Converting Lime Scooter To Personal! (Beginners Guide)

Do you love to move around more simply and quickly? Then, the lime scooter would surely make a good and cost-effective means.

Furthermore, you may want to own one of these lime scooters. In this article, I will take you through a step-by-step procedure on how you can convert the lime scooter for personal use.

You can convert the lime scooter for personal use by hacking the scooter. Though a public property, the lime scooter can be made yours when the company decides to dispose of some units. You can also get one when impounded units are made available to the public at auctions. Still,  you’ll have to take them off the company’s system.

Step by Step Guide to Converting a Lime Scooter to a Personal Scooter

Converting Lime Scooter to Personal

To convert a lime scooter from entirely public use to private use, you must replace the android device.

The android device is the system that runs in the lime scooter both as a tracking device and a navigation device.

The lime scooter is considered one of the best electric scooters. Therefore, you can convert the lime scooter by replacing the android system.

You can replace this system with Bluetooth or any other device in the lime electric scooter. It is a lot easier to replace with Bluetooth than the microcontroller.

To carry out this activity effectively, you need a personal scooter kit. Once converted, you can use the lime scooter as yours. Before then, you have to acquire a lime scooter.

The following steps will guide you through a step-by-step method on how to convert a lime scooter into a personal one:

#1. Locate and Open the Green Box

Torx Bolts hold the green box firmly; you will have to unscrew these bolts to access the green box.

The green box is covered by a couple of Phillip screws and glue. Again, you have to be careful.

#2. Remove the Main Board

Once you open the green box, the main board is the major content of this box. Once you can see the main board, gently remove this board.

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The main board has a small power supply board attached to it. This power supply board should be left intact because it supplies the power to whatsoever you hope to replace.

#3. Wire in the Bluetooth Adapter

The lime electric scooter has wires in the green box. These wires supply the electric current necessary for the running of the lime scooter.

Once you have the Bluetooth Adapter in place, connect to the main supply board using the serial wires that run from it. These wires are color-coded for easy identification.

#4. Connect Your Bluetooth Adapter to the Serial Wires

Once these wires are identified and sorted, connect the Bluetooth adaptor to these wires. These run directly from the power supply.

#5. Download the Bluetooth App

You would need a device to generate a serial command to the lime electric scooter. This app is in the android app store or any iOS store.

When downloading this file, be careful to get the original one because so many are out there.

This app is merely to interface with the scooter when you need to. Once you have the app, you can fetch a serial code on the app.

These codes are a series of hex structured alpha-numerals. When you input these codes, you can activate or deactivate the scooter.

The activation code starts and stops the lime scooter, respectively. 

How Much Does it Cost to Unlock a Lime Scooter?

You will be charged just one dollar ($1) to unlock a lime scooter. Once you activate the lime app on your phone, you can easily unlock the lime rental scooter.

This procedure is rather simple and only requires active internet connectivity. Once you log into the app, the system requires your account details.

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After supplying the correct information, you can then unlock the scooter.

Once you pay the one-dollar charge, you will immediately unlock the electric lime scooter and then begin to make your journey.

The procedures required of you to unlock the scooter are simple.

How Do I Unlock a Lime Scooter for Free?

You can unlock a lime scooter for free and enjoy a ride free of charge. This offer is available to new users of the rental lime scooter.

However, you can only ride the electric lime scooter for free if you have a promo code. To unlock your lime scooter for free, you must download the lime app from the play store.

Once the app is on your device and running, you must create a lime account. This account takes note of your details and keeps you logged in.

Furthermore, you will be mandated to insert your bank details. These details consist of your card information which enables you to make transactions.

You will receive a promo code which is of alpha-numerals. With this code, you can unlock the lime scooter for free without paying the initial unlock charge of one dollar.

Furthermore, after successfully unlocking the lime scooter, you can view the pre-installed map to locate the nearest scooter.

Can I Use a Lime Scooter Without Internet?

You can use a lime scooter comfortably without an internet connection.

To enjoy this feature, you must have an apple app clip and an android instant app for an Apple device and an android device, respectively.

With these devices, you can walk up to a scooter and scan and activate them.

With your phone camera, you must scan the QR code on the lime electric scooter. If you own an Apple phone, you will be prompted to the instant app feature after you scan the QR code.

Here the instant play feature on your phone instantly confirms the ride and pays for the ride with the apple pay app. 

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The procedure is the same if you own an android phone.

With the Android system, Google Pay instantly opens up after capturing the QR scan. This feature allows you to make payments and enjoy your ride. 

Is Lime Scooter Profitable?

Indeed, the lime scooter is considered profitable in whatever dimension you intend to view it from both in terms of ease of access by customers and a business perspective by the owners.

In terms of personal consideration, electric scooter reviews rank the lime scooter high in profitability score and among the best electric scooters

As an individual, the lime rental scooters come in handy. You may need to make that quick dash within your city center.

This distance may be too far for a walk and too short for an uber driver. All you need to do is hop into the closest lime scooter and enjoy your ride at an affordable cost.

On the side of the company, lime has released reports of significant profits coming out of the pandemic.

Beyond these claims, you can make a good fortune by charging the lime scooter batteries. You can receive between three and 12 dollars for charging these batteries.

So in every aspect, some form of profit is associated with the running and use of the lime scooter.  


The lime rental scooters are for public use, but you can convert them for personal use. After acquiring them, the conversion process entails that you reinstall a new system.

To do this, you must own a personal scooter kit. You can also unlock your lime scooter for free.

All you need is the app and a promo code. You can also enjoy a stress-free ride whenever your internet connection is down.

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