Can I Make My Xiaomi Scooter Faster? (Explained)

Originally, scooters were created for short-distance travel. But nowadays, you can ride your scooter for longer distances due to technological advancements.

You may need more flair for your scooter in key areas like the speed limit and have probably wondered if you can make your scooter go faster. 

Well, this article you’re about to read is a friendly guide on how to go about it. So why don’t you relax and allow me to take you on an expository ride? 

You can make your scooter go faster. All you need to do is remove your Xiaomi scooter’s speed limit. You can do this by. After downloading the M365 DownG app and installing it, you can go ahead to download and upgrade your Scooter’s software. Alternatively, invest in battery modifications such as capacity enlargement or a second battery for your scooter.

In this article, I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to make your Xiaomi scooter go faster, perform speed enhancement hacks, and bypass the speed limit on your scooter.

In addition, I will give you an exposition of the recommended speed limit for some high-end Xiaomi scooter models.

Can I Boost My Xiaomi Scooter’s Speed?   

Can I Make My Xiaomi Scooter Faster

Like every other device, a Xiaomi scooter has a dedicated speed range. The manufacturers already have in mind what the speed limit should be.

The scooter can go as fast as 10 km/h on a normal speed. However, the manufacturers provide a method to upgrade it through the Mi Home App.

Nonetheless, the maximum speed for Xiaomi scooters is 25 km/h. This speed makes it possible to comply with the legal speed regulations.

In addition, you can always modify your Xiaomi to boost its speed even with the speed limit.

You can perform these modifications on your own or contact the services of a professional if you think you may not get it right.

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Below is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to boost your Xiaomi scooter models from the Mi Home App. 

Step 1: Download and Install the  Xiaomi App

The Xiaomi mobile App controls every scooter model. On this App, you can adjust the scooter’s speed and other features.

Thankfully, the App is available on Google play store for Android Devices. You can also get it on your iOS App store.

You must ensure the downloaded App is up-to-date before beginning the process.

Step 2: Connect to Your Scooter

The Xiaomi mobile App connects to your scooter through Bluetooth. You only need to launch the App and turn on the e-scooter.

Then, press the “+” icon on the screen display. This icon is at the top of the screen. Next, follow the instructions prompts on the App.

The alternate method requires installing firmware to customize the scooter’s speed. Many firmware are out there, but let’s focus on the common one.

The step below analyzes how to boost your scooter’s speed with firmware.

Step 1: Download and Install the App

First, download and install the M365 Down G App from the App Store. This App makes installing any firmware on your device easy.

Next, download the Xiaomi M365 Max Speed firmware to complete the process. This firmware is a modified software to hack your scooter’s speed.

Step 2: Launch and Connect the App

Launch the App and select “Connect” to locate the vehicle. Next, tap “Check Version,” then navigate to “Open Bin.” Locate the firmware you downloaded before.

Step 3: Boost the Scooter’s Speed Limit

The next step is to select the “Flash” option to boost the scooter. This action has successfully boosted the e-scooter speed.

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You should note that this process may fail if you have recently updated your Xiaomi App.

In addition, if you have the most recent model of your Xiaomi Pro, these steps may not yield any results. Always check these out before doing an upgrade.

Alternatively, you can search for custom firmware to bypass these limitations.

How Can I Bypass the Xiaomi Scooter’S Speed Limit?

You can bypass your Xaomi’s speed through three methods classified as;

●       Risk-free method

●       Modifying method

●       Advanced method

#1. Risk-Free Methods

Risk-free methodologies are the safest ways to modify your speed limit. Even though they involve tampering with the speed limiter of the scooter, they only correct your scooter’s speed.

However, before using risk-free methods, calculate the costs and risks of touching your scooter’s speed limiters.

You can void your warranty in the process. You may also face legal action for exceeding the regulated speed limit.

#2. Modifying Methods

If the major aim of adding modifications to your scooter is to make it go faster, then you must remove the speed limit entirely. 

Alternatively, to take the extra mile, you can undergo battery optimizations, update the battery capacity or add a second battery to your scooter. 

Interestingly, you can do both: add a battery to your scooter and update the existing battery to a more powerful one. 

Unfortunately, after these modifications, your warranty may become void.

#3. Advanced Method

This method involves opening your scooter to make some mechanical adjustments on some of the internal parts of your scooter.

Since it is a complicated method, you should only turn to it if all other options don’t work.

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Here are some tips to make your scooter go faster:

  • Ensure that your scooter is unlocked and check to be sure you are in a risk-free mood whenever you are riding on it. Risk-Free mode is the fastest mode of all.
  • Make sure your battery is always fully charged.
  •  Renew your battery occasionally.
  •  Remove the speed limit on your scooter
  • Install a modified firmware
  • Clean scooters motors from time to time to remove dirt, dust, and oil
  • Ensure you turn off any feature that could drain the battery when not in use. Consider putting off all the lights too
  • Reduce the load you carry when riding your scooter. It will help if you don’t ride your scooter while carrying a heavy grocery bag or backpack

What Is the Xiaomi Scooter Speed Hack?

The Xiaomi scooter speed hack is easy to perform if you follow the recommended steps in this article. 

All you need to do is upgrade the speed limits on your Xiaomi scooter through two different yet very efficient methods; you upgrade internal parts or the firmware.

Fortunately, you can do the upgrade in a few minutes, and if you do it correctly, you will have your speed upgraded in no time.

Even though upgrading your scooter’s internal parts is a complicated process, you can never go wrong with contacting the professional full help. 

On the other hand, before attempting to upgrade your scooter, first of all, understand the weight, maximum speed range, maximum weight of the rider, and battery capacity of your scooter.

These parameters determine how fast your scooter can go and how long it will last after the upgrade.

Below is a table showing the standard for each of these parameters on some high-end Xiaomi scooters

ParametersXiaomi M365Xiaomi M365 ProXiaomi 1sXiaomi Essential Lite
Weight12 kg14 kg12.5 kg12 kg
Top speed26 km/h26 km/h25 km/h20 km/h
Range45 km43 km30km20 km
Battery capacity280 w/h474 w/h7650mAh/275w/h
Maximum Rider weight100 kg100 kg100 kg100kg

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