Can I Use Xiaomi Scooter Without App? (Must Follow This)

Scooters are fun and take away the stress. It’s understandable for users to want to use it without navigating through an app.

However, manufacturers made these apps so you will enjoy the premium experience these scooters offer.

The app is essential to the scooter’s operation as it will also update you on its readings. This article will highlight other reasons why you need the App.

You can use your Xiaomi scooter without an app. However, you won’t enjoy the scooter’s full range of features. Without activating the scooter with the app, the scooter will remain locked. The user won’t enjoy using the scooter in lock mode since the front wheel won’t move freely, limiting speed. It will be difficult to ride the vehicle.

This article will highlight the need for using the Xiaomi scooter app. You’ll also learn how to connect to the scooter from the mobile app and how to use it.

Can I Use My Xiaomi Scooter Without the App?

Can I Use Xiaomi Scooter Without App

You can use the Xiaomi scooter without the app, although there would be limitations on the scooter. The mobile app unlocks the scooter’s full capabilities for the user.

Using the scooter unlocked leaves you with a slow-moving scooter. You also won’t be able to access many features on the scooter.

Without activation, the scooter limits its speed to only 10km/h, which isn’t anywhere near the 25km/h top speed.

Therefore, no matter how much you try, the scooter won’t move faster than that speed.

Furthermore, the scooter beeps continuously once you switch it on, and it doesn’t stop till you activate it.

The following table shows some features that are inaccessible to an unlocked scooter.

Switching ambient lightsAmbient light settings are inaccessible to unlocked scooters.
Changing riding modeThrough the app, you can change the scooter’s riding mode.
Observing mileageYou can check the scooter’s mileage on the app.
Battering lifeThe app displays the battery life of the scooter.
Cruise controlThe settings for traversing terrains are only done on the app.

You can see some features you’ll miss without using the app. The scooter won’t be as fun, and you’ll get tired of it.

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It is unwise to spend money to buy a scooter without unlocking it with the app. Download the app and unlock the scooter to experience its full capabilities.

How to Connect a Xiaomi Scooter to the App?

You can connect a Xiaomi scooter to the Mi Home app by downloading and installing it on your mobile device.

Bluetooth technology facilitates the connection between the scooter and the app. The Mi Home app introduces you to multiple features you can enjoy on the scooter.

The following process will guide you on connecting the scooter with the app.

Step 1: Application Setup

Download the Mi Home application into your Android or iOS device. Install the app and open it to set up your account using your phone number or email.

After creating the account, log into the application using your details.

Step 2: Connect the Scooter to the App

Switch on the scooter by pressing the power key for three seconds. Next, search for the scooter on your mobile device’s Bluetooth.

You can also use WiFi to connect the scooter to the app. However, connection by WiFi will require a security key to unlock the scooter’s data.

Once your phone detects the scooter, tap on it to connect. While trying to connect the scooter, you can repeatedly tap the acceleration button.

This action will keep the scooter on so it doesn’t turn off while you try to connect it to the app.

Step 3: Navigation

After the scooter connects with the app, you can tweak your scooter to your desired settings.

The first dashboard display shows the speed reading, current mileage, and battery levels. There are three dots on the upper right of your phone screen.

You can tap on these dots to access other features.

The above steps will get your Xiaomi scooter connected to your mobile app. However, there might be some issues that will prevent the scooter and mobile app from linking.

Reasons your scooter won’t connect to the mobile app

The following are some reasons your scooter won’t connect to the mobile app.

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#1. Bluetooth Isn’t On

This reason is a simple one that can happen without your knowledge. The Bluetooth might turn off on its own, and your phone won’t be capable of searching for your scooter.

Ensure the Bluetooth is on by going under the phone’s settings and navigating to Bluetooth. Ensure the toggle is on before you try searching for your device again.

#2. Unsupported Device

Your phone might not detect the scooter if the device has outdated firmware. Ensure you update the firmware on your phone and scooter.

This way, the scooter will be visible to your device to enable a seamless connection between them.

#3. Xiaomi App Needs Update

The Xiaomi app might need an update. New app versions come out every time due to bug fixes and enhanced compatibility.

If your app doesn’t connect with your scooter, you can update the app to the latest version.

#4. Issues with Bluetooth Chip

A faulty Bluetooth chip is another reason your phone’s Bluetooth doesn’t connect with your scooter.

The simple solution will be replacing the Bluetooth chip to facilitate Bluetooth connection.

How Can I Use a Xiaomi Scooter from the App?

To use a scooter from the app, you’ll simply open the app, log in, then navigate the different options. The dashboard displays the speed and mileage of the scooter.

From this dashboard, you can see three dots sitting in the upper right area of the screen. Tap on it to reveal other functions you can tweak on the scooter.

The following are some of the features of the app.

#1. Cruise Control

You can turn on cruise control from the app. Cruise control is one of the many features you can enjoy when using the app. You can tap on the cruise control option and turn it on.

When turned on in the app, you can activate it on the scooter by pushing the throttle for three seconds.

Once activated, you won’t need to throttle the scooter anymore; it will ride by itself. All the rider has to do is hold the handlebars.

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Manufacturers copied this feature from cars. The scooters use an algorithm comparable to those in cars to maintain a regular speed.

Cruise control also helps enhance battery life. A scooter will use less power when riding at constant speeds than regular deceleration and acceleration.

The feature also adjusts to the terrain to apply the required power needed by the scooter to traverse the terrain.

#2. Energy Recovery Strength

This feature has associations with braking, and you can switch it on from the app. Scooters use regenerative braking.

This braking system accumulates kinetic energy inside the scooter’s battery when decelerating. This energy will now run the scooter’s motor.

Instead of energy-wasting, it’ll transform into electricity. The brake serves as a generator to rejuvenate the scooter’s batteries.

The feature, therefore, controls how slow or quick you brake using three levels, weak, medium, and strong. You can set it on any level you want, depending on your experience.

#3. Adding Password

You can add a password to your scooter so it wouldn’t be accessible to others. To do this, open the app and tap the scooter image to see the menu.

Tap on the 3 dots in the upper right area of the display and tap “Scooter password settings.” Two text fields will open for you to input and confirm your password.

After confirmation, you must use the password before riding a scooter.

Do You Really Need the App to Operate a Xiaomi Scooter?

You don’t need the app to operate a Xiaomi scooter. You can still turn the scooter on and ride it, although you’ll meet some limitations.

However, you need the app to unlock the full features of a Xiaomi scooter. Firstly, if you don’t unlock the scooter, it’ll beep continuously when you turn it on.

Also, the scooter refuses to travel at speeds of over 10 km/h. It doesn’t matter your effort; the scooter will not move faster than that.

Furthermore, there are various benefits to unlocking the app. The scooter’s many features will be accessible once you unlock it.

You’ll miss the following features when you use a scooter without unlocking it.

#1. Follow-up Data

There are some scooter data readings you won’t see except you connect it to the app. Their app displays readings such as battery status, speed level, route, and many others.

#2. Configuration

There are other configuration settings like braking, cruise control, and suspension. These settings enhance the user’s riding experience, which is only accessible through the app.

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