7 Reasons Your Hoverboard Red Light Flashing 3 Times!

Hoverboards are one of the most popular transportation devices in our time. Every young person loves hopping on one of these as it is far more ideal than walking to places. 

Hence, there is a vast number of people who own hoverboards but don’t know how to troubleshoot them. 

If your hoverboard displays a sequence of three flashes, your motherboard is faulty. Issues that have to do with motherboards are more complex than other parts of the hoverboard. Hence, contact a professional if you want to work on that motherboard. 

Nothing is more frustrating than getting up in the morning to discover that your hoverboard isn’t working. It’s instead displaying a light show for you but not starting up. 

If you’re in such a situation, keep reading this article as I will outline why your hoverboard will display a sequence of red lights for you. 

What Does It Mean When Your Hoverboard Flashes Red Light Three Times?

Hoverboard Red Light Flashing Three Times

If the red lights on your hoverboard flash three times, then it means your motherboard is faulty. 

Working on a motherboard is a challenging task for everyone to get done. You have to be proficient with electronics to be able to troubleshoot a motherboard.

However, if the problem is loose wiring connecting the motherboard to other parts of the hoverboard, you should be able to get it repaired.

If that’s not the case, I recommend that you seek the services of a professional. 

Seven Reasons Why Hoverboards Keep Flashing Red Light After Beeping

There are several reasons why your hoverboard flashes red lights after beeping. The number of flashes indicates different issues that the hoverboard might be having. 

In some cases, the red lights can flash up to 9 times. 

This section will analyze why a hoverboard will run a flashing red light sequence. 

#1. Loose Wires

If your hoverboard has loose wires within, the hoverboard will start a one-flash sequence with beeping. After that, the red light flashes once, and the board keeps beeping. 

To troubleshoot this problem, you have to remove the board’s underside and disconnect and reconnect all the wires. 

But before you get down to troubleshooting, disconnect the battery first. The battery should be opposite the location of the power button. 

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When you remove the cover, a wire connects the battery to the circuit board. Gently press the buckle, and the connection should come loose. 

You must disconnect the battery to avoid getting any electric shocks. If you see a loose wire immediately, reconnect it to its connector. 

On the other hand, if you don’t see any disconnected wires, you will have to disconnect and reconnect everything. 

It may not be necessary to disconnect every single wire. However, you want to be sure that you rectify the problem before putting the screws back.

Over 20 screws are holding the backside of a hoverboard, you don’t want a situation where you’ll screw everything back in place, and it’ll continue this flashing sequence. 

If you’re feeling, something like loose wires in your hoverboard is a task a qualified electrician should handle. You are correct. 

However, if you’ve done some repairs around your house, this should be easy peasy for you. 

I recommend you use a good screw gun with a low power setting so you won’t damage the screw head. Too much power will trip the screw. 

You can choose a cordless screw gun which is the best option to use in this instance. 

#2. Motherboard Issues

Motherboard issues might be tricky. First, you must be proficient in working with circuits to detect anything on a motherboard.

However, if you’re patient and careful enough, you should be able to detect an issue with a motherboard. 

Don’t be in a rush to toss out your hoverboard. Examine the logic board for any signs of internal circuit damage. 

If your motherboard is faulty, you can use a warranty if it’s still valid. You can contact the manufacturer to try and get it repaired or replaced.

Furthermore, you can also do this for faulty gyroscopes and fuses. However, these parts have repair kits available on the market. 

#3. Side Motor

A side motor is a tiny device that takes information from the motherboard and feeds it to the wheels. 

If the red lights on your hoverboard blink four times, it indicates that the motor closer to the motherboard is malfunctioning. 

However, if the hoverboard blinks five times, the motors closer to the battery need maintenance. 

You can troubleshoot this issue by replacing the motor. You can buy a new motor and replace the faulty one.

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It is a relatively easy project since these motors come preassembled. If you have the time, you can complete this task independently. 

