Can I Leave My Xiaomi Scooter Charging Overnight? (Explained) (Final Done )

Safety with electrical devices helps maintain the device’s state and prevent accidents. Electric scooters are great for rides across parks and less busy roads.

One drawback these devices have is they don’t operate very long, even after a full charge. That may be why people leave the scooter plugged in overnight to get maximum range.

However, there are some dangers to charging a scooter overnight. The article below will reveal some of them.

You can leave your Xiaomi scooter to charge overnight. The design of the scooter’s charging components allows it to turn off charging when it’s full. However, this practice is not recommended. The battery can develop faults if it’s always charging overnight. Over time, the battery will weaken and eventually become useless. 

The article below explains why leaving your Xiaomi scooter charged till daybreak is not advisable.

Also, you’ll learn how long it takes for a Xiaomi scooter to charge and how long it lasts after charging.

Additionally, you’ll discover if overcharging affects the Xiaomi scooter’s battery.

Can You Leave a Xiaomi Scooter Charging Overnight?

Can I Leave My Xiaomi Scooter Charging Overnight

With recent technological advancements, you can charge your Xiaomi scooter overnight without fear. Although, it’s not advisable to charge the scooter overnight frequently.

The scooter has software or component that makes it safe for overnight charging.

With this feature, even though the scooter remains plugged, the charging cuts off once it’s 100 percent.

Since overnight charging isn’t advisable, there are some points to note when you choose to do so.

The following points impact overnight scooter charging.

#1. Use the Recommended Charger

You must use the scooter’s original charger if you have to leave it plugged in during the night. This way, you’ll reduce the possible risks of using a different charger brand.

Electronic devices can be complex and require consistency. If you use a different charger to charge your scooter overnight, problems might develop.

The original battery has specifications regarding voltage and other elements that match the battery.

You can’t tell what will happen when the scooter experiences a different charger all night.

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A different charger can create an issue if there is an incompatibility between the charger and the scooter.

Therefore, you must not switch chargers if you plan to charge till daybreak.

#2. The Battery’s State

Your battery’s state can determine if you should plug it in overnight. You shouldn’t plug your scooter overnight if your battery heats up when charging.

The battery can damage or explode if it stores up electricity for that long. Overheating mostly occurs with older batteries.

Hence, do not plug your scooter to charge overnight if the battery overheats. Replace the battery before attempting overnight charging.

How Long Does it Take To Fully Charge a Xiaomi Scooter?

It takes about 5 hours for a Xiaomi scooter to charge fully. However, the charging period depends on certain conditions.

The table below shows some elements that affect the charging period.

Variables That Affect ChargingReason
ChargerUsing another charger besides the original slows down charging.
Battery ageThe battery can take more time to charge if it’s old.
TemperatureExtreme temperatures affect how fast a battery charges.

#1. Charger

The original charger for your Xiaomi scooter will charge it fully in about 5 to 7 hours.

Other brands of chargers might not produce similar results as they take more time to charge.

#2. Battery Age

The battery’s age also determines how quickly it will charge. With heavy usage, batteries can deteriorate.

This deterioration can increase the battery’s charging period.

An aged battery can take up to 8 to 9 hours to fully charge, even when using an original charger.

Therefore, you should expect a longer charging period when you have an old scooter.

#3. Temperature

Extreme hot and cold weather can affect the charging speed of your scooter. Your scooter won’t normally charge if the temperature is very cold or very hot.

Electric devices charge better at moderate temperatures. If you’re experiencing extreme temperatures, you might notice a change in charging duration.

Does Overcharging a Xiaomi Scooter Affect the Battery?

There is potential damage to overcharging the battery of your Xiaomi scooter.

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Xiaomi scooters fully charge in 5 hours, so there’s no need to plug in overnight and expose them to danger. Once the battery is full, a red light displays on the diode.

At this point, you can unplug the scooter. Also, the scooter doesn’t need to be overcharged when you buy it for the first time.

Scooter owners tend to overcharge new scooters. However, these scooters always come with about 55 to 75 percent.

One doesn’t need to charge it for long before they use it.

It would help if you unplugged the scooter despite its ability to stop charging once the battery is full. Otherwise, you can expose the scooter’s battery to certain risks.

The following are some reasons to avoid overcharging.

#1. Heat Generation

Charging the scooter continuously will send a surplus electrical current into the battery. This constant current flow can cause the battery cells to overheat.

This heat can impair some of the components in the battery and lessen its efficiency over time.

#2. Chemical Disparity

Chemical disparity can occur when you overcharge the scooter. Ions bounce across the negative and positive electrodes during charging, building up and discharging energy.

These ions will accumulate and create disparity when you overcharge the battery.

This disparity causes the creation of unwelcome chemical substances like Lithium metal fragments.

These fragments can destroy the battery’s internal assembly and force an electrical short.

#3. Loss of Capacity

Overcharging a battery can also cause it to lose its capability to store a charge for different periods.

The extra electrical current flowing from overcharging can strain the battery.

This strain will destroy the active chemicals in the battery and eventually reduce the battery’s energy-storing capability.

In essence, the scooter will have a lower range when in use.

#4. Other Dangers

Overcharging a Xiaomi battery can create other problems, like swelling and combustion/explosion.

When you’re fond of plugging your scooter to charge for long hours, any of the above two issues can occur.

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The excess current might accumulate to the point where it can’t contain itself again. At this point, you can get different reactions from the battery, which can be dangerous.

How Long Does a Fully Charged Xiaomi Scooter Last?

A fully charged Xiaomi M35 Pro will last about 4.55 hours at a regular speed and 1.82 at a top speed.

On the other hand, a fully charged Xiaomi M365 runs for about 2.93 hours at regular speed and 1.17 hours at top speed.

These estimates won’t be the same for every scooter owner. You might ride at a really slow pace that uses less energy from the battery and maximizes the range.

Besides riding at slow speeds, there are other ways to extend your scooter’s battery life.

Below are some practices that optimize a Xiaomi’s battery:

#1. Maintenance

You can enjoy additional range from your scooter if you maintain the battery. One way to do this is to clean the battery using a moist cloth to wipe away dirt and other debris.

Cleaning will help avert substance buildup and retain suitable heat dissipation. Additionally, it’s important to examine the battery for faulty connections.

Make sure all connections are secure. Furthermore, take note of the weight of the scooter. The heavier the weight, the more strain on the battery.

Don’t carry extra weight on you when you go on rides.

#2. Change Riding Behaviors

How you ride your scooter can heavily impact the scooter’s battery. You should use the quickest and safest route anytime you hop on your scooter.

Also, pick routes with even roads, fewer stops, and fewer slopes. It’s important to maintain uniform speeds throughout your journey to lessen accelerations.

In addition, be wary of braking since it can waste power and decline battery efficiency. You can also switch on eco-mode to conserve the battery.

This mode enforces limits on the scooter so that energy is distributed evenly to save battery. Furthermore, the tire pressure can also influence the battery.

Your scooter’s manual should have the correct tire pressure. Consult the manual and inflate the tires with respect to the stated pressure.


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