Bird 2 Scooter Hack (Follow These Steps)

Electric scooters are quickly gaining popularity, facilitating quick trips. They are dominant among adults and children for a couple of reasons, including their lightweight, utility, comfort, and ease of use.

You don’t get as weary riding an e-scooter as you would while riding a bicycle.

However, with the recent technological advancement, there is almost no technological device that cannot be hacked, including Bird electric scooters. 

You can easily hack a bird scooter to increase its maximum speed, disable the GPS, or even enjoy a free ride. Hacking a Bird scooter is seamless; you can do it physically and with the Bird scooter app. Still, the only proper reason for a Bird scooter hack is converting to personal use.

How to Hack a Bird 2 Scooter?

Bird 2 Scooter Hack

The Bird 2 scooter hacks are mainly to get free rides, thereby avoiding charges on the app for the ride on the scooter. 

  • To hack the Bird scooter, you need to have downloaded the Bird app. 
  • After downloading, log into the app and register your credit information even though you might not use it. 
  • There’s a QR code and some letters underneath the code on the scooter between the two levers. When you log into the app, you’ll be required to either scan the code or input the letters. Once you input the code, it will unlock the scooter. 
  • Go back to the app and cancel the ride while the wheels are still running. Once the ride gets canceled, you will not have to pay anything and can use the scooter for as long as you want without any cost.

Bird 2 Scooter Hacks

Various hacks are available for whatever action you want to carry out on your Bird 2 scooter.

  • To Locate and unlock a Bird scooter: This is quite easy. Put Bluetooth on your mobile device and log into the Bird app. The app will notify you if there’s a scooter nearby. Once you get to the scooter, scan the code and unlock it.
  • To play music on your Bird 2 scooter: On your smartphone, open the Bird app and pick the “ride” option at the bottom of the screen. Scan the code and link your device to play music. Ensure the battery gets charged fully before taking the scooter for a ride.
  • To alter the speed on the scooter: To switch on your Bird 2 scooter, press the power button three times. Once the scooter is on and you start riding, you change the speed according to what you want.
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Converting Bird 2 Scooter for Personal Use

To convert the Bird 2 into a regular scooter for personal use;

  • Open the GPS right on the scooter by unscrewing the plastic case.
  • Inside of it, there’s a motherboard located there. Disconnect the wires plugged onto the board and remove the entire motherboard as there would be no need for it. 
  • While doing this, be careful not to snap the wires for the throttle, brake, and headlights. 
  • If you cannot do this yourself, you can give it to a professional. 
  • To replace the board, purchase a conversion kit and fix it onto the scooter, and you’re good to go.

After this process, check the battery if the scooter does not work. Since so many scooters get seized often, now is the best time to get a personal scooter.

You can easily get one from an auction. Getting a personal scooter will save you costs in the long run. Plus, you’ll always get unlimited rides for as long as your battery can.

Can You Hack a Bird 2 Scooter?

Yes, you can hack a Bird 2 Scooter. When users subscribe to an e-scooter service, the providers need a lot of information.

GPS provides smartphone information and the additional data that the providers automatically acquire. These often contain details to identify them and personal and statistical data.

You can hack a Bird 2 scooter to disable this information transfer. You can hack this scooter in various ways, similar to the Bird Scooter.

You can hack the scooter to exceed the regulated top speed if that is permitted where you live. You can also hack it to disable the GPS, especially when converting to personal.

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Can You Steal a Bird Scooter?

It is possible for people interested in stealing a Bird electric scooter. They weigh only approximately 30 pounds and are frequently not locked or fastened to anything.

Therefore this makes it easy to lift and place in your vehicle. The alarm won’t sound if you don’t attempt to use one when it’s locked.

The Bird electric scooters are almost everywhere in cities, so they can be available for people to access.

However, you might expect someone to attempt to steal one of these scooters, considering how many are accessible, but this hasn’t frequently happened for some reason.

Below are a few reasons why people may not be able to steal the Bird electric 

S/NThe reason why it may not get stolenThe Effects
1The scooter uses an appTo start the Bird scooter, you must have registered on the app and paid for it. Also, you can’t just roll the scooter away because the wheels get locked after use. You would need the app to unlock the Bird scooter.
2Inbuilt trackers The Bird electric scooters include a GPS tracking device making it easy to find them.
3LocationIn educated neighborhoods, their residents are less likely to commit theft.
4The scooters do not move very quicklyThe scooters do not move very quickly implies that somebody attempting to take them won’t be able to travel very far before being nabbed.
5Retail valueIf a scooter gets stolen to resell, it’s a waste of time as it doesn’t have a high retail value.

Although they have tracking devices within to prevent theft, this doesn’t stop theft from occurring.

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The cunning thieves understand how to take them out. Regardless, if you own a personal scooter, there are ways to prevent it from being stolen.

  1. Choose your scooter’s storage location and parking spot wisely: If you can, stay away from places known for high crime rates and choose places with light commuter traffic and good lighting. It is also important to park your scooters in parking lots specifically for scooters.
  2. Purchase a Reliable Locking Mechanism: Many locks are available to secure an electric scooter. This is fantastic news for owners, but it can be difficult to determine which lock would work best for you. Below is a list of some of the locks.

#1. U-locks 

A U-lock mechanism will meet your needs if you seek a high-security lock option. The only way to open one is with the required tools, which the typical thief will not have on them during the day.

U-locks have a rigid design, which is their main drawback. Your e-scooter needs to be able to accept a U-lock for this extra-strong option, as carrying it around can be very hefty.

#2. Chain locks

Chain locks are fantastic if you need a high level of protection but don’t want to carry a U-lock.

These locks consist of a chain and padlock; however, obtaining a sturdy chain is critical for the mechanism to function.

Even though a decent chain lock might be somewhat heavy, it will prevent burglars because this system is difficult to penetrate.

Additionally, you may purchase two locking systems for each wheel, making them even harder to steal.


Irrespective of people who steal or hack them for negative purposes, scooters are still a convenient means of transportation.

One of the well-known scooter manufacturers is Bird. The Bird electric scooter is one of the best for folks who commute longer distances.

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