Bird Scooter Not Working (Reasons & Solutions)

Are you in a hurry and just want to jump on one bird scooter for a quick ride? In such a time, you might experience challenges, and your bird scooter might not be working at all.

In this article, I will tell you all about the faults of the bird scooter and the means of resolving such issues.

The electric bird scooter might stop working, and this fault can happen because the batteries are down or the Bluetooth is not working. In other cases, the charger or the battery fuse may also be damaged.

Bird scooter Bluetooth is not Working

Bird Scooter Not Working

The electric bird scooter may develop faults. It just would not start. Sometimes, you must troubleshoot the bird scooter app to discover the problem. 

These problems are either a result of poor Bluetooth connection, weak battery, low network strength from Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth power source problem from the scooter, or even lower versions.

Knowing the problem can appear tricky, but each fault develops with a characteristic feature.

If you suspect that the fault is from the battery, consider checking the time with which the battery lasts.

You can do so by charging it at least up to eighty percent. Make sure you use the recommended lime scooter charger. 

If you notice a drastic drop in the battery level or the scooter begins to slow down unnecessarily. You can assume that your battery may be old and weak.

The average lifespan of the battery is supposed to last six hours when it is fully charged.

 The battery quality depends on the kind of model and brand. You can also be concerned about the Bluetooth network because, without Bluetooth, you cannot access the bird scooter.

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As I mentioned, this fault may result from the Bluetooth power source, meaning if the battery is weak, you may be on the Bluetooth for a while and switch it off.

If you suspect that the fault is from the battery, consider checking the time with which the battery lasts.

You can do so by charging it at least up to eighty percent. Make sure you use the recommended bird scooter charger. 

The version of your scooter app can also interfere with the working of the scooters. If your app version does not correspond with the scooter Wi-Fi adapter, your scooter will not start.

Regularly, your app needs to be updated to fix bugs and improve performance.

FeaturePossible problemPossible solution
Bird scooter would not start.Low battery, bad battery fused chargerCheck the battery, charge the battery, change the chargerBird scooter started but would not moveBluetooth Wi-Fi connection problems old version of the bird apps improper QR code scanning proper digit entryRestart your Bluetooth
Update your bird app versions can QR code again
Carefully enter the digits. 
The bird scooter starts but moves slowly.Battery saver mode activated. Low BatteryDeactivate battery saver mode charge batteries.

Why Do Bird Scooters not Work at Night?

Bird scooters do not work at night due to safety reasons. Using the scooter at night is prohibited because many people may indulge in clubbing activities.

At this time, they may resort to driving late, and due to the services of these bird scooters rendered at their disposals, customers tend to drive recklessly during this time.

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The manufacturers felt that it would be challenging to monitor how the bird scooter is used at these times.

Another reason why the bird scooter is off at night is that they need to be charged.

Since they are expected to work although the day, they are mostly charged at night. For it to charge, they have to be disconnected from the service.

Though they are charged in the daytime, most charges are acquired at night.

How Do I Get My Bird Scooter to Work?

You must download the scooters bird app to get your bird scooter to work. Once this app is installed on your android or your apple device, you can activate a bird scooter.

When the scooter is on, scan the QR code on the bird scooter via the app. If you cannot scan the QR code, a unique number is generated for you.

 If you insert the numbers, they work just like the QR code. This code directs you to make payments via a bank transfer.

The transfer is secure with the card or your bank app. After you have made payments and the payment is confirmed, it will automatically unlock. Then you can hop on the scooter and enjoy your ride.

The Bird Scooter Won’t Charge, and the Motor Will not Run

There are faults due to the inability to get the bird scooter to charge. Such faults may be from the battery, the charging ports, and the bird scooter chargers.

Once the bird scooter fails to charge, the lights fail to come on, and the Bluetooth connectivity also fails.

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You will constantly be notified of a low battery percentage when you activate the bird scooter.

The Bluetooth connectivity ensures that the bird scooter runs. The battery powers every other function of the bird scooter.

Once there is a failure to initiate or maintain charges, the bird scooter will not run.  The bird scooter won’t charge if the batteries are spoilt.

The batteries can get damaged if they are charged beyond recommended times or if there is a fault in the wiring of the chargers or the batteries.

Aside from being charged wrongly, the type of chargers used also plays a crucial role in the battery’s lifespan. Always use the recommended chargers for the bird scooter.

What Happens if My Bird Scooter Dies?

There is not so much you can do when your bird scooter dies. You need to locate another bird scooter on the bird scooter app.

When you do, you can activate it through the same process and enjoy a smooth ride.

It is easy to determine if the bird scooter is low on the battery charge. You will see the battery level on the display panel of the bird scooter.

Some precautions must be taken so that the battery life of the bird scooter can be prolonged.

Make sure to always look at the display panel for the battery percentage before you attempt to unlock.

After a ride, you can commit to charging the bird scooter. When not in a hurry, endeavor to ride in battery saver mode. This mode may slow down the bike, but it saves the battery life.


The bird scooter is meant to cover short distances. They may develop faults and not work at all.

You can troubleshoot these faults by observing the characteristics of the faults and then sorting them out.

The damaged battery is a common fault that prevents the bird scooter from working.

A damaged battery could be a result of a damaged charger also. Always use the recommended accessories to prevent the bird scooter from going off.

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