Bird Scooter Auction (Everything You Must Know)

Electric scooter enthusiasts often fancy and rent Bird scooters due to their remarkable performance and amazing features.

However, many who crave to purchase Bird scooters usually wonder if there’s a Bird scooter auction in their towns/cities.

The Bird scooter auction is available in cities such as Santa Monica, California, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. You can easily find the specific location and time of the auction using your Android device or by consulting Bird scooter auctioneers. 

Bird Scooter Auction Los Angeles

Bird Scooter Auction

Locating a Bird scooter auction in Los Angeles is difficult as the auction occurs randomly. Especially when auctioneers want to sell them off to buyers immediately.

Nonetheless, you can easily find the location and time of the auction using your Android device. 

Alternatively, you can do well to consult professional Bird scooter auctioneers to know if any auction will come up any time soon.

Bird is one brand that has made its name in the electric transport sector as it’s always available for users. 

Bird scooters are usually available for rent, and users must return them before or after 24 hours.

The reason is that Bird employees take the scooters for charging to make them available to other users.

Unlocking the scooter will cost you $1, then $0.15 per minute. On the other hand, renting a Bird scooter for a month will cost you $25.  

However, the cost of renting a Bird scooter differs depending on the country, currency, and local laws. To use the Bird scooter, users must install the Bird app.

This app displays all the scooters that are available nearby. Your GPS carries out this job by tracking the locations of the Bird scooters. 

Before users attempt to use the Bird scooter, they must supply relevant payment information. Then, to begin the journey, users must scan the QR code on the Bird scooter.

Finally, to end the journey/ride, users must park the scooters properly and take a picture. 

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Afterward, the users must use their credit cards to pay for the cost of the journey/ride. Plus, if users encounter any problems, then they can report them via the Bird app.

It’s important to note that you need to install the Bird app before renting a Bird scooter. They work hand in hand, and the app helps you locate Bird scooters easily from any part of your city. 

Where to Find Lime Scooters for Auction in the SF Bay Area? 

Finding lime scooters for auction in the San Francisco Bay Area is no easy feat as it can be challenging and time-consuming.

However, you can find lime scooters for auction in Tow yards. The auction takes place in a specific tow yard and appropriate time, and the auctioneers sell the lime scooters to the highest bidders.

You can also consult Lime scooter auctioneers to know when the auction will take place. 

Lime scooters, just like Bird scooters, are primarily for rent hourly and monthly. Most times, Lime scooters are available for auction when the users misuse and abandon the scooters.

They leave the scooters in remote areas where Lime finds it difficult to locate them.

Plus, the police and other important government bodies tow the scooters for the following reasons:

  • They tow the Lime scooters when it’s obstructing the road and other designated areas. 
  • When the users abandon the scooters for more than 48 hours. 
  • If the Lime scooters are breaking the local laws of that particular country or city. 
  • The Lime scooters are in very bad condition, such as broken handles, wheels, low battery, and bad tires. 

All these factors prompt the auction of Lime scooters by the police, government bodies, and auctioneers.

These bodies in possession of the Lime scooters often give a specific time for the original owners to claim their scooters.

So when this time passes and no one shows up to claim them, they sell them off in an auction. 

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They carry out this process to pay off towing dues and other expenses. To avoid this, it’s advisable always to park Lime scooters in a secure area.

Plus, users must refrain from mishandling Lime scooters as they’ll have to pay for repairs. 

I Got a Lime Scooter at the Auction and Want to Ride it, What Do I Need to Do? 

It’s one thing to purchase a Lime scooter at an auction and another to ride it without paying for a ride.

Using a Lime scooter without payment can be challenging as it still works with the initial setup. Now, if you want to ride the scooter, you must be wondering what you can do to use it freely. 

First, you need to change the setup of the Lime scooter to ensure it’s free for use.

Then, to convert the Lime scooter, you need to replace the android device with a Bluetooth serial adapter or a microcontroller (Arduino).

The Bluetooth serial adapter is by far the easiest method of converting the Lime scooter. 

However, the Lime scooter depends on a distinct device to turn it on/off. Once you carry out this process, you can use the Lime scooter without making a payment.

Well, if you don’t know about converting your Lime scooter, it’s best to consult an expert.

If you decide to proceed, you might encounter complications that might damage your Lime scooter. 

The price of the conversion differs, and it depends on your location. The best part is that you can remodel your Lime scooter according to your preference.

In most cases, about 60% of Lime scooters available for auction are often in bad shape. For instance, the wheels, tires, batteries, and handles might be defective. 

These defects make it extremely difficult for you to use the scooter properly. So, you must fix all the defective parts before using your Lime scooter.

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Although Lime scooters are mostly available for rent, some models are available for sale.

Hence, if you want to buy a brand new Lime scooter, then you can visit any Lime shop nearby to purchase one.

Lime Scooter Auction: How to Buy a Police Impounded Scooter? 

Purchasing police impounded scooter at an auction is difficult as it requires a few processes. The police are usually strict when it comes to auctioning Lime scooters.

Before they give up the scooters for auction, they ensure that the bidders satisfy certain procedures. 

Different countries differ in their method of auctioning impounded scooters.

For example, in some towns/cities, the bidders for the auction must enroll as salvage dealers or restoration corporations to bid.

On the other hand, in some states, the police don’t require you to register, and the auction is open to the general public. 

However, some states restrict the participation of the general public and only allow individuals from specific companies.

Nonetheless, after completing your city’s requirements, you can participate in the auction. There, the auctioneer brings out the Lime scooter and calls the price.

In the end, the highest bidder gets to purchase the Lime scooter. 

The auction usually takes place in a police garage. It’s important to note that once you purchase a scooter, you will not be able to return it.

Plus, you will not receive a refund. Well, if the original owners of the Lime scooters come to claim them, paying a fine is mandatory.

Especially if the Lime scooters stay at a tow yard for more than 48 hours or if they broke local laws. 


Bird and Lime scooters offer the best rental services to many users. However, these scooters may be up for auction due to certain circumstances.

Nonetheless, you can easily obtain these scooters from different sources and convert them to your preference. 

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