#4. Faulty Battery

No battery cell can last forever. Every battery eventually goes bad and needs replacement. 

It is no different with hoverboard batteries. Unfortunately, when your storm kicks the bucket, you must buy a new one to replace it. 

There are no two ways; you must replace the dead battery cell to keep using your hoverboard.

While selecting a battery, it would be best if you pick a battery that matches the model of your hoverboard. 

#5. Gyroscope Issues 

Replacing a gyroscope on a hoverboard is the most straightforward task to complete. However, the most troubling aspect of fixing a gyroscope is obtaining one. 

However, when replacing a gyroscope, ensure the new one suits the old gyroscope. 

#6. Gyroscope Circuit Board

In some instances, the gyroscope circuit board is the one that has the problem, not the gyroscope. 

This issue is also severe because a faulty circuit board can cause the gyroscopic sensors to lose function. 

If you’re good with circuit boards, you can try and troubleshoot the cause of the malfunction. 

Furthermore, you can also try resetting the hoverboard; this might solve the issue. 

However, if that doesn’t solve the problem, I suggest you get a new circuit board instead. 

The red lights on the hoverboard flash eight times to indicate a gyroscope circuit board problem. 

#7. Hoverboard is On the Wrong Side

When your hoverboard is upside down, the hoverboard will initiate a sequence of beeps and red lights that flash nine times to indicate. 

You can solve this by turning the hoverboard to face the right way up. 

How Do Stop the Red Light Flashing on a Hoverboard

The only way to stop the red light flashing sequence on a hoverboard is to fix the issue. Hoverboards have different light sequences to indicate the various problems. 

Hence, below is a table that summarizes some common light sequences and how to fix the issue: 

Light SequenceIssueFix
1-flash sequenceLoose wiresReconnect the wires properly
6-flash sequenceFaulty batteryReplace the battery

When Do You Need to Reset Your Hoverboard?

One of the easiest ways to detect if your hoverboard needs a reset is if it is displaying a red light sequence. 

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If you’re an owner or an expecting owner of a hoverboard, you must know how to reset a hoverboard. This skill saves you money, as resetting a hoverboard is simple. 

Resetting a hoverboard may be overlooked, but there are important reasons why you need to calibrate your hoverboard occasionally. 

#1. How to Reset a Hoverboard?

  • Completely turn off the hoverboard. Ensure you use the power button on the hoverboard and not the remote.

There might be a slight possibility that the remote won’t completely turn off the hoverboard. 

  • Place the hoverboard on an even surface. Ensure that both sides of the hoverboard are on a completely even surface so you can calibrate the sensors and motors.

The hoverboard will keep beeping until you find an even surface.

  • Press and hold the power button for five seconds. You will hear a beep after five seconds. 
  • Wait for at least thirty seconds for the hoverboard to recalibrate. Then, don’t touch the hoverboard until the indicator light goes off. 
  • After the indicator goes off, push the power button to lock in the reset. 

Your hoverboard is now recalibrated, and you can take it for a test run. However, before you run off with your new settings, ensure you put on safety gear first. 

Furthermore, test the hoverboard by going back and forth and going in circles. Finally, you must ensure that the hoverboard rides evenly on both sides. 

#2. Importance of Resetting a Hoverboard

Resetting your hoverboard helps you operate more efficiently. Furthermore, it enables you to get value for your purchase. 

Resetting your hoverboard also keeps you and your piece of machinery safe. In addition, resetting ensures that all the sensors and motors on your hoverboard are working efficiently. 

Resetting a hoverboard keeps it in good condition by extending its shelf life. 

If you keep using your hoverboard without periodically resetting it, it will become difficult for the hoverboard to process commands correctly. 

Hence, this might threaten your safety since you won’t be able to ride it safely. 

If a hoverboard isn’t properly calibrated, it may be unable to detect obstacles in its path. This malfunction will most likely lead to a crash. 

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