Does the Xiaomi Scooter Have GPS? (Let’s Find Out)

Electric scooters are one of the easiest vehicles to steal, and the Xiaomi scooter is no exception.

The Xiaomi brand is among the most popular in the electric vehicle market, with various models of good-quality scooters available.

If you love this brand, you might want to know if there’s a security feature that can prevent theft. A GPS tracker is one of these features. So, does the Xiaomi scooter have GPS?

Xiaomi scooters don’t have GPS. These scooters come with various features, including security features, but it doesn’t include a Global positioning system device. However, users have relied on third-party trackers for further security. So, you’re worried about whether your Xiaomi scooter is safe without a GPS. In that case, you can install this tracker from third-party manufacturers.

In this article, I’ll answer whether the Xiaomi scooter has GPS. Also, the various GPS trackers are compatible with the scooters and the location where you can install them.

Ultimately, you’ll know whether you can remove the GPS tracker on the Xiaomi scooter.

Do Xiaomi Scooters Have GPS Devices?

Does the Xiaomi Scooter Have GPS

No, Xiaomi scooters don’t come with in-built or external GPS devices. This brand provides several features, including an anti-theft security alarm, warning lights, and reflectors for safety.

They also manufacture portable cable locks for users who want to secure their scooters further.

However, many users are unsatisfied with some of these technologies and opt for GPS trackers for better security.

Therefore, various brands manufacture tracking devices for vehicles, including electric scooters. Many users go for these trackers that are compatible with the Xiaomi scooter.

This tracking device lets you monitor and track your electric vehicle’s location on the mobile app. It’s possible after connecting to your mobile device and installing it on your scooter.

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So, with a GPS tracker on their Xiaomi scooter, a user is more confident of its safety.

Below I’ll explain some GPS devices compatible with the Xiaomi scooter.

#1. Optimus GPS Tracker 

The Optimus GPS is one of the best tracking devices for electric scooters, including the Xiaomi e-scooter.

It’s a portable device with a twin magnetic mechanism that ensures the tracker doesn’t fall off easily and is easy to find.

Also, the mobile app works with iOS and Android smart devices. It uses cellular connectivity, making tracking the device from a remote location easy.

In addition, it has 4G LTE, which increases the speed at which users receive tracking information. It has a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that lasts well on a single charge.

Furthermore, this tracker has the Federal Communications Commission certification, so you don’t have to worry about its functionality.

However, the Optimus tracker is costlier than similar devices and requires a monthly subscription rate.

#2. Tracki GPS Tracker

The Tracki GPS tracker is another compatible tracking device for Xiaomi scooters. It’s portable and waterproof, with a magnetic strip that attaches easily to the scooter frame.

It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices. It has 4G+3G+2G to provide accessible information anywhere in the world at a good speed.

Also, it has a battery that can last up to 5 days after charging. You can use it to monitor your scooter’s speed, distance, and battery status. 

Furthermore, it easily senses close-by wireless access points to give alerts, and the monthly subscription rate is fair. However, it lacks enough internal storage. 

#3. LandAirSea 54 GPS Device

The LandAirSea 54 GPS is another great device for your Xiaomi scooter. It’s durable, with a strong magnet that attaches to any metallic part of your scooter. 

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Also, its mobile app works with iOS and Android smart devices. It’s also water-resistant and comes with a battery that lasts up to a week after charging fully.

However, it has a high subscription rate which can be quite discouraging.

While various GPS trackers are available for Xiaomi scooters, you must consider some factors before purchasing one for your e-vehicle.

Below is a table explaining some factors to consider before purchasing any GPS tracker for your Xiaomi scooter.

FactorsPoint to Note 
Portability You should get a device small enough for thieves to miss and with a less flashy design.
Real-time tracking The tracker should’ve enough security features, including real-time tracking that finds your vehicle in real-time.
Battery lifeThe battery should last at least a week and more after charging 
Water-resistanceYou should get a waterproof device if you’re attaching it to the surface of your scooter.

Where Is the GPS Located on a Xiaomi Scooter?

Since Xiaomi scooters don’t come with GPS devices, you won’t find a GPS on the scooter unless you install one. The location of the GPS will depend on where you install them. 

Most wireless trackers come with a magnet that allows you to attach the device to any metallic part of your vehicle. However, you must install the hardwired type inside your scooter.

Below I’ll explain how to install a GPS tracker on your Xiaomi scooter.

#1. Installing a Wireless GPS Tracker 

A wireless tracker doesn’t require any special installation process. You can easily attach it to any part of your scooter.

Most wireless trackers have magnets that allow you to attach them to any metallic part of your scooter. 

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Others might have ties and Velcro tape that allow you to secure the device to your scooter.

Below are the parts of your Xiaomi scooter you can attach your GPS to:

  • Beneath the deck
  • Inside the handlebar
  • On any metallic part 

#2. Installing the Hardwired GPS

The hardwired GPS will require you to connect it to the electrical parts of the scooter to receive power from the battery.

You can access these parts by installing the tracker under the deck, under the battery, or inside the battery bag. Also, you can install the tracker in the steering tube or on the dashboard.

This process may require the help of a professional. Still, you can also handle it yourself if you’ve any knowledge of electronics.

Also, the installation process may slightly differ across GPS brands, so you must consult the user manual for instructions.

You can watch this video that explains how to install a tracker in your Xiaomi scooter.

Furthermore, here are some of the tools you’re likely to need:

  • Multimeter.
  • Electrical repair kit having electrical tape, wire strippers, shrink tubing, etc.
  • 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm Allen key/hex drivers.
  • Small and medium-sized screwdrivers
  • Razor blade.

Furthermore, hardwired and wireless GPS trackers have their pros and cons. 

Below is a table showing the comparison between the hardwired and wireless trackers to help you make your choice:

Hardwired GPS Tracker Wireless GPS Tracker 
It isn’t easy to install and may require the help of a professional.You can easily attach it to any part of the scooter by yourself.
You don’t have to regularly charge the battery since it uses power from the scooter battery.You’ll need to charge frequently depending on how long the battery lasts.
It’s smaller in size.It’s larger because of the in-built battery.
It’s not portable.It’s portable.

Can You Remove the GPS on a Xiaomi Scooter?

Yes, you can remove the GPS on a Xiaomi scooter. Once you install the tracker on your scooter, you can remove it whenever you want.

A wireless GPS device is straightforward to remove since it doesn’t require any wiring connection. You have to find where you placed the device and detach it.

However, removing a hardwired GPS will require disconnecting it from the scooter.

Below are the steps to removing the hardwired GPS device on the Xiaomi scooter:

  1. First, you need to access the location you installed the device using the appropriate tools.
  2. Gently disconnect the GPS wires from the scooter’s wiring
  3. Put the connection in place.
  4. Assemble the dismantled scooter.

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