Does Bird Scooter Require License? (Must Know Things)

Owing to their price, portability, and ease, bird scooters are preferred by some people as a means of transportation.

However, the authorities might have regulations that protect bird scooter owners and road users. 

Abiding by the authorities’ rules can save you from problems that may waste time and money. As a result, one may wonder, does Bird Scooter require a license?

It depends on the city you intend to ride a bird scooter. Some cities don’t require you to have a driver’s license, while others do. Most of the time, only people up to 18 are allowed to own and use bird scooters.

Do I Need a Licence to Rent a Bird Scooter?

Does Bird Scooter Require Licence

Different cities have different rules and regulations depending on how they view bird scooter riders.

So, it depends on the city you’re renting a bird scooter to ride. Some cities require a scanned copy of your driver’s license or learner’s permit. 

You will submit it to their app, which can regulate the use of scooters to avoid accidents. It also ensures that only qualified personnel are using bird scooters.

How to Rent a Bird Scooter?

  • Navigate to Google Play.
  • Search Bird and tap on the first hint.
  • Install the Bird app and set it up by allowing permissions and confirming your email.
  • There’s a map which shows the locations of scooters near you. Take note of the scooter’s location.
  • Find the scooter near you and ensure it is the one allocated to you.
  • Scan the QR code and input your driver’s license 
  • Ride.

Note, after use, lock the bird scooter from the app so you can return it when you’re satisfied with its utility.

In addition, you can rent a scooter for more than a day, months, and even a few hours.

Some companies willingly offer home delivery for rent, while others require you to locate them.

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How Much Can I Rent a Bird Scooter?

Bird scooters’ rent charges differ from city to city. However, you can be certain that it does not exceed a dollar per minute.

It ranges from ten to 15 cents per minute. There are cases where you can get an extra 15 minutes or unlimited rides and home delivery if you’re a frequent customer.

Furthermore, Bird scooters are more expensive than other scooters to rent, but they ensure efficiency and better service.

Hence, you will be penalized if you fail to return it at its appropriate time and provide evidence of theft or loss.

Ranging from 25 to 550 dollars, offenders can be charged depending on the situation to protect the company’s property.

Below is a table showing other substitute companies that offer scooter services and their price rate.

CompanyRent Rate
Dott25 cents per minute.
Lime15 cents per minute.
TIER100 cents per minute.
Wind Mobility15 cents per minute.
Emmy19 cents per minute.
Whoosh15 cents per minute.
Felyx30 cents per minute.
Republic23.37 cents per minute.
Boosted15 cents per minute.
Skip Scooters15 cents per minute.

Do You Need a License to Own a Bird Scooter?

It depends on your location. A license can be necessary in one place and the opposite in another.

Some feel scooters shouldn’t require a license because they’re not so complex to handle. Well, either way, the authorities mean good by regulating scooter users.

It would be best if you put on your helmet when riding scooters. Putting it will reduce health risks during accident incidents.

Thus, there are other safety measures for a qualified bird scooter. Important, You should be up to 18 to own a scooter.

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Only a rider is allowed on a scooter at a time. Be cautious about road users. Only ride-in lanes are appropriate for scooters. 

Park in an appropriate space and clean the scooter regularly. Do not speed beyond 18 miles per hour. See the price and other details on the bird scooter below.

#1. Price of Bird Scooter

Bird scooters are available for sale to trusted and regular customers. There are different models. Those for children are cheaper and cost hundreds of dollars. 

Meanwhile, depending on the model of the adult scooter, the cost ranges from 500 to 800 thousand dollars. Xiaomi M635 is the best model frequently in use to date. 

#2. Durability

A bird scooter usually takes two to three years to get inefficient. Although, bird scooters last longer than that if they are properly maintained. 

The main part that powers the bird scooter is its battery. The battery can work for two to three hours if properly charged.

Depending on the size and label of the battery, the scooter will last longer.

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#3. Safety Measures

Many scooters have poor modifications due to poor maintenance by previous users.

As a result, there are some things you should take note of when using bird scooters. Brakes on the back tire are not eligible for users. 

However, you can activate them unintentionally and get involved in an accident. This situation is a result of the irregular spot on the scooter.

Some parts get inefficient and damaged after continuous use. Therefore, always replace them on time.

Always avoid using scooters during nighttime. The headlights of scooters are dull for the night so that users can get involved in an accident. 

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Can a Teenager Ride a Bird Scooter?

It is illegal for teens to ride a bird scooter. However, many rebellious kids will always find a way to use a scooter.

Some parents also allow their children to ride on a scooter because of transportation costs. 

Therefore, some authorities have considered these controversies by reducing the approved age to 16.

Moreover, some authorities allow kids to ride scooters in smaller streets and shun main busy roads. 

Many children have sustained long-life injuries from underage riding. Therefore, if your child is allowed, parents should communicate safety measures properly to him.

Some kids glue their eyes to their phones while riding the scooter, which is dangerous.

Others use headsets and headphones, which deadens their awareness. Alcohol-intoxicated individuals will be seriously penalized. 

Parents guide children properly by doing the following.

  • Make sure your ward wears a helmet.
  • Use in secure areas.
  • Adhere to road regulations.
  • Maintain the parts regularly.
  • Monitor kids till they are independent

Do You Need a Licence to Ride an Electric Scooter in California?

Yes, it is mandatory to have a license to ride an electric scooter in California. Although the license is necessarily specific, it must be legal.

Only persons 16 and above are authorized to have a license or ride. The accepted speed limit is 15 miles per hour.

However, you’ll be penalized if you get busted by the police. You will pay a fine or face jail time for some months. Furthermore, users should wear helmets during rides.

To get a driver’s license in California for a scooter, you must visit the Department of Motor Vehicles. You can apply online or physically if you meet the requirements.


If a driver’s license is compulsory, it depends on the rules governing bird scooter riders in your location.

Bird scooters are affordable, and you can purchase and manage them through the company and the bird app.

Last, bird scooters are very durable. Only persons above 18 are qualified to ride a scooter in California. Always watch out for safety while using a bird scooter.

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