Does AOVO Pro Scooter Have A Speed Limiter? (Explained)

Knowing the features and functions of your scooter is imperative as it assists you in purchasing the best. 

One of these features is a speed limiter, an indispensable tool for many vehicles as it restricts their maximum speed. 

However, many scooter enthusiasts wonder if the AOVO pro scooter has this remarkable feature. 

Yes, AOVO pro scooters have speed limiters. Speed limiters help to keep you in control of the scooter and ensure your overall safety. This feature also maintains the durability of your scooter’s components.

I’ll tell you how to increase your speed limit in this article. You’ll also get to know about some tips and hacks to enhance the speed performance of your AOVO pro scooter.

Is There a Speed Limiter on the AOVO Pro Scooter?

Does AOVO Pro Scooter Have a Speed Limiter

Yes, there is a speed limiter on the AOVO pro scooter. Although the presence of a speed limiter may seem disadvantageous, there are a lot of benefits to it.

Here are some reasons why a speed limiter is necessary for your AOVO pro scooter.

#1. Safety:

Speed limiters help to promote the safety of the rider.  The rider has more control over the scooter when there is a speed limit.

#2. Battery Life:

When you constantly ride your scooter at maximum speed, it takes a toll on the battery. Speed limiters help to maintain the efficiency of your scooter’s battery.

#3. The durability of the Scooter’s Components:

Riding your scooter at maximum speed strains the battery, motor, wheels, etc. 

Over time those parts experience wear and time. Speed limiters help to maintain the overall durability of your scooter.

#4. Rules and Regulations:

Every location has a speed limit for vehicles. Speed limiters make it easy for you to adhere to that rule.

Manufacturers usually design the speed limiter in an AOVO pro scooter according to the official speed limit in that location.

Here is a table to show the speed limits in a few countries worldwide.

CountrySpeed Limit
Australia 100-110 mph
Brazil80-110 mph 
South Africa 80-100 mph 
United Kingdom 100-110 mph
United Kingdom 40-60 mph

How Do I Increase the Speed Limits on My AOVO Pro Scooter?

One way to increase speed on your AOVO Pro Scooter is to remove the speed limiter entirely

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Removing the speed limiter can be risky. Don’t do it when your warranty is still valid. You can try removing the speed limiter through the display or the manual method.

Here are a few things to try out to increase your speed limit without risk.

  • Always charge your scooter’s battery to the maximum level to ensure maximum speed.
  • Do not burden your scooter with load because they reduce its speed performance.
  • Lubricate all the moving parts in your scooter. Friction reduces speed performance, and lubrication helps to get rid of friction.
  • Change your scooter’s battery to one with a higher voltage. A higher voltage translates to a higher speed efficiency.

If you are considering replacing your scooter’s battery, here are the steps to do it.

Step One: Disconnect your scooter from the power source and turn it off. It is dangerous to work on the scooter when power is flowing through it.

Step Two: Go under the deck of your scooter to find the battery compartment. Use a screwdriver to remove all the screws on the battery compartment cover.

Step Three: Remove the compartment cover and use a pry bar or a plier to disconnect the battery from the wiring harness.

Gently take out the battery from the compartment. Ensure to take note of the battery and connectors’ position before taking it out.

Step Four: Put the new battery into the compartment in the exact position of the former battery. 

Attach the connectors to secure the battery. Put the compartment cover back and attach the screws you removed initially.

Here is how to properly clean the wheels of your AOVO Pro Scooter.

Step One: Use a wrench to take out the bolts that secure your scooter’s wheels and then set the wheels aside.

Step Two: Get a brush with a soft bristle and use it to clean out all the dirt and debris from the wheels. Be careful when brushing the wheels so you don’t leave a dent or scratch.

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You can add some mild detergent to the brush. Don’t leave out the crevices. After thoroughly brushing off the dirt from the wheels, rinse all the remaining dirt with water.

Step Three: Dry the water on the wheels using a clean cloth. You can leave the wheels out to air dry if you please.

Once the wheels are dry, put them on the scooter and secure them with bolts.

How Do You Remove the Speed Limiter on Your AOVO Pro Scooter?

You can remove the speed limiter on your AOVO pro scooter in two ways. The two different methods include the display method and the manual method.

#1. Display Method

The first thing to do is to turn on your scooter’s display. The display screens your scooter and provides you with information to keep track of the scooter.

After turning on the display, hold unto the brake. You’ll find the brake on the handgrip. As you hold until the break, go to the power switch and press it.

Once P1 is on display, move to P3 with the light button, tap on S, and adjust the settings to your taste. After the adjustment, there will be no speed limiter on your scooter.

#2. Manual Method

Here is a list of the tools you’ll need to carry out the manual method and their importance.

PincerTo remove cross-head screws.
Screwdriver To remove cross screws.
TapeTo cover the slit in the wires.

Here’s how to remove the speed limiter via the manual method.

  • Go to the rear of your scooter and find the two cross-head nuts. Remove the nuts with a pincer. 
  • Move to the scooter’s top and remove the cross screws with a screwdriver. 
  • Open up the scooter’s casing at the front wheel to access the inner components.
  • Disconnect all four wires you find and cut them up with the screwdriver. 
  • Use tape to join the wires together and then close up the casing. Put the screws and nuts back in their place.
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What Is the AOVO Pro Scooter Speed Hack?

Several hacks can help improve the speed of your AOVO Pro Scooter. Here are some speed hacks for your AOVO pro scooter:

#1. Hack One

Remove the speed limiter on your scooter. The speed of your scooter will improve when there is no speed limiter. 

You can remove the speed limiter through the display method or manual method.

#2. Hack Two

Upgrade the speed controllers of your scooter. Boosting those components will help improve the speed of your scooter.

You must note that some risks may arise from upgrading your scooter’s speed controller.

Here are some of the potential risks.

  • You may never be able to use the benefits of your warranty.
  • Upgrading speed controllers is illegal in some locations.
  • Upgrading speed controllers Increases your scooter’s maximum speed. More speed leads to the battery draining faster and more strain on the motor.
  • You may create a safety risk.
  • You may damage other scooter components when upgrading the speed controller.

If you are considering moving forward with the process, here are the steps to upgrade your scooter’s speed controller.

Step One

The first thing to do is find out the specification of your default speed controller. Once you find out the speed controller your scooter uses, you can purchase a compatible upgrade. 

The new speed controller should have a higher amperage rating. You can check the user manual for the specification.

Step Two

Go to the battery compartment of your scooter and manually disconnect the battery. Remove the default speed controller from the scooter.

Step Three

Get the new speed controller and install it in the same position as the old one. Don’t forget to secure and connect the wires.

After installing the speed controller, reconnect the battery and close the compartment. Test your new speed controller to see if it’s to your taste.

#3. Hack Three

Change your scooter’s battery. The voltage capacity of the battery affects the speed of a scooter. 

You can purchase a battery with a higher voltage and install it on your scooter.

#4. Hack Four

Increase your scooter’s tire pressure; the higher the tire pressure, the higher the speed.

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