Can You Ride Lime Scooters At Night? (Must Know It)

Every day, we come across new inventions and better transport methods from one location to another.

One of these is the lime scooter, a product from the Lime company popularly known for manufacturing electric bikes and the like. 

Scooters are fun to use. Even though you cannot essentially use them to travel or go a far distance, they work just as well as bicycles.

Lime scooters provide a sense of freedom for city-dwellers who do not own cars and have no mobile way of getting around their daily activities. 

You can ride lime and bird scooters at night. However, when it is past 9 pm, all scooters with low batteries get picked up for recharging. As a result of the new curfew, lime scooters will not be operating from the hours of 10 pm to 5 am. 

Do Lime Scooters Work at Night?

Ride Lime Scooters at Night

Despite being available for usage for people without cars or personal bikes, there’s a time limit to when you can use the lime scooters.

Lime scooters do work at night. However, there has been a new curfew law for them to stop operating from 10 pm in cities like Washington. 

This enables the scooter maintenance team to take them for recharge and any necessary repair. However, lime scooters are not free; so, you must pay by the minute for using them.

After you’re done using the lime scooter, the best you can do is park it in a kind manner. This way, it is safe until pick-up time. 

The ban on scooters after 9 pm resulted from the frequent crashes at night. It was beginning to ruin the scooters and put city-dwellers at risk. 

Do Lime Scooters Turn Off at Night      

Technically speaking, the lime scooters do not go off at all. However, this doesn’t mean you should rush into the night with this information.

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Even though they do not go off, the lime scooters become “harvestable” once it is 9 pm. This is also applicable to bird lime scooters.

An advantage of lime scooters is that you can use them under rain and hail and not worry about them getting spoiled.

In addition, it can pass as an emergency option when weather conditions or traffic don’t let you use automobile options. 

It is possible to pause your lime scooter, so another person cannot access the vehicle while you still need it. However, your charge will still read per minute during the pause period. 

If you want to stop being charged per minute for your scooter, click on “end trip,” and you’re automatically cut off from that scooter. 

Can You Use Lime After Midnight?    

Many cities have regulations about people working and going about late-night activities. These regulations are put out because of security purposes.

However, You cannot deny that rules cannot completely stop people from moving at night. 

Certain conditions will warrant different people going out past midnight. The lime scooter is not your movement option if you’re going anywhere after midnight. 

It will be a lie to imply that line scooters cannot work after midnight. However, they do not because of their charger harvesting time.

Subsequently, people have used bicycles as a better option for moving after midnight. This is because bicycles don’t have any special curfews passed on them. 

Your only disadvantage is that a scooter has lights to guide you through the night, while the bicycle doesn’t. 

Do Lime Scooters Operate 24 Hours a Day?          

Lime scooters can operate 24 hours a day. Nevertheless, many companies regulating these scooters will not accept for it to be so.

For proper maintenance, these scooters are either harvested or locked once it’s 9 pm. In certain cities, they’re left till 10 pm, depending on a curfew. 

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After the curfew, scooters that weren’t harvested at harvesting time will be automatically locked from the company.

Unfortunately, this means you’ll not be able to use the scooters after curfew, even if they’re fully charged and haven’t been picked up yet. How Do I Charge a Bird Scooter Battery?

You may be wondering if there could be exceptions to this law. In cities that are busy 24/7, it is challenging to say scooters will not work all through.

The only thing is, You cannot use the same set of lime scooters used in the daytime at nighttime. This is to ensure vehicle maintenance and to make sure they get charged. 

What can be done in bustling cities is: 

  • You can use the lime scooters interchangeably. For example, when a set is used during the day, new ones are planted during the daytime scooter harvesting. 
  • People can be allowed to go and charge the scooters themselves, so they can keep them until they’re done for the day. 
  • Laws can be passed on like scooters area control to manage how far a particular scooter is, so other people can finish up all they have to do. 
  • Scooter harvests should run three shifts. This way, you can have more people watching the scooters overnight if they’ve been left out. 

If all these are being looked into and worked in favor of citizens, then lime scooters can be available 24 hours a day. 

What Time Do They Pick Up Lime Scooters?

Typically, lime scooters are picked up at 9 pm by the chargers to take them for charging. For example, in Washington, a 10 pm curfew has been voted in for scooters.

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This means there is a possibility that scooters are not harvested until 10 pm.

So far, we’ve only looked at the time of pick-up and reinstallation of lime scooters.

The management company and society safety board put all these rules and guidelines because these scooters have a severe advantage to society.

Examples of these advantages are: 

#1. No Need For Gas

The need for gas and related resources is high in demand. This will mean any transportation that requires using gas is going to be a hassle. Considering: 

  • affordability.
  • Availability.
  • Pollution. 

#2. Eco-Friendly

Lime scooters are powered by electricity generated from natural sources like dams and the Sun. In this light, using scooters is a more eco-friendly than gas-powered means of movement. 

#3. Easy to Use

Unlike bikes and cars, you can use a Lime scooter for the first time and have no issues. The ease of use is because it is straightforward and requires no special training. 

However, if you’re not sure you can use a lime scooter correctly for the first time, all you have to do is read the manual or watch a YouTube video on how to. 

#4. Vehicle Configuration

The lime scooters’ configuration makes it easy for the company to locate it quickly when necessary.

This advantage is applicable when you’re involved in an accident or trying to steal the scooters. 


The use of lime scooters is to ease stress off people that live in a particular city by reducing how much they walk. However, the services of the lime scooters are not free.

Mainly because they will need maintenance from time to time, the charge is per minute and may be cheaper and more eco-friendly than car fuel.

In all you do, ensure you are extremely careful with them to avoid paying for damages.

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