Can You Take A Hoverboard To Disneyland? (Read This First)

There is so much planning that goes into exploring the fantastic fairytale world of Disneyland. Preparing makes you think about items you can take on the trip. 

Therefore, it is customary to want to take a hoverboard, especially when you think of the fun of riding through the park. 

However, it is essential to know if you can take a hoverboard to Disneyland before making the trip. Well, this article will help you with that information.

You can’t take a hoverboard to Disneyland. The rules prohibit bringing motorized, non-motorized, and electric devices into the park. Riding a hoverboard through the crowded park is dangerous; you could crash into something or someone. So, the rule against hoverboards and other devices is to protect you and everyone around in the park.

In this article, I will explain if Disneyland allows hoverboards, the items you can’t bring into Disneyland and if you can ride skateboards in Disneyland.

By the end, you’ll also know why the rules prohibit these items. 

Are Hoverboards Allowed in Disneyland?

Can You Take a Hoverboard to Disneyland

Disneyland does not allow hoverboards. There are strict regulations on wheeled items that visitors can take into the park.

The list of wheeled items not allowed includes hoverboards. The rules are to protect whoever is riding the hoverboard and other people.

Riding hoverboards at home is entirely different from doing so in Disneyland. Irrespective of your experience level with handling hoverboards.

Your house is probably spacious, and there are some streets in your city that you can ride without disturbances.

On the other hand,  many people at Disneyland on most days and children run around. So navigating through the crowd is challenging.

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Riding a hoverboard in the park will involve bumping into people. Therefore, you must learn to maneuver through the crowd to avoid bumping into them or other obstacles. 

Naturally, accidents will occur when you try to do this. For example, you may hit someone and end up hurting them.

At the same time, you may run into an obstacle or hurt yourself while trying to curve a bend. It could lead to severe injuries and even death.

So, the regulations against hoverboards are to prevent such incidents. It is for your safety, the safety of your friends and family, and also the safety of other visitors.        

What Items Can You Not Bring Into Disneyland?

You can’t bring motorized, non-motorized, or electric items into Disneyland. There are strict rules that prohibit such items from going into the park.

The table below outlines the items you can’t bring into Disneyland with their example.

Item CategoriesExamples
Non-Motorized itemsUnicycles, bicycles, hoverboards, skateboards, scooters, and roller blades/skates.
Motorized itemsBikes and motorcycles.
Remote-controlled gadgetsDrones, toy cars, and toy planes.

This list contains almost anything with wheels, either electric or non-electric. However, the wheeled items on this list are devices with less than three wheels.

These devices can’t maintain balance and stability when unpowered, stopped, or unoccupied. Items like this are dangerous in a crowded place. 

You must operate any electrical or manually powered device you bring into the park at a walking pace, and it must be a single rider.

In addition, the device’s size mustn’t be wider than 36 inches (92cm) and longer than 52 inches (132cm). However, you can still bring strollers and wheelchairs into the park. 

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Strollers and wheelchairs are essential to help take children around the park and allow people with disabilities to visit the park without help.

But, Disneyland rules do not allow strollers that are too large such as stroller wagons. In addition, the strollers should be foldable and compact to avoid discomforting other guests.

The dimensions of the strollers shouldn’t be more than 52 inches (132 cm) long and 31 inches (79 cm) wide.

The reason for the rules against sizes is that items that are too wide or long are not easy to maneuver through the crowd at Disneyland.

At the same time, you can rent a bicycle or bike in some Disney parks and ride it around some park sections. 

You can’t ride the bicycle and bike beyond that section, and the cast members working the park will have to stop you from going beyond the area.

Park sections where the rules allow these items are always less crowded. Bikes and bicycles help you to explore and experience the fun in such sections.

Furthermore, if you only have wheeled shoes like Heelys, it is best to detach the wheels and wear them like regular shoes before entering the park.

The rules are to avoid embarrassing situations when park staff have to reprimand adults or children with these items.

You won’t want the staff walking you out of the park because you have these items. It ruins the trip and takes the fun out of it.

Can You Ride Skateboards in Disneyland?

You can’t ride skateboards in Disneyland. Riding skateboards in Disneyland is dangerous to everyone in the park.

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You are endangering yourself and other guests when you ride in the park. Weaving in and out of crowds is not the best idea for everyone.

Just like hoverboards, skateboards also cause accidents due to the amount of crowd in the park at most times.

If you secretly ride a skateboard in Disneyland, probably just for the thrill of it or for some other reason, whatever consequences it brings is on the rider.    

If cast members catch you, they kindly ask you to stop skateboarding inside the park. You may have to leave the park if you insist on skateboarding.

Unfortunately, if you get a warning and still go ahead to continue riding your skateboard, you will have to answer any case that comes from injuring another guest.

Hence, it would help to always know Disneyland’s rules and regulations before visiting the park. It will help prevent a lot of issues. Can You Ride a Hoverboard to School?


Can I Bring in My Hoverboard, but I Won’t Ride It?

The rules don’t allow bringing hoverboards at all into Disneyland. You have to leave it elsewhere before entering the park.

Does Disneyland Check Your Bags?

Guests at Disneyland have to walk through scanners before entering the park, but the park reserves the right to additionally screen bags, parcels, and other items.

Does Disneyland Require See-through Bags?

Disneyland does not require see-through bags, but you and your bags may be subject to security checks and screening.

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