Can A Child Ride An E-Scooter? (Things You Must Know)

Electric scooters are one of the many wonders introduced to the world by technological advancement for easier and more enjoyable personal transportation.

However, you must consider the safety of the E-scooter’s rider since it requires control, focus, and a good sense of direction to drive.

If you’re wondering whether there are age limits for children or teenagers when it comes to riding an E-scooter unsupervised, you’re in the right place. 

Children under sixteen should not ride E-scooters unsupervised because it requires constant focus to avoid injuries. If a child has to ride an E-scooter, they should sit securely in the passenger carriage available for two passengers. Children can only use E-scooters on private properties or playgrounds while supervised. 

In this article, I will explain why E-scooters are unsafe for children and the age suitable for riding E-scooters.

By the end, you’ll know if electric scooters are safe for children and if there are electric scooters made specifically for child safety.

Can a Kid Ride an E-Scooter?

Can a Child Ride an E-Scooter

A child shouldn’t be allowed to ride an electric scooter because they require more precision and maturity to drive than regular bikes.

However, you can supervise a child while they ride on an electric scooter in a children-friendly environment, such as a house or a playground.

Unfortunately, children are more likely to suffer minor or major accidents while riding an electric scooter on the street, unsupervised by an adult.

Below are the reasons why children should not ride electric scooters while they’re unsupervised; 

#1. Any Fall from an Electric Scooter Results In an Injury

Children are likely to play around instead of focusing on their stability while riding an electric scooter which puts them at risk of sustaining injuries.

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For this reason, any fall they suffer while riding an electric scooter is most likely to result in an injury.

However, the intensity of the injury might vary based on the speed of the electric scooter, the safety accessories, a collision, and where they fall.

#2. Children Have a Low Sense of Impulse Control

When a child sees an e-scooter, all they think of is how fun it would be to ride instead of their safety while operating it.

Therefore, their impulse control is not on high alert while riding an e-scooter because they’re focused on how much fun they have.

This means an e-scooter is potentially more dangerous while a child rides it without adult supervision because of immaturity.

What Age Is Okay for Electric Scooters? 

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children below the required age for a driver’s license (16) shouldn’t be allowed to ride e-scooters.

However, there are electric scooters that have been made specifically for children while taking their safety and weight into consideration. 

Despite the innovation of electric scooters for children, only children aged eight and above with a maximum weight of 60-80 kg can operate them.

There are age limits and restrictions placed on electric scooters for children because they can easily lose concentration and be badly hurt without adult supervision.

Children aged eight and above will likely have better motor skills and be conscious of their surroundings while riding an e-scooter.

However, purchasing an electric scooter with a smaller motor for children is safer because they cannot exceed unsafe speed limits while riding it.

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Children are naturally clumsy up until their teen ages, so you must adhere to certain safety precautions while they ride child-approved electric scooters.

Below are some tips on how to ensure a child’s safety while riding an electric scooter;

#1. Ensure That the Electric Scooter Is Safe Before Use

The parents or guardians of a child need to check that the electric scooter is approved for their age before they ride it.

After ensuring that the electric scooter is age-appropriate, you must ensure that it is in good condition and safe to be taken on a ride.

Unfortunately, many risks are attached to allowing a child to ride an electric scooter, so a thorough check is mandatory before use.

#2. Ensure that the Child Is Wearing Full Safety Gear Before Use

Electric scooters of all ages are strongly advised to wear all the required safety accessories before riding them.

Therefore, you must ensure that your child is clad in a helmet, knee pads, eyewear, and elbow pads while riding an electric scooter.

All of these accessories are essential for avoiding serious injuries when a child falls off a scooter, and they hit their head, knees, or elbows.

Luckily, if a child wears all the required safety accessories, the intensity of a fall can be cushioned to prevent severe injuries.

#3. Ensure that the Environment Is Safe and They’re Focused 

As a parent or guardian, you must ensure that the surrounding area is safe for your child to ride an electric scooter without being endangered.

The environment where a child rides an electric scooter must be clear of vehicles or private property without obstacles they could easily run into.

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For their safety, you must convince them to stay focused and try as much as possible to stay balanced while they ride the electric scooter.

Which E-Scooters Are Best for Kids? 

Several efficient brands of electric scooters are safe and enjoyable for children of different ages.

Some brands that make safe electric scooters for children ages eight and above include; razor power core, Gotrax, Hover-1, Fly bar, Tonbux, and Segway. 

The above brands have been known for providing efficient electric scooters that prioritize the rider’s safety.

Fortunately, these brands also provide your children with an exciting experience because of the distinct features they possess.

Below is a table that shows the best electric scooters for kids, the prices, and the appropriate ages.

Children’s Electric Scooter Brand Distinctive Features Appropriate AgesPrice on Amazon
Razor Power Core E90 Electric ScooterElectroluminescent wire lighting on the deck and 90 Watt Motor. Eight years and above $177.77
Razor E200 Electric ScooterA 200-watt motor with 12 MPH max speed.13 years and above $297.77
Gotrax GKS Electric ScooterIt is lightweight with a non-slip deck. 6 to 12 years$159.99
Hover-1 Switch 2-in-1 Electric Scooter & Skateboard It can be switched from an electric scooter to a skateboard. 12 years and above $149.99
Volpam SR05 Electric Scooter for KidsIt has a brushless motor and colorful rainbow lights. 6 to 12 years$259
Razor Power Core E100 Electric ScooterA 100-watt motor with 11 MPH max speed.Eight years and above$197.77
Flybar Aero Micro Kick Scooters for KidsA long-lasting electric scooter with adjustable parts. 5 to 10 years$44.99
Tonbux Kids Adjustable ScooterA lean-to-steer technology to enhance balance and coordination.3 to 12 years$74.99
Segway Ninebot ES1L Electric Kick Scooter A 350-watt motor and LED digital dashboard 14 years and above $740
Hover-1 Journey Electric Scooter for Kids and TeensA 12 MPH max speed and high grip tires.12 years and above$399.99

Are Children’s Electric Scooters Legal?

It is legal for children to use electric scooters, but this is only allowed on private properties where they are safe from dangerous accidents. 

There are certain dangers a child is exposed to while operating an electric scooter, but they’re at less risk while riding in a secure environment.

However, even if a public road or pavement is clear, allowing a child to ride an electric scooter is illegal.

Children should be supervised closely and geared up while they operate an electric scooter to avoid minor or major accidents when they lose control.

Interestingly, road traffic laws apply to e-scooters on the streets, but since children are not of licensing age, they can only ride on private properties.

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