Bird ES1-300 App (Everything You Should Know)

We all love having easy access when we venture through any task. Even the bird electric scooter allows for that kind of ease.

Do you have questions about how the app works? In this article, I will explain all you need to know about the app.

Bird electric scooters come with a preinstalled app. This app is called bird ES-1 300 App. Bird electric scooters cannot function without this app. You must have this app before you operate the Bird electric scooter. 

Does Bird ES1-300 Have an App?

Bird ES1-300 App

The Bird ES1-300 has an app and this app allows access to the bird ES-1 300. You must have this app before you can drive the electric bird scooter.

Although the electric scooter is a public facility located at the corners of big city centers. 

Once close to the scooter, hold the power sign and push in; you will see a display on the dashboard.

The dashboard possesses some commands and instructions that you must pay attention to.

Although most bird scooters are used for commercial purposes. You can choose to convert it for your personal use.

You can locate and open the green box to carry out this conversion. This box contains the vital electrical component of the Bird scooter

Once done, remove the main board wire in the Bluetooth adapter. After this disconnection, connect your Bluetooth adapter to the serial wires.

Now you can download the bird ES1-300 Bluetooth app. You may not find this app directly on most internet platforms.

I recommend you go to the google play store and download the “Segway ninebot” since the bird Es1-300 is backed up on this app

There are two variants of the bird electric scooter app. They can both be differentiated by the display of the dashboard.

Though they look similar, there is no significant difference known by the variations.

Benefits of the Bird ES1-300 App

The whole idea of the segway ninebot app is easy to access on the electric scooter.

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This app creates a nice working mechanism that facilitates an interactive user product interface. What you get with this app is a fast response with just the tap of a button. 

The bird ES1-300 has a constant connection with the scooter bike. The electric bird scooter is not meant to connect with any other Bluetooth device.

Due to this inability to connect to Bluetooth, sometimes you may be lucky to buy a dashboard that comes with its Bluetooth connector.

You can access this using the link in the ES1-300 bird App. Other benefits of the bird app include:

  • Ease of access
  • Modifications of the scooter dashboard
  • Speed information display
  • GPS Locations 
  • Prompt and easy upgrade information

#1. Ease of Access

You can easily unlock and pay for a ride with the bird ES1-300 app. The app has been customized to make your driving smooth and easy.

Most bird scooters are not made with an in-built Bluetooth connectivity. The bird app is a constant link between the scooter and your device.

#2. Modifications of the Scooter Dashboard

With the bird app, you can carry out some display modifications on the electric bird scooter.

This app allows you to modify the display content and adjust them to suit you. You can increase the display’s brightness, change the color, and choose a different writing style.

#3. Speed Information Display

The bird app collects information about your movements when connected to your electric bird scooter.

This information is then displayed for you to see. Information collected includes speed, distance covered, and time spent on the trip.

During your trip, this information helps you keep track of your movement both in pace and time.

#4. GPS Locations

Most road users have an app where they follow the routes and markings on the ground.

The ES1-300 app provides an in-app navigation platform. In this platform, you can find your way without having to switch tabs or take your eyes off the road. 

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The app has an active map that is incorporated into it. With GPS locations and Navigation, finding routes, locating buildings, and getting directions come easily. 

#5. Prompt and Easy Upgrade Information

You get directly notified when there is an upgrade in the app. The app developers regularly change how the app looks and operates.

When the app developers make these changes, the older versions become obsolete and may no longer work. 

However, before the app becomes obsolete, you will be notified directly about an app update.

Not only would you be notified, but you will also be given directions on making this upgrade via the best means available.

Is Bird ES1-300 App Free?

The bird electric scooter app is free. You can download the app at no cost and run the app for free also.

The charges you may incur would be that of your network service provider in the form of data charges. 

Aside from these charges, there are virtually no other charges demanded since you do not need to buy the electric bird app.

Even the notifications for the upgrades are free without any charges. All the features that the app provides are also cost-free.

The Navigation, the speed information, the distance covered, and the dashboard modifications are for free.

The payments you make on the platform would be charged by your bank and made directly to the bird scooter company.

Bird ES1-300 App Problems and Fixes

Many users of the Bird ES1-300 App frequently complain of challenges when using the app. You might have encountered these problems as well.

In collating the report via app user feedback, bird app users have raised complaints about some problems and here are possible solutions to these problems:

  • Connection Problems
  • App not working App crashing
  • Login Issues  
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#1. Connection Problems

The bird app needs the network to connect to the internet for some of the app features.

These features include the Bluetooth connection, the GPS location system, and many others.

You may discover that your app no longer makes the connection despite having data. Here are some things you can do when experiencing any of these:

  • You should force stop the app from the setting and restart it again. You should re-establish connections after doing so.
  • Go to the mobile network, switch on and off, check for airplane mode, and return to the app again.

#2. App Not Working and Crashing

Sometimes, the app freezes and does not work or displays an error message. The app fails to start or slows down drastically.

Whenever you experience these features, you can follow these steps to fix the problem:

  • Force stop the app in the settings
  • Check the version of the app if it is up to date
  • Clear cache data of the app from the phone memory

#3. Login Issues  

You may find it difficult to log into the app. You will receive error messages with passwords and user names in this case.

  • Check your password to be sure
  • Check your username
  • Ensure you are logged out of other devices
  • If it persists, try the forgot password feature on the login page

Some issues are just too complex for over-an-article troubleshooting and self-help.

Contact support is always a better option when you face difficulties beyond your control. The website has the support that gets to resolve all your issues.

ProblemFeaturePossible Solution
Connection problemsBluetooth not connecting network GPS location refusing to start.Force stop the app, check network settings switch to the 3G/4G network
App not workingApp fails to startApp freezesSlows down. The app starts freezes and starts again continuallyForce stop app, clear cache from memory, install the app and reinstall, and download the newer version of the app. If not up to date
App crashingApp fails to startApp, freezesSlows down. App starts, freezes, and repeatedly starts againForce stop app, clear cache from memory, install the app and reinstall, download the newer version of the app if not up to date
Login issuesWrong password and login detailsCheck login details and log account out of other devices


The electric scooter bike made by the Bird company has its app: the bird ES1-300.

The app assures complete ease of access as you look to navigate with the bird electric scooter bike. The app is free. You will only be charged data charges by your internet service provider.

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