Do You Need A License To Ride A Hoverboard? (Explained)

A hoverboard is more like other motorized vehicles you can use for personal transportation. However, many dangers are associated with it, such as fire risks caused by overheating.

Moreover, a beginner may need help maintaining balance while riding a hoverboard, especially on rough terrains. 

For this reason, people tend to do intense findings if, like other motorized vehicles, one needs a license to ride a hoverboard.

Therefore, do you need a license to ride a hoverboard?

Whether or not you need a license to ride a hoverboard depends on the laws of where you reside. Though a hoverboard is categorized as a motorized vehicle due to its features, and it’s general knowledge that you must get a license before riding motorized vehicles. However, a hoverboard doesn’t meet the appropriate requirements for use in public places.

In this article, I will explain if you need a license before you can ride a hoverboard. I will also enlighten you on how to use hoverboards appropriately.

In addition, I will reveal the places where you can legally ride a hoverboard and where hoverboards aren’t allowed. 

And by the end, you will be able to discover the legal way of being a hoverboard owner.

Do You Require a License to Ride a Hoverboard?

Do You Need a License to Ride a Hoverboard

Well, it depends on the local laws of where you reside. Some countries/cities legalize the use of hoverboards, while some don’t allow it.

Generally, we could say no, you don’t require a hoverboard license because it’s prohibited to ride hoverboards on public roads in most countries/cities. 

It’s even totally prohibited to own hoverboards in some parts of the world. You must register and get a license to use motorized vehicles anywhere. 

Meanwhile, a hoverboard is also categorized as a motorized vehicle, but it’s illegal to ride it in public places, such as roads, footpaths, subway stations, bike paths, etc.

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You’re not allowed to ride hoverboards in public places because of the risks associated with it. For instance, it could lead to you disturbing other road users.

Also, your hoverboard can overheat, resulting in a fire outbreak which can put the lives of you and other people around in danger. 

In addition, you can sustain severe injuries by riding hoverboards in rough terrain, especially if you’re a new user finding it challenging to maintain balance and control.

Hence, because of its risks, you can’t use a hoverboard the same way you would other motorized vehicles.

Therefore, unlike other motorized vehicles, you don’t require a license to ride a hoverboard in most places because the hoverboard doesn’t meet the requirements for public use.

Hence, anyone found riding hoverboards in public places in such countries/cities commits an offense that attracts legal punishment.

Meanwhile, there are a few exceptions, i.e., some places where you need a license before you can ride hoverboards.

However, regardless, if you reside in a place where it’s allowed to own a hoverboard, it’s essential to ride it under safe conditions.

Firstly, don’t ride a hoverboard in public places because it’s illegal. However, you can ride it privately as long as the property owner has permitted you.

Then, always wear safety equipment such as a helmet when riding your hoverboard. Moreover, always wear pads, i.e., knee, hand, and elbow pads. 

This equipment will protect you from sustaining injuries if you involve in an accident when riding your hoverboard in a private place.

Are Hoverboards Considered Motorized Vehicles?

Yes, hoverboards are considered motorized vehicles. 

Motorized vehicles are self-propelled vehicles with a motor (internal combustion engine) and wheels made for use on roads, such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. 

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Motorized vehicles are also known as automotive vehicles. 

On the other hand, hoverboards are motorized self-balancing scooters powered by motors (internal combustion engines) and have two wheels. 

Hoverboards are electrical and portable devices mainly used by kids, teens, and some adults for personal transportation.

Comparing the definitions of motorized vehicles and hoverboards, you should have discovered that hoverboards fit well into the category of motorized vehicles.

Regardless, you must note that you can’t use hoverboards like other motorized vehicles. Also, unlike other motorized vehicles, you can’t ride hoverboards on public roads.

Where Are Hoverboards Illegal?

Riding hoverboards in public places, such as roads, footpaths, bike paths, subway stations, etc., is illegal.

Of course, hoverboards are considered motorized vehicles; however, some places in the world even consider using a hoverboard illegal due to its risks.

For instance, in New York City, buying, selling, and riding hoverboards and all other electric and motorized scooters have been illegal since 2015.

New York City banned the use of hoverboards because hoverboards are considered motor vehicles that people can’t register with the department of motor vehicles.

Hence, anyone with a hoverboard in New York City pays a fine of $500-$1000 as a first-timer and delivers more than the initial amount.

Furthermore, Britain’s department of transport also announced that it’s illegal to ride hoverboards on any road that doesn’t meet vehicle requirements.

If you’re curious about the pros and cons of hoverboards, check out the table below:

Pros of HoverboardCons of Hoverboard
Riding it helps to improve posture.There’s a risk of being involved in an accident, especially as a beginner.
It’s easy to handle after mastering it well.It’s tricky to master.
It’s eco-friendly.It’s illegal to ride them in most public places.
It’s affordable.It has limited accessibility because some parts of the world don’t allow it.
Riding it improves heart health.Overheating can cause it to explode.
It helps save transportation fares.It can’t withstand water.

Where Can You Legally Ride a Hoverboard?

Some places allow people to ride hoverboards as long as users comply with their rules and regulations.

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For instance, California publicized a new law in 2016 for hoverboard users, which stated as follows:

  • Anyone below 16 years old must not ride hoverboards in public. Meaning anyone below the stated age can ride hoverboards in private places.
  • Every hoverboard rider must always wear safety equipment, such as helmets, knee pads, hand pads, and elbow pads.
  • The equipment is essential to reduce the risk of severe injuries if the rider gets involved in an accident.
  • When riding a hoverboard, you must maintain an average speed. Note that the speed limit is under 35.
  • Any hoverboard user that goes against any of the above rules shall pay a fine of $250 per offense. 

For instance, if you’re caught riding your hoverboard with a speed above 35 and fail to wear safety equipment, you’ve committed two offenses which attract a $500 fine. 

So, riding a hoverboard in California is legal if you comply with their rules.

Australia also announced that motorized personal mobility device owners must ensure that their devices meet the registration requirements for public use.

For instance, all motor vehicles in Australia do have vehicle identification plates. So, motorized scooters must have their vehicle identification plate. 

Therefore, any motorized scooters like hoverboards that don’t have vehicle identification plates must not be used in public places because such devices don’t meet the Australian Design Rules. 

The United Kingdom is another place where you can ride a hoverboard legally. However, you can only ride the hoverboard on private properties with the owner’s permission. 

That is, it’s illegal to ride a hoverboard in public places in the UK. Hence, anyone caught riding hoverboards in public places in the United Kingdom shall be subjected to punishment.

Some places such as Germany, America, Italy, and France allow people to ride hoverboards on pavements and private properties only.

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