Bird Scooter Hack (Must Follow These Steps)

The Bird and Lime scooters are two well-known scooter brands offering rental services.

The Bird scooter is a fine choice for anyone wishing to travel longer commutes at a good range; it is an affordable transportation medium. 

Yet, many users have complained about the manufacturer-set speed limit on Bird scooters and wish for a speed hack adjustment.

Recently, there’s been many Bird scooter hacks; let’s go over that.

You can maximize speed in Bird electric scooters by setting your scooter to the ‘fly’ mode in the Bird app. Still, if that speed doesn’t work for you, you could opt for speed limiter removals, battery additions, voltage upgrades, or motor modifications. Some methods are risk-free and safe to perform by yourself, but others are more technical and require expertise.

Hack Bird Scooter 2023

The recent hacks to help you get optimum speed from Bird electric scooter are mentioned below.

#1. Removing Speed Limiting Cable/Firmware

The bird scooter has speed limiters to allow its use in different regions with scooter speed regulations.

Unfortunately, bird scooters use hardware speed limiters, so you must remove them manually. 

This speed limiter runs through the throttle and speed controllers and curbs the release of extra power beyond what is set.

Then, you only have to disconnect the wires, and you’ll unlock the Bird scooter’s enhanced acceleration capacity.

#2. Upgrade Your Scooters Speed Controllers

ESC or electronic speed controller is an internal component that regulates the power and speed of your scooter.

Upgrading to a smarter ESC will give your machine more power output, but this is a tricky hack as it could also destroy the bird scooter if not done expertly. 

#3. Change Your Scooters Battery & Running Voltage

Replacing your Bird’s scooter battery with an advanced one with maximized voltage will enhance performance and power output.

The reason is that system voltage is crucial to acceleration capacity, and more voltage equals more speed. 

Before proceeding, confirm if the battery is compatible with your Bird scooter, and since it is a complex process, it is for advanced tech individuals.

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#4. Rewind Or Replace the Scooter’s Motor

Rewinding the scooter’s motor is an advanced speed hack. This process involves adding more RPM to your motor to increase its power and speed.

It deals with rewinding coils, modifying copper cable density, and retwisting wires. You should allow an expert handle since it involves using professional tools.

Bird Scooter GPS Removal

Many remove the GPS in their Bird electric scooter to avoid battery depletion and movement tracking.

Below are guidelines on how to do so.

  • Unfasten the six screws holding the electric scooter’s brain together to remove the covering.
  • Disconnect the board nuts holding the GPS tracker 
  •  After removing it, vacate the GPS module and disconnect it from the circuit board.
  • Detach the antenna.
  • Connect a USB cable to the micro USB port and hold the reset button until the scooter receives power.

You can also disable the GPS from your scooter’s app by going to your profile under me> ‘My device’ and choosing the ‘disable’ option. Then, reattach all removed components and fasten the bolts.

GPS trackers are crucial to Bird scooter users as they help you know where to find the next scooter or where to drop it after ending your ride.

And most importantly, you need the GPS to activate your scooter; removing it leaves you with the option of using a physical key instead of unlocking the Bird scooter through an app on your phone.

How To Unlock Bird Scooter for Free?

If you wish to unlock your Bird scooter for free to enjoy the unlimited unpaid rides, you have to take out your phone and scan the QR code on your Bird scooter or simply type in the written code by going to the alphabetical section.

After that, hit the ‘ ride’ button, and it will unlock the scooter. 

Then, give it power by spinning its wheels and hitting the throttle, or ride it to keep it in motion and take the front wheel off the ground.

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Finally, go back to your phone and lock the scooter; it will ask if you wish to end the ride or continue; press ‘end ride’. 

After that, you can continue using the scooter; you won’t be charged for it because it didn’t last up to 30 minutes, and since the wheel is still spinning, you can ride it for as long as you wish.

The scooter app thinks you’ve ended the ride but have not; that was a quick, easy hack. 

The only drawback to this method is that you can’t stop the Bird scooter from spinning; once it loses power, the free ride hack has ended, and you’ll have to repeat the process.

You can also participate in Bird’s referral program to earn $5 for five free rides with each referral or actively follow their social media to access various promo codes and deals.

Bird Scooter Hack App

Many android apps have modified firmware for a successful Bird scooter hack. The firmware also enhances speed, making you as fast as you wish.

You only need to download the app and connect it to your Bird scooter. Some of these hack apps allow Bluetooth connections to hack the scooter’s firmware through a ROM flash. 

It sends the latest updates to your scooter, not the manufacturer’s recommended updates.

These updates handled by some third parties will allow your scooter to go beyond its regular speed, enabling you to enjoy your ride.

This App/program either comes with pre-installed modifications to speed limiters or allows you to disable your scooter’s firmware and unlock the possible fastest speed.

You can do this by Bluetooth software flashing or following the P settings steps, which involve adjusting the motor power.

With these hack apps, you can exceed 18mph, the set acceleration capacity for Bird scooters.

How Do I Increase the Speed of My Bird Scooter?

Most times, your Bird scooter has a slow ride performance because you haven’t changed its speed settings from the ‘Glide’ mode to ‘Fly’ mode, which is the fastest.

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However, these speed options are still within the manufacturer’s limits, so they might not give you what you want.

If that is the case, below are ways to increase the speed of your Bird scooter.

#1. Upgrade Batteries

Aside from motors, batteries are vital components that determine the speed of a scooter and come in 28 or 40 volts.

The battery’s voltage power is what the scooter needs for more speed, so check what yours is, and if it’s not as powerful, replace it with a better type with more volts.

But be careful as this process could destroy your Bird scooter if not done well. 

#2. Replace Sprockets

Sprockets also influence speed; changing your sprocket’s size with the rear being bigger will give you more acceleration but reduce your maximum speed. 

While smaller back sprockets and enhanced front ones will minimize acceleration and increase your ultimate speed.

If you want to access much higher speed ratings, the latter should be your choice, but if you wish for easy and fast acceleration, the former works best.  

#3. Rewind the Motor

Motor rewind is an advanced but efficient speed strategy in scooters.

However, your scooters are vulnerable to overheating due to constant ride or some battery modifications you may have done.

If so, your coils may have shortened, resulting in lower speed performance. In addition, it reduces torque which your scooter needs for higher performance. 

Hence, motor rewinding will increase the torque for more power, or you can choose to lessen the windings for more RPM.

But only allow a professional mechanic to handle this process; it is strictly not a DIY process.


Regardless of what e-scooter you own, Bird or Lime scooters, speed is one thing you’ll desire.

There are various accessible hacks you can implement yourself or with an expert’s help to attain your desired speed.

You can opt for risk-free or modifying methods as they’re safer for your scooter and warranty, while advanced strategies are extreme and may be damaging.

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