EUC World AVAS Sounds: All You Need To Know

The EUC world is the favorite of many EUC riders for its reliability and as an excellent alternative to the factory app.

In addition, the EUC world is simple to use, making everyday riding fun and safe for electric unicyclists.

Moreover, the AVAS sound technology in this application helps maintain electric vehicles and ensure the safety of passersby. So what are the AVAS sounds in the EUC world?

AVAS sounds in the EUC world are external sounds that serve as a warning system for EUC riders and passersby. They include the engine start, idling, temperature-dependent, speed-dependent, current-dependent, e.t.c. Each sound has its function that serves to guide EUC riders.

What Are the AVAS Sounds in the EUC World?

EUC World AVAS Sounds

The AVAS sounds in the EUC world include warning sounds for electric unicycles. First, EUC is part of electric vehicles with tranquil sounds because of the lack of engines.

While this is useful in eliminating noise pollution, it also creates danger for most road users. 

So, AVAS (Acoustic vehicle alerting system) sounds in the EUC world app serve to eliminate this danger.

You need to connect to your wheel’s Bluetooth audio service to play these sounds through your EUC wheel’s in-built speakers. Otherwise, the sound will play on your phone.

However, you can use a handy Bluetooth speaker if your wheel doesn’t have a fixed speaker. 

You can download the AVAS sounds from different accessible sources, including YouTube, free sound, e.t.c, into the EUC world.

In addition, with the EUC World 2.10.0, you can download the sound directly from the app menu.

Also, you can edit these sounds to your liking before uploading them to your EUC world. The AVAS sounds include engine starts, temperature-dependent, current sounds, e.t.c.

Additionally, you can add the AVAS sounds to your playlist for testing before uploading them to your EUC world.

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You can listen to any of your favorite music players, from the engine-start sound to the engine-off, to check for a smooth play and to transition.

Below are the AVAS sounds in the EUC world:

#1. Engine Start Sound

The engine start sound in the EUC world performs similarly to the engine sound in regular vehicles. This sound plays when you connect to the wheel of your EUC. 

It produces an engine starting sound similar to that of a spaceship or internal combustion engine.

However, you should test the sound before loading it to your EUC world. When testing, ensure it matches correctly with the engine idling sound following it. 

#2. Idling Sound

The idling sound in the EUC world is the sound you hear when your unicycle isn’t moving. It’s the sound following the engine start sound. The sound performs like idling in cars, trucks, or motorcycles.

So, it can sound like anything from a car or truck engine idling to a helicopter or UFO hovering.

In addition, the sound plays in a loop when immobile, regardless of the file length. So, it’s essential for the beginning and end to match well for a seamless transition.

Therefore you should test it before uploading the sound to your wheel. You can test it in your audio player repetitively.

#3. Speed-Dependent Sound

The speed-dependent sound is the sound you get when moving in your EUC. Like the sound you get from a car moving, its pitch can be high or low depending on your speed.

The speed-dependent sound is essential as it can alert you and other road users when you’re going too fast. Moreover, the EUC world alters the sound to match your speed.

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So, you should be alert for a sustained balanced sound: just like a sustained internal combustion engine sound with no acceleration, deceleration or gear changing.

Also, this sound plays in a loop while riding, so it needs to transition smoothly.

#4. Current-Dependent Sound

The current-dependent sound is another part of the AVAS sound that functions similarly to the speed-dependent sound.

So, you should hear this sound when your EUC is in motion. However, this sound doesn’t replace the speed-dependent sound but plays over it.

This sound indicates the smooth running of your electric unicycle. It ranges from a high-pitched sound to a jet propulsion sound. 

#5. Temperature-Dependent Sound

The temperature-dependent sound is another AVAS sound in the EUC world app. This sound functions in a similar fashion to temperature alert systems.

For instance, when your wheel is slightly overheating, this sound alerts you. The pitch of the temperature-dependent sound varies with the temperature of your wheel.

It provides honest temperature feedback for the varying degrees of your wheels. So, for example, when your wheel warms towards 122°F, the sound is slightly present.

It gradually increases pitch when your wheel reaches about 140°F or whatever maximum temperature you set.

This sound helps prevent overheating in your EUC. It sounds like anything from an engine rattling or hissing.

#6. Engine off Sound

The engine off sound is similar in sound to the engine start. In this case, it plays when you bring your wheel to a stop. Also, it should match the idling sound that precedes it. 

Why Is the EUC World Not Working?

The EUC world is beneficial for electric unicyclists. However, this application may not work due to some reasons.

Below is a table showing why the EUC world may not work.

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EUC world is not loading EUC server is down, poor internet connection, and multiple users on the app
EUC world screen freezeEUC server is down, poor internet connection, and multiple users on the app
Log in issuesServer issues, connection problems, wrong login details, and problems with the third-party app.
Installation issuesConnection problems, phone storage problems.
Updating issuesConnection problems and phone storage problems

How To Download the EUC World App

You can download the EUC world app from the Google play store. But, first, this is an Android application for Android phones.

Also, smartwatches like pebbles, newer Wear OS, Samsung gear S3, Android Wear 1.4, and Galaxy watches support this app.

However, smartwatch apps will require phones to be installed and functioning, as they are companion apps.

In addition, several sites like ApkMirror, ApkPure, e.t.c. can easily download this application.

However, it’s safer to download from the Google play store as these third-party sources may harm your devices 

To download the EUC world app on Android, follow these steps:

  • Ensure your smartphone is Android 5.0 and newer. However, some Android 5.0 may not function correctly. So, Android 6.0 and above is safer and recommended to use
  • Also, ensure your device supports Bluetooth 4.0 or a newer version

In addition, you can download this app on your personal computer. To Download this app for your PC, follow these steps:

  • First, download an Android emulator that functions as a virtual phone
  • Next, download the EUC world 
  • Then install the emulator by double clicking and following the instructions.
  • After you’ve installed the emulator, open it. Then, drag the downloaded EUC world Apk file into the opened screen for installation.

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The EUC world AVAS sounds are warning sounds for EUC riders and road users. These sounds range from the engine and speed to temperature sounds.

It’s always safer to download this app from the Google play store. However, the EUC world app may not work if you have a poor internet connection or the server is down.

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