Can You Paint A Hoverboard With Acrylic Paint? (Explained)

Customizing hoverboards is one stylish way to give your device a new look and hide scratches. 

So, one of the easiest methods is to paint the board. However, choosing a type of paint for the hoverboard can take time and effort.

Acrylic paint may seem like a good idea, but it is customary to doubt if it is ideal for the process. Therefore, it is best to read this article to know if you can paint a hoverboard with acrylic paint.

You can’t paint a hoverboard with acrylic paint. The result will be messy because the paint’s texture will make it drip. Plus, using a brush to apply paint will affect the smoothness of the result. Using spray paint on hoverboards is ideal because it gives you a clean result. In addition, spray paints are easier to blend different designs.

In this article, I will explain if you can paint your hoverboard with acrylic paint, the type of paint you can use on your device and the color of paint you should use on a hoverboard.

By the end, you’ll also learn how to protect your hoverboard from scratches.

Can I Paint My Hoverboard With Acrylic Paint?

Can You Paint a Hoverboard With Acrylic Paint?

No, you can’t paint your hoverboard with acrylic paint. Acrylic paints are pretty challenging to handle, and the result could be messy.

Although acrylic paints adhere to most surfaces, you can easily create color blends. But using them on a hoverboard is a terrible idea.

You could disfigure the board if you didn’t blend the colors. Every brush stroke you give your hoverboard will bring it closer to ruining its beauty.

Using paint brushes on hoverboards does not give an appealing result in most cases, except you are probably a professional with paint brushes.

Mistakes like applying too much coat of paint are inevitable and can make the paint drip or cause streaks.

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What Type of Paint Can I Use on My Hoverboard?    

Spray paint is the ideal option to use on your hoverboard. Spray paint gives you smooth and even coats of color on your board.

You can blend in different colors using spray paint without ruining the appearance. Although, painting your hoverboard is an irreversible action.

But, with spray paint, you can paint over a previous color without causing streaks. Spray paint cans come in different brands and colors for you to choose from.

In addition, spray paints don’t drip like other paints. The ability to stick to an item without dripping makes the result neat and smooth.

However, it is possible for spray paint to drip and streak if you do not wait for a layer to dry before applying another one.

It is ideal for spraying about two to three layers of paint on your hoverboard to get a better result. It also helps to cover up scratches effectively.

Furthermore, ensure to tape the vital parts of the hoverboard. These parts include the LEDs, connectivity port, rubber foot pads, buttons, and wheels.

If paints get into these parts, it will affect their functionality. Before painting the hoverboard, you should use sandpaper to smoothen scratches and dings.

There are advantages to spray paints on your hoverboard but also some disadvantages. The disadvantages will give you a heads-up on what to look out for.

The table below outlines the pros and cons of spray paint on your hoverboard.

The paint spreads evenly to all areas.It requires a well-ventilated area to work.
It is fast and effective.Paint stains on your body and clothes don’t come off quickly.
It is easy to use.Sprat paints can be pretty toxic.
Spray paint works on any surface.A little finger touch can ruin the smoothness.
The paint dries fast.Some colors are scarce.

What Color of Paint Should I Use on a Hoverboard?    

There is no specific paint color recommended for a hoverboard. You can use any color according to your preference.

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You can use different color schemes and styles to customize your hoverboard. First, however, you must be sure you want your chosen color.

Painting your hoverboard is permanent customization, requiring creativity and time. At the same time, changing the color can be pretty stressful and time-consuming. 

So if you are still deciding about your color choice, it is best to wait until you decide.

In addition, you can use stencils and templates to add designs to the procedure. Using these items makes the process easier and faster.

But it would help if you were good with spray paints so you don’t ruin the entire process. Painting your hoverboard requires a neat job and beautiful result.

How Do You Protect Your Hoverboard From Scratches?

Scratches can affect the appearance of the devices. But scratching your device is inevitable if you ride regularly.

Hoverboards are expensive, and you must try to protect your device. Protecting your hoverboard from scratches is one of the essential duties of a hoverboard owner. 

Fortunately, methods, kits, and accessories can help you. In addition, most of the items you can use are affordable, and you can get them from stores.

Here are the ways to protect your hoverboard from scratches.

#1. Exercise Caution

The best way to avoid scratches is to be cautious when riding your hoverboard. If you are careful with riding, you can avoid rugged terrains.

It helps avoid rocks, puddles, and mud because terrains like this easily scratch your board. 

You must also know how to maneuver curves efficiently to avoid bumping into obstacles. Bumping into obstacles frequently can cause scratches.

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However, scratching your board while riding is inevitable. Therefore, it is best to use protective accessories as an alternative.

#2. Rubber Protection Kits

Rubber protection kits perform the function of preventing scratches on hoverboards. In addition, the rubber kit is affordable and accessible.

You can install the kit without a tool by fixing them across each wheel arch. You can also get larger kits with rubber strips to attach to your board’s front and rear edges.

This kit serves as a protective guard for your hoverboard. However, it doesn’t affect the functionality of your device.

But you must know how to remove your hoverboard wheels properly before installing the protection kits.

You may have an issue attaching and detaching the wheels while installing the kit.

#3. Rubber Tape and Foam Tape

The DIY method of preventing scratches involves applying a roll of foam or rubber tape over the hoverboard wheel arches.

This method is efficient and cost-effective; it also helps to customize your board while reducing scratches.

However, it may ruin the beauty of your hoverboard, especially if you don’t know how to apply the tape properly.

So, it is best to use other methods if you are skeptical about how your board looks.

#4. Hoverboard Case

There are many hoverboard cases or skins that prevent scratches on the board. These accessories are easy to install and cost-effective.

You can quickly get them from stores that sell hoverboards and their accessories. Fortunately, the hoverboard case is waterproof. 

It helps to reduce the amount of water that gets into your device. Hoverboards hardly have waterproof qualities, but this accessory comes with that feature.

You can also use them as a means to customize your board. So, while protecting your board, you also improve its appearance.

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