How To Connect Bluetooth To Bird Scooter? (Let’s See)

While on your scooters, many of you may want to listen to cool music from your scooter or listen to podcasts, which is why you would need to connect the electric scooter to Bluetooth.

Doing this involves a few easy steps, and you are good to go as long as you have the bird scooter app. 

For you to be able to pair your Bluetooth to your bird scooter successfully, you would need to scan the QR code of your bird one. Next, ensure that your bird scooter is fully charged, your bird scooter app is open, and the ride option has been selected, but before doing all this, make sure your phone is connected to Bluetooth and wi-fi first. 

How To Connect Bluetooth to Bird Scooter?

Connect Bluetooth to Bird Scooter

To successfully connect your bird scooter to the app, you must have a bord app associated with your account.

It would be best if you thought of the bird app as the key to your scooter vehicle because this feature lets you know how far you can travel, connect with your phone’s Bluetooth, and check out new app updates. 

To connect your bird one scooter to your Bluetooth, you would need to follow the following steps; 

#1. Charge Your Scooter 

The first step you should take to connect your phone Bluetooth to your bird one scooter successfully is for you to ensure that the scooter is charged.

With a low scooter, you wouldn’t be able to go far with your journey, and it would also be indicated on the bird scooter app for you. So, the very first step is charging your scooter. 

#2. Scan Your QR Code 

The next thing you should do is scan the bird’s QR code. Just like when you want to transfer files from your phone to another, you need to scan the code; the same applies to your scooter device.

The scooter QR code is located as a sticker on the side of the bird near the bird stand. 

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To successfully capture the QR code, make sure you take a clear picture of the SN number on the sticker. It should be on the left side of the scooter.

After scanning the code, ensure that your phone is connected to wi-fi and its Bluetooth is on because you would need both the internet and Bluetooth to connect successfully. 

To know if your bird scooter has connected to your Bluetooth, you would receive a message saying, “welcome to your one.”

This message is an indication that your device has successfully connected to your bird. 

How Do You Unlock Bluetooth on A Bird Scooter?

Thanks to other new features the bird team has provided, you can easily unlock your device with Bluetooth.

This feature can enable scooter renters to get off the block easily because, with a quick start, you can detect when a scooter is within your range with just your mobile device and also allow you to unlock it with just tapping a few buttons. 

According to its testing, a quick start completes its activation process twice faster than the normal process requiring you to use a scan-to-use method.

Once your scooter is connected to a Bluetooth device with the bird app, you can unlock and move it. 

Don’t worry about how you can unlock it. As long as you connect with Bluetooth and wi-fi and log into the electric bird app, you will see a button that enables you.  

How To Connect Bird Es4-800 Scooter to Bluetooth?

Connecting your es4-800 scooter to Bluetooth involves nearly the same procedures as connecting all other types.

The steps are as follows; 

  • You first need to take a picture of the QR code on the electric scooter, located at the scooter leg or as a tag on your scooter. Then, after taking a picture, you move to the bird app. 
  • If you do not have a bird scooter app, go to your play store or apple store and download it directly from the site. 
  • After the app has been installed, go to the app and log in or sign up and log into your bird account. 
  • After switching on your Bluetooth and your phone’s wi-fi, you will see an option that allows you to connect with your es4-800. Click on it, and you can now do whatever you want while it’s connected. 
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Why Is My Electric Scooter Not Connecting with My Device?

You can encounter a few significant problems while connecting your scooter to your device. One of the first things you should do is check your Bluetooth basics.

Turn your Bluetooth on and off and then reconnect again and be sure that the device is refusing to connect because sometimes, it might just be a minor issue with your network. 

You can now troubleshoot your problem when you are sure that that is not the issue.

Then, you can report your problem; hopefully, this team will fix it, but you must ensure that you have been trying to connect it carefully. 

If you cannot find your QR code or the code is missing, you can use your 4–5-digit bird ID to manually capture the bird.

So, in cases where your bird ID is missing; 

  • Check the sticker located by the side of the bird stand. 4
  • Then take a clear picture of the sticker, including the serial number; the serial number is the one usually on the left side. 
  • Please submit a request through your bird app alongside the picture of the serial number, and it should be obvious. 
  • After that has been done, you should wait for some time, and an agent will provide you with the bird ID, and now you can capture it. 

In cases where you can connect with just the serial number, you do not have to bother by going through this lengthy procedure.

However, not all models of electric scooters need this. You would need a Bluetooth connection for you to be able to connect.

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Still, once you are done, you wouldn’t need to use the internet connection because all information and media are already stored in the device’s memory. 

If your bird scooter is not charged sufficiently, the connection might not be easy, depending on the model of the scooter you have.

So, in cases where your scooter refuses to connect with your device, you should check properly and be sure that the battery percent is not the issue because sometimes, battery percent also affects how the scooter behaves. 

On the other hand, in cases where your device is sufficiently charged, you can close the bird app and retry again. 

How To Reset Your Bird Scooters?

You can be able to achieve this in just six easy steps. 

  • Remove the six bolts under the brain of your device to remove the enclosure first. 
  • After removing that part, you can now access the micro-USB port by removing the four circuit board screws that hold the gaps. 
  • Pull out the GPS module for you to remove the board. And after that, ensure that you disconnect the antenna. 
  • You should now take the micro-USB cord, connect it to a power bank or wall charger, and press the reset button. 
  • Once the brain has gotten enough power attached to it, you can now remove the micro-USB. 
  • Don’t forget to re-attach the antenna and tighten all the bolts correctly for it to work. 


Connecting your Bluetooth device to your electric scooter shouldn’t be much work, as you can even successfully pair them by just going through the user’s manual.

However, if your device gives you a tough time and does not connect, you should wait a bit and be sure it is not a problem with the network connection before taking action. 

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