Electric Unicycle Repair: All You Need To Know

Electric unicycles (EUCs) are one of the trendiest gadgets of late. The ease of enjoying the thrill of a unicycle without having to pedal is undoubtedly a priceless feeling.

Like all things electrical, the unicycle is bound to develop a fault at some point. So that’ll surely spoil the fun.

But, unlike a manual unicycle, the electric version gets tricky to deal with when something goes wrong. You’ll need some knowledge and skill to find and fix the fault.

Repairing an electric unicycle is unique compared to a manual unicycle due to its electric parts. But as always, the first step to fixing a fault is to make a precise diagnosis. Thus, the best thing to do when your electric unicycle develops a spot is to get it to an expert. Because, unfortunately, second-guessing can cost you your entire gadget.

This article will take you through some common issues many EUC users face. And you will also learn how to fix those problems.

Where Can I Repair My Electric Unicycle?

Electric Unicycle Repair

Your first line of action to repair your electric unicycle is to take it to an authorized repair center. There, you’ll be able to get professional service for a fee.

Electric unicycles are tricky gadgets to deal with, so you would want to avoid a situation where you make things worse. Hence the need to be careful even with cleaning your unicycle. It’s not hard to Ride An Electric Unicycle.

So, when you notice a fault with your electric unicycle, your best bet is not to fix it yourself.

There’s usually a prompt to become an instant handyman. But by all means, don’t follow any such impressions and let the fault be.

A good starting point in repairing your electric unicycle is looking at the maker of the product you have. Usually, brands have designated repair centers in various locations.

So you can reach a particular brand’s customer service and inquire. You either find a center close to you or get details on how to fix your unicycle.

Even if there isn’t an outlet for that brand, there might be an authorized partner shop that can do the job.

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But in some cases, the last resort is that you’ll have to ship the faulty unicycle to the company. In that case, you’ll get a shipping label to send the package in.

When you reach customer service, you usually have to attach images of the fault for better diagnosis. Then, you’ll get charged for the cost of repairs.

Otherwise, the company will bill you after you ship the package to them and they assess the damage. Then, finally, you’ll get an estimated return date after all that is in place.

Nevertheless, you can still explore without a nearby repair center or when you can’t ship. Sometimes PEV or scooter mechanics can help fix your faulty EUC.

But as always, you must be sure of getting a standard service before exploring this option.

Four Common Problems of an Electric Unicycle

While the brand of a EUC makes it unique to specific experiences, you’ll notice some problems with all-electric unicycles.

So, regardless of the EUC brand, you’re bound to encounter the same problems, one way or the other, the section below looks at four common issues of the electric unicycle.

#1. A Deflated Tire

It takes little to pick up a sharp object during a ride and have the pressure take a hit. As a result, you’ll notice that your tire will need to be firmer and have more balance.

Even without picking a sharp object, as a routine, it helps to check your tire pressure. However, you should always remember that you must rely on just one tire.

There’s little margin for error with unicycles. Unlike bicycles, a faulty tire can get support from the other one in good shape.

So, ensure your unicycle’s tire always has the correct pressure. In the case of an air leak, you’ll have to remove the inner tube from the tire.

But that will require you first to remove the wheel cover and take the tire off the wheel.

You can do this yourself if you have some experience with tires. Else, you can find a repair shop close to you.

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When you find the leak on the inner tube, you can then move to seal the hole. But you may need a new inner tube if the damage is too severe.

#2. Loose Wires

Since your unicycle is an electric gadget, wires run through it, so over time, you may notice one wire or two starts to hang out the cover of your unicycle.

That’s usually due to the motion and vibration that occurs when your unicycle is in use. One way to avoid wires hanging out is to ensure the screws holding the case are tight.

But you can always get the wires back in place when you notice them hanging loose. For example, sometimes the cables have a broken link.

In that case, you can find the point where you need to reattach the wires, and then you’re good to go!

#3. Electrical Shocks

You may notice the sign “don’t use in wet conditions” on some electric gadgets. That’s usually there as a safety measure against electrical shocks.

So, you’ll experience shock with your EUC when you use it in the rain or wet. But some brands do well to add water protection to their models.

In that case, you’ll have fewer chances of electrical shocks. Yet, you should avoid using your EUC when it’s raining, or there’s a lot of moisture in the atmosphere.

#4. Poor Balance

The wheel of your unicycle works with bearing joints, so routine alignment will be needed. In addition, over time, friction can deal damage the bearings.

Also, you can do well to assess your wheel if you hear any squeaking noise during rides.

Can you have your Unicycle repaired in a garage?

Rather than going to a garage such as dansautocenter.com, we advise you to go to a specialized store.

How Much Does an Electric Unicycle Repair Cost?

The cost of repairing your electric unicycle depends on the nature of the problem. Also, prices differ if your unicycle has a damaged part.

When replacing damaged parts, you usually must pay a service fee plus the region’s cost.

When it comes to repairs, you get a bill after diagnosing the problem. But, unfortunately, sometimes the damage may go beyond what we expect, so diagnosis always comes first.

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It’s vital to note that the cost of services differs between service centers and EUC models. So you’ll often get the correct price of repairs at the service center.

However, based on our research on EUNICYCLES, you can find a price range of service fees in this article. So, the eventual prices you get to pay for repairs may fall within limits.

The table below shows a price list of services regarding basic EUC repairs.

Replacing tire or inner tube41.73 plus the cost of the tire or inner tube
Diagnosis of damage39.59
Evaluating repair in the case of an accident.70.62
Replacing the inner shell100.58 plus the cost of the inner shell
Replacing motor bearings84.53 plus the cost of motor bearings
Replacing the motor axle (plus variable services) and repairing broken cables.227.91 to 296.39
Straightening motor rims (plus welding if needed)136.96 to 181.90
Repairing the motor board56.71 to 113.42 (the price depends on the damage level)
Repairing the battery or regeneration.Depends on the battery type and capacity.

Can You Repair Your Electric Unicycle Yourself?

Yes, you can repair your electric unicycle yourself. You don’t need to be an expert before you learn to fix your ECU. 

Although that depends on the nature of the problem, for basic faults, you can cover them under DIY.

One trick with EUCs is that you can get around them if you’re familiar with electronics. Finding your way around individual unicycle parts to fix faults would be best.

You can only attempt to repair your EUC when you know what you’re doing. So a good place to get instructions is YouTube.

You can search for videos about a particular fault you’re facing and get related results. For example, search “how to repair an ECU tire.”

Once the results pop up, scan for videos with many views or, better yet, high-authority sources. It also helps to go through the comments section to see people’s opinions.

You usually get to see people detail their experiences when they try the methods as seen in the video. So that can determine if the video is helpful or not.

So follow the steps once you establish the right video for a problem. Always watch the video until the end before you start any work.

Also, feel free to watch some parts as many times as you want to understand what you have to do fully.

Electric unicycles have little margin for error, so you must always get repairs right.

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