Can I Track My Xiaomi Scooter? (Read This First)

Having a Xiaomi electric scooter when you need to get around is a plus in your transportation. However, losing your Xiaomi scooter can be a painful experience.

It is easy to forget an e-scooter somewhere, or worse, a thief might steal it. Consequently, you may wonder if you can track your Xiaomi scooter to find its location.

Well, it is best to keep reading to find out. 

Of course, you can track your Xiaomi scooter and find its present location. You can do this by using the GPS tracker app on your phone and inputting your ID number. If the scooter model has an installed GPS tracker, you will find your Xiaomi scooter. However, you must employ other means if it does not have a GPS tracker.

In this article, you will understand the possibility of tracking a Xiaomi Scooter and various ways to track your Xiaomi scooter when it gets lost.

By the end, you’ll also know the location of the tracker on your scooter.

Can You Track Your Xiaomi Scooter?

Can I Track My Xiaomi Scooter

Tracking your Xiaomi scooter can be difficult, especially in a big city or busy county. But, of course, it is possible to track your Xiaomi scooter.

If you lose your Xiaomi scooter, start searching for it immediately. The reason is that the more you delay, the higher the chances of finding your scooter become slimmer.

For instance, if you experience a robbery and the thief takes your Xiaomi scooter, you must track it quickly to get it back in time.

As an electric scooter owner, you should have certain important information about your device. Subsequently, that information will be useful to you at certain times.

For example, here are the important things you should have in hand about your Xiaomi scooter:

  • The serial number
  • The model name
  • A picture of the Xiaomi scooter
  • Driver’s license
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If you bring this information along when searching for your Xiaomi scooter, it will be easier to locate. However, if you don’t have any of these things, it’ll be impossible to track them.

Nonetheless, you can still track your Xiaomi scooter if you have only the serial number and a picture of the scooter

Electric scooters are quite expensive, so you need to retrieve them early when they get lost. If you cannot do that, you may have to purchase another scooter within a short period.

What Are the Best Ways to Track Your Xiaomi Scooter?

There are several ways to track your Xiaomi scooter. However, if you want instant results, there are a few perfect ways to search for it.

Since finding your scooter is your top priority, nothing should be holding you back when the situation arises.

Here are the best ways to track your Xiaomi scooter:

  • The GPS tracker
  • The serial number
  • Put up fliers around
  • Report to the local authority
  • Check surveillance cameras
  • Check the nearest pawnshop

Now, I will explain the following points in detail so you will have an in-depth knowledge of them.

#1. The GPS Tracker

You can easily track your Xiaomi scooter using the GPS tracker in a few steps. However, it will only work if your Xiaomi scooter’s location is on and the engine is running.

The GPS tracker initiates by linking to a tracking system. Satellites transmit distinct signals that go by land-based navigation equipment. 

The locator receives a signal from the satellite and computes the coordinates, velocity, and other variables.

The received data goes to the scooter owner. One of the alternatives for transmitting coordinates is through SMS with a link to a map on a smartphone. 

Another method of transmission is to the surveillance server, which stores all the information in the database as entries. 

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The data comprises details indicating the date, time, and coordinates the Xiaomi scooter owner may require.

#2.  The Serial Number

The serial number of a device is the identification number of each particular model. If you can get the police to look up the serial number, you might be able to track your Xiaomi scooter.

Also, with the serial number, you can check surveillance footage and easily track the location. If you are lucky, you may discover that your Xiaomi scooter isn’t far away.

#3. Put Up Fliers Around

Putting up fliers could be a great way to track your Xiaomi scooter. For instance, if you live in a small town where everyone knows each other.

This way, it will be easy to spot your Xiaomi scooter when they see it with someone else.

You could also report it to the local authority so that they can apprehend any rider without their license.

If the local sheriff has a good eye, you might find your Xiaomi scooter soon.

#4. Report to The Local Authority

Reporting to the local authority is one of the fastest ways to track your Xiaomi scooter. 

The reason is that law enforcement agencies frown at people who break the law by stealing and causing havoc. Consequently, they set laws to guard the citizens and punish offenders.

So once your Xiaomi scooter is missing, dial the police emergency contact or get to the police station. 

There are many ways the police can help you get your gadget back in your possession.

However, if they eventually track your Xiaomi scooter, do not try to retrieve it yourself. Ensure that you are cautious and go with backup.

The reason is that you may never know who stole your Xiaomi scooter. If they can rob you of your property, they are dangerous and could harm you when trying to retrieve it.

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#5. Check Surveillance Cameras

If your Xiaomi scooter gets missing at a store or market, the first thing to do is to check the surveillance cameras.

This way, you may have a partial or clear image of the thief, and tracking becomes easier.

#6. Check the Nearest Pawn Shop

Pawn shops are great places to sell used or recycled gadgets, devices, and electronics. Subsequently, it also makes it a suitable place to sell stolen items.

Before you give up on finding your Xiaomi scooter, the pawn shop is the best place to check.

You could go there and pretend to be a serious buyer who is looking for an electric scooter model. It is best not first to ask for the particular model to ward off suspicions.

The rule is simple, be natural and act genuinely interested. In the end, you might be lucky.

Where Is the Tracker Located on the Scooter?

The tracker is at the clamp, just on top of the headset. This position makes it easy to install a GPS on a Xiaomi scooter.

Although some Xiaomi scooter models do not have an inbuilt GPS tracker, it is not a problem. You can install a GPS tracker easily and save yourself the stress.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, you could also get a licensed technician to install the GPS tracker on your scooter.

Purchasing a GPS tracker is also very easy. Visit a Xiaomi scooter outlet or the company’s licensed store. 

Once you get it in position, your Xiaomi scooter is safer, and there is a high chance of finding it easily.

Installing a GPS tracker on your Xiaomi scooter has pros and cons.

Here is a table showing the pros and cons of installing a GPS tracker.

You can track your Xiaomi scooter easilyThe thieves could disconnect the tracker
It could save you from buying another scooterIt could be expensive
It requires no special gadget except the tracker and your smartphoneIt may be ineffective if your scooter’s location and engine is off

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