Do Bird Scooters Work At Night? (Here is The Thing)

Riding a bird scooter feels so easy and comfy. It’s no wonder it’s very common now on every road. But what if you have to ride at night? 

Are you wondering if bird scooters work at night? Well, that’s completely different since it’s much darker than the day. Well then, this will be very helpful.

Bird scooters ordinarily are active during the day and inactive at night, ready to recharge for the next day. However, this does not mean they don’t work at night. You only need to verify vehicle safety on the app if it’s highly charged. Once that is done, you can ride your scooter regardless of the time.

Can I Rent a Bird Scooter at Night?

Do Bird Scooters Work at Night

With the app and proper connection, you can rent a bird scooter at night. All you need do is open the app and input your location to find a scooter.

The app is open 24 hours, making rent of these vehicles easy and always available. 

Bird scooters are readily available for rent at any time of the day. You can rent it at night if your location has a rentable scooter.

But if your location is not traceable, it may be difficult to rent a bird scooter. You’ll not need to worry about recharging if renting a bird scooter.

Although, there are chargers who pick up and recharge the scooters at night for the next day.

You’ll receive a fully charged scooter with all the necessary verification settled by the renter. 

Hence, you can use the scooter without fear of shutting down. In renting a scooter, it is mandatory to rent out a fully charged scooter for the client’s convenience.

This rule helps to prevent an unnecessary shutdown of the scooters at any point. 

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Therefore, while renting a scooter at night, here are a few things to remember to prevent a shutdown.

  • Ensure the bird scooter is in good shape with no damages
  • Check and complete the safety verification for late-night drives.
  • Ensure the bird scooter has a 90-100% battery charge.

With all these rules, renting a bird scooter at night is easy and pleasing. It makes riding the scooter conveniently easy. 

What Time Do Bird Scooters Turn Off at Night?

Bird scooters do not automatically turn off. But once it is 9 pm, they are ready for pick up to charge up for the next day, particularly scooters whose batteries have run down.

So bird scooters are usually very active throughout the day till 9 pm. This inactive mode is necessary for two major reasons.

Firstly, when the scooter is inactive, it is harvestable by chargers. That means chargers can come to pick them up to charge for your use the next day. 

Secondly, riding scooters at night is not a safe choice. So when your bird scooter becomes inactive by 9 pm, try not to ride it out.

But in case of necessity, you can access your scooter from your app and turn it on. 

Turning on the scooter at 9 pm and beyond requires more time and effort. It is so because you will have to carry out a process to guarantee the safety of the scooter on the app.

It’s quick and easy, though. So, if you’re trying to figure out when your scooter is inactive, it is by 9 pm.

Others may extend up to 10 pm before going into inactive mode. And it usually lasts till 4 am the next day. Depending on how long you desire for it to be active.

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If these settings are unfavorable, you could reach out to the manufacturer. He may decide to adjust the settings to your convenience. 

Is It Safe To Use Electric Scooters at Night?

Using electric scooters at night is not a safe choice. Riding at night on a clear road without other vehicles always feels good. But there are several disadvantages. 

Unless your lights are very bright and on, you may be unnoticed by other vehicles.

That could cause a severe problem for you and other road users. Hence it is not so much of a safe choice to ride your scooter at night. 

So, if you must ride at night, ensure the lights are bright enough and working perfectly.

Even with bright lights, avoid riding in dark areas. We already know riding at night is not safe. 

If you have to, make sure to stay in well-lit areas. It is very risky to use an e-scooter in dark areas at night.

Consequently, ensure you’re on a straight and well-lit path while using your scooter at night. 

Even with all the measures above, riding a scooter at night remains unsafe. Also, check and ensure your phone is on and well-charged before going out with your scooter at night.

But of course, if it is not necessary, you could switch the option of an electric scooter to another vehicle of your choosing. 

Can You Ride a Bird Scooter After Midnight?

What if it’s past midnight and you want to ride your bird scooter? You can ride your bird scooter at any time of the day, whether day or night.

So you should have no worries when it’s past midnight because you can go out for your ride. 

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The bird scooter app is open 24 hours. That means you can ride your bike regardless of what time of the day it is.

The only difference is the safety verification process of the scooter you have to do before accessing it. 

Once you try to unlock your scooter at past midnight, you’ll go through a verification process.

This process will allow you to ride your scooter at night and even after midnight. The process is necessary to ensure you can handle the scooter’s safety at such late night hours.

The verification process is quite easy and does not take time. Ensure you go through the process to avoid inconveniences while you use the bird scooter.

Also, while riding past midnight, you should take a few measures for your safety and that of your scooter.

Here’s a table with a few measures you could take while using your scooter at night.

And, of course, the importance of each measure. A table should give you a clearer mental picture to hold onto for safety.

Ensure your scooter’s charge battery is fullIt’ll prevent your scooter from turning off while you’re riding.
Your phone should be on throughoutIf your phone goes off, you cannot access your bird scooter. 
Check and ensure your lights are bright enough.It helps you to be noticed by motorists and other road users.
Avoid riding in dark areas.Riding in dark areas after midnight is unsafe. You could attract thieves.

Saying you can, does not in any way eliminate the high risks of riding at such hours.

It is very unsafe to ride your scooter at night, more so at past midnight. So if it’s not necessary, your safety should be paramount. 


Bird scooters are usually inactive at night. But from the app, you can easily get access for use and even rent.

You must pass the verification process to show you can handle the scooter at such late hours.

Although riding your bird scooters at night is not safe, hence the lengthy verification process before granting you access.

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