled the streets as a possible and less-burden means of transportation.

However, the Lime scooters require some technical authorization before their use which is somewhat a burden, especially for short, fun rides.

With the right guide, the step-by-step procedure for gaining access to a Bird scooter is not a tough job.

This article gears towards knowing how to get access to and use the electric Bird scooter.

To use the Bird scooter, you’ll have to unlock the scooter by scanning the QR code on the scooter with the Lime scooter app. The Bird scooters on manufacture are strictly business-oriented, hence the need to unlock the scooter before it works. The standard two-step authentication protocol serves as a safety protocol that prevents illegal access. 

How Does Bird Scooter Rental Work?

How Does Bird Scooter Work?

Bird scooter rental works through a Lime app that is downloadable to smartphones.

Within the Lime scooter app, you can scan the QR code available on the Lime Bird scooter to activate it for use.

With the aid of a smartphone, you can locate, activate, ride, and also pay for the services of the Bird scooter. 

The procedure of Bird scooter rental is pretty much an easy step-by-step procedure that requires only a little effort from the user.

However, you must have an account on the Lime scooter app connected to your credit/debit card from whence you’ll pay.

Below are some steps on how to rent and use a Bird scooter.

#1. Step 1

Download and set up the Lime Bird scooter app.

#2. Step 2

With the Lime scooter app, locate an available scooter close to your present location by clicking on “locate scooter.” 

#3. Step 3

Next, scan the QR code on the handlebar of the Bird scooter to unlock the Lime scooter with the registered account.

You may be required to input your driver’s license before agreeing to the user agreement terms, although that is not always the case.

#4. Step 4

A map and an unlock button will appear immediately on the app, indicating your present location and possible ride route. On clicking on the unlock button, you have started your rent ride.

#5. Step 5

Click “Ride” on the phone screen within the Lime scooter app to activate the scooter.

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#6. Step 6

Push off the ground with your foot to set the scooter in motion. Your charge on every rent depends on the total time elapsed while using the Lime Bird app.

#7. Step 7

End your ride by clicking on the “End Ride” button within the app. You can then pay by using the preferred payment method.

How Much Does a Bird Scooter Charge Per Ride?

Lime Bird scooter charges a 10-30 cents flat rate per minute for every scooter on rent.

It means that the exact charge per ride depends on the total time elapsed during the journey.

However, there is a general charge of $1, which is the base price to unlock and ride any Bird scooter.

The exact charge per ride on Bird scooters varies from city to city according to the laws of the city in question.

The competition rate in a particular city affects the charge of Bird scooters per ride.

Whereas Lime Bird scooter charges 10-30 cents per minute, in another city, the price may double as per the market. 

So, there’s an initial cost of $1 for every ride unlocked plus additional charges per minute, which totals the cost per ride.

At this point, keeping a Bird scooter on the lock will increase the cost of your ride since your journey isn’t over yet.

So, whenever you want to finish your ride, click on the end ride button to save on the additional cost.

Also, there is always a minimum ride cost for Bird scooters which still depends on the city regulations on scooter users.

It means that even if your ride is less than a minute, you may be required to pay a fee. You can find the minimum ride fee on the payment tab of the app, as it varies from city to city. 

How Do You Pay For Bird Scooter Rides?

Generally, Bird scooter rides run on cashless payment through the registered payment method shared with Birds.

Every procedure for using the Lime Bird scooter revolves around the Lime Bird scooter app.

As mentioned earlier, literally every scooter ride procedure is maintained within the provisions of the Lime Bird scooter app.

Below is a guide to how the cashless payment system works to pay for the Bird scooter ride service.

  • Open the Bird app, unlock, and activate the Lime Bird scooter.
  • At the end of your ride, click on the end ride button to terminate your ride.
  • The Lime Bird scooter app is programmed to calculate the total cost of your ride.
  • Swipe up to pay for the service rendered using the preferred payment system shared with Bird. Every Bird scooter ride payment happens through the app; hence when registering an account, do well to choose a preferred payment method.
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Where Can I Find Bird Scooters?

Bird scooters are everywhere since there is no exact checkpoint to pick a scooter for use. You can find them lying down randomly around the streets and corners of roads.

The Lime Bird scooter app on your smartphone is the most reliable and convenient way to get a Bird scooter. 

As mentioned above, there is no shop or scooter stop to pick up a scooter for use, hence the Lime Bird app.

The Bird app will grant you access to the nearest location of an available scooter with full details for use.

You can then trace and track the location of the available scooter on the map within the app.

The procedure for locating a Bird scooter is similar to locating an Uber or Lyft around the city.

A notification message will appear on the app map screen to indicate a nearby scooter’s availability.

You can then walk up to the nearest scooter available in your location, inspect it, and then ride the scooter to your destination. 

How Does the Bird Scooter App Work?

The Bird scooter app works on a two-step authentication protocol through which you can access the Lime Bird scooter.

To be able to use the lime scooter for your everyday rides, you need to download and install the Lime scooter app.

Without the Lime scooter app, it will be impossible to ride an electric scooter. Every working procedure requires using the Lime Bird app hence its necessity before using any scooter.

So you must download the “Lime Bird app” on your smartphone to use the Lime scooter.

To locate, activate, unlock and use the Lime scooter, you must use the Lime app on your phone. How do you use the app, then?

  • Download and install your smartphone’s latest Lime electric scooter and bike-sharing app.
  • Create an account registered with your bank card for ride charges.
  • Open the app on your phone to locate and unlock any available Lime scooters.
  • You can scan the QR code or enter the scooter ID on the app.
  • After unlocking the scooter, you can embark on your ride by clicking on the start ride button on the city map.
  • To stop the ride, park aside and then end the ride on your phone within the Lime Bird scooter app.
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Can You Ride a Bird Scooter For Free?

Of course, there are several ways to access, activate, and ride a Bird scooter at no cost for rent.

The most prominent way to ride a Bird scooter for free is to explore some free ride hacks options available on the net.

Some grey areas within the programming firmware give room, even Lime-free ride hacks.

Also, there are multiple free Lime scooter promo codes where riders can get instant free Lime scooter rides.

As the “promo” implies, they offer free promotional codes for some deals between Lime Bird and scooter users.

For example, a referral promo code for first-time riders usually gives account credits upon the first ride. 

Usually, Bird Lime scooters have deals that offer promo codes every month of the year for their riders.

Therefore, every Lime scooter rider stands a chance to enjoy any Lime coupon code, depending on the opted deal.

So as a fun rider, you can explore any offers on the Bird Lime scooter website.

Bird Lime scooter has a long list of promotional codes that suit every rider’s capability.

The table below shows a list of Lime scooter promo codes and its offer. All you need to do after finding a promo code to explore is to copy and paste the code on the Lime app.

Lime Scooter Promo CodesOffer 
R3HKMRX$5 credit for scooter rental
RNJRE7YFree ride plus $100 credit
RY2STR3Free unlimited rides plus a $15 credit
RSUU3QLFree 30 minutes ride
RSPJHWT$25 off your ride cost.


The Lime ride is primarily a lease-on business where you ride a scooter and pay cheaply for every distance you cover.

The Lime scooter is an excellent way to navigate through large cities at a low price, especially for short rides.

It becomes necessary to learn about the scooters to explore every available feature.

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