Can You Ride A Hoverboard in A Public Park? (Explained)

Hoverboards are a convenient mode of transportation, and they can be fun to ride around on. That’s if the rules in your State allow you to ride the hoverboard in the public park.

You can ride your hoverboard in the US. However, some states, like NY, have banned using self-balancing hoverboards in public places such as parks and public property. Notwithstanding, you can still ride them on private property. 

When hoverboards first hit the market, there were a few hiccups, like some hoverboards catching on fire because of battery malfunction. 

As a result, some people believe that hoverboards are banned in parks and cities. Keep reading to find out where you can safely ride your hoverboard. 

Are Hoverboards Allowed in Public Parks?

Can You Ride a Hoverboard in a Public Park

Riding a hoverboard in the US is legal, but you can’t ride it in public parks or other public places. 

For instance, if you live in NYC, the local government has banned hoverboards in public places, including parks. 

However, the restriction does not mean that hoverboards are banned anywhere else. 

On the contrary, they are still perfectly legal, and you can ride your hoverboard on private property and elsewhere.

The law in the UK is almost the same as in NYC; hoverboards are not allowed in public parks all over the UK. However, it’s not illegal to own a hoverboard in the UK.

But if you own one, you’ll have to ride within your home or in your backyard because the government has banned hoverboards in all public places in the country.

The motor vehicle act of 1835 has also banned hoverboards on the sidewalks.

Although the law is quite old, hoverboards fall into the category of two-wheel motor vehicles; people with hoverboards can’t ride them on the sidewalks. 

Although hoverboards fall into the two-wheel vehicle category, you can’t ride them in the UK.

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According to the same law, only registered vehicles can move on the road, but you can’t have your hoverboards registered because they are too small for vehicle insurance.

The laws and restrictions differ from country to country, and even in the same country, states have different laws. 

So, before you purchase a hoverboard, find out the law in your area. You can also ask the city officials about the law regulating hoverboards in your locality.

Where Can You Ride Hoverboards in the US?

You can ride your hoverboard in private residences and parks with the property owner’s permission.

In the US, the government has banned hoverboards in public places and parks for the safety of pedestrians, but on private property, nothing stops you.

Some states in the US, like New York, have passed laws against riding scooters on roads and sideways because they don’t fall into the category of motor vehicles.

But, some other states still allow hoverboards on the road and sidewalks. While it is not very safe, no laws expressly restrict the use of hoverboards on roads and sidewalks.

Other states like California that have expressly passed hoverboard regulations have also made rules for riders to follow on the roads and sidewalks.

Some of these regulations include the following;

  • The rider must be at least 16 years old.
  • You must also wear safety gear, like a helmet, while riding a hoverboard.
  • Stay under 35 mph (15 mph when riding on public roads, trails, or paths.
  • Fix a lamp when riding at night. The lights must be white and visible to oncoming vehicles from at least 300 feet away.
  • No one can ride a hoverboard if they are under alcohol or drugs. 

The law says that if anyone contravenes the regulations, they will have to pay a fine to the State of California.

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The regulation on hoverboards varies from State to state in the US. For example, New York has banned hoverboards in public parks and sidewalks.

The New York State Traffic Law 114-d states that using “electronic assist devices” is strictly prohibited in public places. And the law also covers hoverboards. 

So, in New York, you can only ride a hoverboard on private property and in private parks with the owner’s permission. 

Can You  Ride Your Hoverboard on Grass?

You can ride a standard hoverboard on grass, provided the grass isn’t too thick and is reasonably short.

But, if you want to ride a hoverboard in tall, thick grass, you should get an all-terrain hoverboard, also known as an off-road hoverboard.

Standard hoverboards have smaller wheels and are not designed for rough terrain, tall grass, or gravel. They work better for riders who want to take a leisurely ride or are looking for activity.  

Also, you should check the soil before you take your hoverboard on grass. Riding your hoverboard in the grass will be easier if the soil is dry. 

But, if the soil is wet and muddy, the wheels may get stuck. That is more common with standard hoverboard models that aren’t designed for rough terrains. 

You should limit your activities to smooth pavement if you own a standard hoverboard. But with an all-terrain hoverboard, you can take on the grass and dirt. 

The manufacturers make these hoverboards specifically to take on rough terrain, hiking trails, and grass fields, and they can also carry more weight than regular standard hoverboards.

So, many times, people wonder why you can ride some hoverboards on grass and not others. 

So, I’ll point out the difference between the two in the table below.

Standard HoverboardsAll-terrain Hoverboards
The tires are smaller, usually 6.5 inchesThey have larger tires, usually 8.5 inches
They have solid rubber tires.Usually have air-filled tires.
The motor can be less than 200W.Must have a motor of 200W or more.

So, if you’re looking for a hoverboard that you can ride in the grass, those are some things you need to look out for. 

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But if you already own a standard hoverboard, don’t take it out; get one that the manufacturer specifically designed for rough terrain.

Is It Okay to Ride Your Hoverboard on Gravel?

You can ride a hoverboard on gravel as long as it’s an off-road type; off-road models have larger wheels and are perfect for that terrain.

You can also ride a regular hoverboard on gravel, but that is a risk you shouldn’t take. Standard hoverboards lack the build to handle rough terrain.

Regardless of the type of hoverboard you want to use, make sure the gravel does not contain small stones. That type of gravel can damage the wheels of the hoverboard. 

So, you may end up damaging the hoverboard and causing injury to yourself. Off-road hoverboards have IP ratings, preventing dust from entering the boards.

Dust can cause severe damage to some components of your hoverboard, and standard hoverboards are more susceptible to dust.

So, if you ride the hoverboard on gravel, dust can get into the hoverboard and damage parts of the hoverboard, like the internal circuitry, the batteries, and the motors. 

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Can You Ride Your Hoverboard on Wet Surfaces?

Avoid riding your hoverboards on wet surfaces like concrete, floors, or grass. Your hoverboard is not resistant to water, and it’s not waterproof.

Can I Ride My Hoverboard on the Carpet?

You can ride your hoverboard on the carpet. However, the type of hoverboard and the carpet are essential factors.

Can I Ride a Hoverboard in My House?

You can ride a hoverboard both indoors and outdoors; however, if you’re riding a hoverboard indoors, remove obstacles like chairs and toys and steer clear of walls and delicate surfaces.

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